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[S22 Legend] 72% Win OTK Mage

  • Last updated Jan 15, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 14 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/12/2016 (Explorers)
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Few words about me:

I'm Marco, player from germany, who played this Game since early beta at the EU Server.

I'll help you with everything i can!

Also, if you like this article - rate it, let more people inform themselves about one of the most interesting and difficult decks in whole game!

Sry for my bad english....

Now the Deck!


UPDATE 16.01.2016---Changes,they you can make: IMPORTANT FOR ALL TROLLS AMONG YOU!


First of all , I think that was the first and last deck which I share with the community . I'm sorry for the isolated , rational players . But this hateful stupid kids annoy me. it's the same as with kolentos dragon priests , 70 % from here are just too stupid to play it and say why it is not working . I think again about it , but it 's up to you.
Now,the new choices:
thnaks @livvan666

- 1x Flamecannon +1x Arcane Blast

He's right , it's easier when several monions , deliberately destroying one! ( + synergy with Malygos. However , and do not forget the Arcane Blast can't be used on the enemy hero. It doesnt works for OTK.

Now you can switch the secrets for what ever...more spells,or other secrets,or cards they make the deck faster!  What some do not understand : it is not a tempo deck , Malygos and Rhonin are not too slow . which are your kill combo.

If you want to play a tempo deck , then please also plays a tempo deck . and does not get out anything that does not work !

Excuse my mood, it is at 7 clock in Germany and I have been working for 2 hours .


Card Choices:

Mana Wyrm: do I really need to explain it? Also a common misconception: YOU DONT NEED TO MULLIGAN FOR SPELLS IF YOU HAVE MANA WYRM IN HAND. A hand of Mad Scientist, Mana Wyrm and Flamewaker is the dream hand against any class but maybe zoo.


Arcane Missiles: They definitely need a bit of luck, but without them the matchup against paladins and hunter wouldn't be the same. Against control it's important to find the right moment to make at least some use out of them, otherwise they just turn into fodder for Antonidas or Flamewaker.


Sorcerer's Apprentice: one of the main reasons why tempo mage exist, reducing the mana cost of your removal to take control of the board early or to get insane tempo with unstable portal (when they dont get Wisps).

Frostbolt: one of the best cards in the game. Early removal, stop for Mysterious Challengers, burst, you name one.


Flamecannon: Tempo card, at its best against druids and priests. Its obvious shit against token generators so make sure to use it before Muster for Battle or Imp-losion.


Unstable Portal: portal surely needs your RNG, but as long as Sorcerer's Apprentice is on the field it should almost always give you tempo. Plus, playing Tirion Fordring on turn 5 is always sweet.


Mirror Entity: insane tempo swing if put into play by Mad Scientist, used to be the card that made the matchup against druid so easy, now a bit less cause of Darnassus Aspirant. Notable drawbacks: Explosive Sheep Doomsayer Unstable Ghoul.


Flamewaker: the other reason this deck exist, if it lives more than one turn is usually game over. Don't be afraid to put it on an empty board because it will almost always force a mana inefficient play for the opponent, given how badly he wants to remove it.


Arcane Intellect: I really dislike intellect. I never want it in my starting hand, it's tempo loss against aggro and advances you in fatigue against control. If I could I would play a 3rdAzure Drake or a 3rd Ethereal Conjurer instead. That said, it's a spell for Flamewaker andArchmage Antonidas and draws you cards if you really badly need that Fireball to finish the opponent off.


Piloted Shredder: simply the best 4 drop in the game.


Fireball: excellent board control spell. Not even kidding. I wonder where else may I point it to...


Azure Drake: I love drakes. I think they are better than draw spells because if you are not fishing for burn then a drake is basically an Arcane Intellect with the additional text "if you draw an Ogre Magi with Dragon tag, it costs two less". Then there is always the hilarious situation when you pull Blackwing Corruptors from Unstable Portal.


Ethereal Conjurer: i'm very impressed by this guy. First of all a 6/3 is nothing to be laugh at if you throw it on an empty board. Moreover the discover mechanic allows you to change your game plan midgame or to find spells that perfectly suits the situation you're in. I think this card alone has made the matchup against Control Priests, RenoLocks and Freeze Mages better (Duplicate, Polymorph, Ice Block). It can even search for an Ice Barrieragainst Druids or Arcane Explosion against paladins. No, you should never chooseSpellbender. No, not even against Secret Paladin.


Archmage Antonidas: awesome finisher


Dr. Boom: Dr. 7. Perfectly balanced.

"thanks at cento" for writing the card choices!


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One of the best combos in the deck and the OTK combo:
Emperor Thaurissan and in the next turn Malygos + Arcane Missiles . You should play Rhonin bevor you play this combo,because you have then in the best case 5xArcane Missiles . Which makes with malygos 5x 8 dmg = 40 dmg.

but it gives much another combos with Archmage Antonidas first. If your Emperor Thaurissan long enough lifes,your Fireball cost <4 mana and make with  Malygos 11dmg



Bilder-Upload.eu - share DEINE Bilder



Thank you,for your ideas and/other flame :P i anser of comments daily in the evening.