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KevveC's Aggro Egg Paladin Season 22

  • Last updated Jan 24, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3100
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/23/2016 (Explorers)
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Hey, KevveC from team eSports Hero here!

Many people have been asking for my decklist and a guide for my aggro egg paladin, so I have been working on it a lot and here it is:

EDIT: Replaced Flame Juggler with Ironbeak Owl

I started playing Aggro paladin around 6 months ago, but it was not until season 19 where I hit high Legend with it. Legend #2

Last season and this season I have been experimenting with an "improvement" for the Aggro Paladin  and this is the result. I hit top 100 Legend in the middle of this season (unfortunately the screen was deleted) But l dropped when I tested different versions and card changes. Top 200 Legend Last night

So with no more stalling, I want to guide you through some card choices, gameplan, mulligan, matchups and statistics.


The deck is a very aggressive deck, so you mainly go for face but since the deck has a lot of value cards you also do value trades. For example with Nerubian Egg you want to buff it with the spells and trade to get a bigger minion. Another thing with the deck is that it runs very sticky minions overall, so one boardclear from your opponent is not enough to remove the whole board.

Once you have controlled the board you can easily start to race your opponent because you have cards such as Defender of Argus and Coghammer that slows down the pressure from your opponent.

Against different matchups you of course also have to play a little bit different, if you play against aggro you can usually race them if your mulligan contains 1 and 2 drop minions, and as I above explained, you usually can trade with minions that have divine shield or deathrattle and maintain the board control but this also depends how fast and what type of aggro deck it is.


As other aggressive decks, you mulligan for the low drops such as 1 drop and 2 drop minions, against aome matchups you even keep Muster etc, This also changes if you have coin or not.

Matchups: Good vs Bad

So let's go through some usual matchups on ranked play that I have considered and analyzed to be the best and the worst.


Tempo Mage - Because you can race Tempo Mage it is pretty favoured, but not only because you can race it but also the sticky minions vs clear like Flamewaker

Control Warrior - This matchup has been one of the easiest, why? Because of the sticky minions and divine favour for refill. They can usually only remove 1 minion at a time as well.

Murloc Paladin - Now you probably wondering why this deck is a favoured one, they have tons of heals and board clears but the reason why it is easy is because, like the 2 matchups above, sticky minions and finishing them before they can start heal and even if they heal they can't remove at the same time.


Patron Warrior - This is probably the worst matchup as for  almost any other Paladin decks as well. Because of minions like Unstable Ghoul developing a board is hard, they also run cards like Whirlwind which makes it much more difficult to maintain your board.

Aggro Druid - Usually this matchup is very difficult since they are much faster and with Innervate and bigger minions such as Fel Reaver you stand no chance. There is of course chance to beat this matchup if you draw good 1 and 2 drops such as Argent Squire and Shielded Minibot

Dragon Priest - This matchup varies depending on how good the Priest's early game is. But it is still unfavoured since they have both Deathlordand board clear.

Statistics so far: vs common decks on ladder right now

vs Murloc Paladin 6-1

vs Secret Paladin 8-3

vs Reno Lock 4-4

vs Combo Druid 7-1

vs Zoo Lock 6-2

vs Tempo Mage 6-0

And for last of this guide, some card choices and why them?

Nerubian Egg - The reason why it is called "Aggro Egg Paladin". This card is also very underestimated since it does huge change when it protects your board vs Aoe.

Argent Squire - Many players have asked me why I prefer Squire over Leper Gnome and it is because Squire is more sticky and more valueable with Abusive Sergeant and other buffs when trading.

Loatheb - I have been testing a lot whether to play this card or not, but after some thoughts it is really strong, it can save one extra turn vs decks like [deck]Combo Druid[/deck] preventing there combo for one turn.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton - Just going to go through the Heropower choices

1. Warlock 2. Hunter 3. Depends on the situation.

Thanks for taking your time reading this! Give me feedback and if you find it interesting try it out!

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