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Free Druid For Beginners (Rank 14-15ish) -- Exp...

  • Last updated Apr 14, 2014 (Live Patch 5170)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: None
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 0
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/3/2014 (Live Patch 4973)
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*Past broadcast on twitch if you want/need to see an example of how to play the deck:*


Hello -- this is a basic-only druid I built and tested out to share with  newcomers to the game. I'm sure there are several like it out there -- I did not check if there is an exact match. I was able to get from rank 18 to 15 with it just 2 days after a ladder reset, so I was coming up against quite a few people running multiple legendaries who are most likely actually level 10 or higher (yes, I could beat them sometimes, though usually I did not have enough removal to handle more than 1-2 legendaries).

As these are cards are just the cards you get from levelling to 10, there are obviously quite a few limitations, but I think making it to rank 15, or maybe even 14 or 13 is reasonable with this deck if effort is put into it, so I think it's a great start for people just starting out to get their feet wet. I pretty much played it as a control deck. Pretty simple playing style and should be easy to get the hang of -- you summon minions, try to use your spells, hero ability, and favorable trades to clear the board, and go from there. I would do this until I got them down to about 15 or so life, and then I would try to threaten their life with minions and hopefully starfire/swipe if I had them or could draw them (don't forget swipe can be used on the hero for 4 damage to finish him off if needed --- otherwise not recommended). I would still take favorable trades if there, but if leaving a minion up is unlikely to result in a favorable trade for the opponent, and you can start to threaten lethal by hitting the hero, I think it's likely to be worth doing so in this deck as it should theoretically run out of steam against superior cards at some point.

For anyone with a bit of dust (you get your first 100 for disenchanting just one common), the first changes I would make to this deck would most likely be replacing razorfen with 2 harvest golem

I'll briefly discuss the cards here although not many of them should be disputed, and just explain how I try to use it.

Innervate x2: This is a pretty decent card and you should try to be using it before it hits the late game and you likely have more energy than you can spend anyhow. I think the best uses for it are turn 2 Chillwind Yeti or turn 4 Boulderfist Ogre, but if it doesn't look like those will work out, feel free to just use it in whatever way is the most efficient that you have.


Claw x2:  Just use it as a removal for 2 health minions, or use it in combination with your hero power for removal of 3 health minions. Should never be used on turn 1 to attack the hero just because it is the only play you can make. Save it for minions unless you're threatening lethal damage to the hero.


Mark of the Wild x2: A solid card that can either give you a favorable trade, force the opponent to make unfavorable trades, protect a weakened minion of yours (or a Wolfrider, used later in the game to protect your health while you try to finish off your opponent, or some combination of the above. Don't be too shy about using it to get a favorable trade on an opponent's minion early, but try to save it if you're facing an aggro deck unless you're desperate. If you are facing a hunter, see a couple murlocs summoned, or see a warrior play multiple charges (such as Korkon Elite), then try to save these for defending your life points.


Acidic Swamp Ooze x2: Try to save for when your opponent has a weapon. If you don't have anything else to do on turn 2 it can still be worth playing, although this is risky against a warrior, paladin, rogue, and to a lesser extent hunter. Shaman also has a decent weapon, and I'm probably forgetting another class. Using your hero ability to take out a 1 health minion is a decent alternative to dropping this on turn 2 if you don't have other minions to summon, or coining and playing a 3 energy. Oh, also, try to save for a better weapon of rogue rather than its hero ability weapon.


Novice Engineer x2: Card draw is important, and this is one of the only options to do so.


River Crocolisk x2: Nothing special about this guy, a 2 drop was simply desirable and this was one of the only options. Running a 2/3 is a personal preference as I find myself finding better trades by doing so, but if you feel like you'd rather have a 3/2 then run Bloodfen Raptor instead. If you have a Faerie Dragon, that would be quite a bit better than either of these, but it's not a basic, so moving on.


Razorfen Hunter x2: A makeshift Harvest Golem, but not as good.


Shattered Sun Cleric x2: Obviously, try to use this when you have a minion to buff, but it can be worth just playing if you don't have any other options.


Wolfrider x1: Try to use this as a removal for 3 health minions. Avoid dropping it on the board if there's not a good trade to make if you can, as it will likely die without trading with anything if you do this, which defeats the purpose. I was running two of these during my testing (in place of a gnomish inventor), and it's pretty good, but I definitely think you want 2x gnomish inventor. I chose to remove this because I often found myself with no use for my Claw, and I think it's because I was using these first. If you really want more wolfrider, consider taking out a Croc or Razorfen to make room.


Swipe This card has lots of uses, and you will be better at picking out the right time to use it with experience. If you can take out a 3-4 health minion and 2 others, that's an excellent use. Even if there's 3-4 one-health minions up, using it on the hero and taking out all of those is pretty decent removal. Even using it on one minion can be correct if you don't have many options. Don't forget that you can use it on the opponent's hero in order to finish him off at the end of the game. This came up several times during my testing.


Chillwind Yeti x2: Great stats for the cost. Most likely the best use of Innervate.


Gnomish Inventor x2: I was running only one of these in my testing because I wanted to see the best card to replace, but you definitely want two of these as this will be your only other option than Novice Engineer for card draw until late game (star fire). My conclusion was that I often ended up with less-than-useful Claw cards in my hand, and I think that was because it was fulfilling the same function as Wolfrider.


Sen'jin Shieldmasta x1: This guy has pretty good stats and often forces unfavorable trades for the enemy. He's great. I only run one because taunt isn't too useful until you're low on health, and having 2 Ironbark, this 1 Tazdingo, and 2 Mark of the Wilds has been enough taunt for me in practice. I considered swapping him out with Booty Bay Bodyguard, which would help the mana curve of this deck, but I feel like a 4 health taunt is less likely to force unfavorable trades for the opponent than a 5 health taunt.

 Starfire x2: One of the best cards you have access to, and your best bet for removing their big guys. Try to save it for them, or, if the opponent is low on health, this can be used as a potential finisher.


Boulderfist Ogre x2: Good stats for a 6, one of the best big guys you have access to. Good candidate for Innervate if you have it.


Ironbark Protector x2: Pretty good big guy for a basic, doubles to protect you against aggro decks. Also a good candidate for Innervate.


Alright, that's all for now. If you can't get it working right or just want to see an example in action, feel free to check out my past streams from last night to see a few examples. Here's the first video, I believe I get stomped by Ysera in the first game but then win the next 3. I don't play absolutely perfectly, but I believe I do catch a good amount of my mistakes immediately after doing them, and point them out. Good luck!