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Top 10) Reno control mage

  • Last updated May 28, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Reno Mage
  • Crafting Cost: 6820
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/29/2016 (Explorers)
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Hey guys I'm proasfuk#3627, a Korean player and I will share this deck I used to get top 10 asia this season (S22). I can't really write down every single matchup indepth so I'll try to answer all other questions in the comments.

Proof of legend  



First of all this deck wasn't made by me and all credits go to 언기 for making this deck. I only changed 1 card from the original deck. Mana wyrm -> acidic swamp ooze.



Tempo Mage: Mulligan for frostbolt, forgotten torch, zombie chow, doomsayer, mad scientist, reno.  Just try to survive the early game and it's easy from there. 

Freeze mage: Really easy matchup. Mulligan for reno, mad scientist, zombie chow

I personally have met a freeze mage only 1 time this season. 

Aggro Shaman: Mulligan for zombie chow, doomsayer, mad scientist, reno, deathlord. Try to survive the early game and it's really important not to be too greedy with reno. Just get reno and you probably win. If you don't, you probably lose. 

Combo Druid: Mulligan for frostbolt, acidic swamp ooze, doomsayer, mad scientist, zombie chow. If they're holding cards for a while and / or emperor thaurissan discounted a few cards, you have to think up to 22 damage. I suggest you use deck tracker to see what combo pieces they used and how many innervates they used. 

Secret Paladin: Mulligan for frostbolt, doomsayer, mc tech, deathlord, zombie chow, mad scientist, bgh, reno. Don't be greedy with your hard removal. It's fine to polymorph a 6/5 shredder (buffed from avenge).

Renolock: Mulligan for doomsayer, mc tech, deathlord, zombie chow, mad scientist, bgh, reno. Try to bait out siphon soul before you play ysera. Also try to save your burn cards so you can surprise burst them. If he gets Jaraxxus hero power off for a few turns, you're fucked. 

Zoo:  Mulligan for doomsayer, mc tech, deathlord, zombie chow, mad scientist, reno, explosive sheep, frostbolt. This is the hardest matchup. I would maybe consider keeping bgh if you're facing sea giant zoo alot. Try to survive early game and you lose if you get pressured to much and you have to use reno to heal for like 15.

Hunter: I haven't met many midrange hunters, so I will write the guide against face hunters. Mulligan for deathlord, zombie chow, mad scientist, reno, frostbolt, doomsayer and maybe forgotten torch if you don't have other early game. Just get reno and you probably win. If you don't you probably lose. 

Control warrior: Mulligan for zombie chow, acidic swamp ooze, big game hunter. This matchup will almost always go to fatigue. Make them use removal on things like doomsayer / thaurissan. You want to get alot of value from echo to win. You want to echo or duplicate reno / ysera / sylvanas and win from fatigue. Just think about grom burst and fatigue damage. Also try to not use arcane intellect unless they're like 5 cards ahead of you in fatigue. Don't overextend into brawl and keep pressuring him (taking off his armor) little by little every turn. You don't have to play any cards until you have a full hand in some cases. Really easy matchup.

Patron warrior: Mulligan for acidic swam ooze, big game hunter, flamestrike, reno, doomsayer, frostbolt, forgotten torch.  Flamestrike patrons, use a combination of sylv, mc tech, belcher, freeze + doomsayer, forgotten torch, frostbolt for second patron wave. Big game hunter is for big frothing berserker when you can't remove it efficiently or for grom late game. Watch out for grom burst. I would think up to 16 damage depending on how many inner rage and taskmaster he used. Save ooze for death's bite. Don't use it on fiery war axe. Kind of hard if they have patron + inner rage + death's bite effect on turn 5. 

Priest: Mulligan for frostbolt, forgotten torch, zombie chow, mad scientist, doomsayer (if your hand is looking too late game). Same with control warrior. Don't overextend into lightbomb, and try to bait out his entombs so you can win with ysera. Try to get value from your duplicates and echo of medivhs. This is also a fatigue matchup. Don't get impatient. Also one tip is, you don't want to kill northshire cleric at all. You want them to draw alot. There isn't much priest can do to pressure you. 

Rogue: Mulligan for frostbolt, forgotten torch, zombie chow, doomsayer, reno, mad scientist. I would consider keeping loatheb depending on the rest of my hand. I don't like this matchup. I think it's rogue favored especially if you don't draw reno in time. 

Cards that work well / can fit in this deck : 

Brann bronzebeard 

Azure drake

Bloodmage thalnos 

Molten giant

Loot hoarder

Acolyte of pain

Jeweled scarab

You can replace them with... acidic swamp ooze, and unstable portal.

-I will keep updating the list-


Here are some vids of people playing this deck. If you want your vid to here, request it through PM.