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[S22 Legend] 20 Win Streak to legend Secret Pal...

  • Last updated Jan 17, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7080
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/12/2016 (Explorers)
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Hello everyone! I'm Distress multiple legend player, a hearthstone youtuber and I'm bringing you my secret paladin. The deck is pretty standardt, it's nothing new so don't treat it like a new deck, by like a deck guide.


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Ok then let's start off with legend proof:

This seasons last boss video:

(yeah I know it's a sucky video, cuz the game was so one sides. But well, what can you do)

or a direct link if you so wish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9r0DepNDHY



Quick introduction:

Those of you who watch my videos know I've been fiddling around this season with quite a few decks, but at some point I just got annoyed, opened up my secret paladin deck and went from rank 4 0 starts to legend in almost a single winstreak (i lost one game on rank 1, but shush, don't tell anybody!)



A few words about the deck:

Most people see secret paladin as a full face deck, but that is not true at all. It's somewhere between aggro and a midrange. And what decides how you play? Your starting hand in most cases. Sometimes you just get that godly double Secretkeeper coin turn 1 into 

double secret and that's when you start the face is the place race game. In more "standardt" start like a minibot into coghammer you're fighting for that board presence early on. The start of the deck is ofcourse Mysterious Challenger. The value this card brings is over 9000 and more often than not it just straight up wins you the game.



Why is there a Ragnaros the Firelord in your deck?

Since there are just sooo many control reno decks on ladder now I felt like cutting one creeper for something bigger. Ragnaros the Firelord is awesome in a deck that goes face quite alot, because it's faster than regular legendaries. His effect activates on the turn you summon him. He can often  seal the deal by hitting face ot kill of big threats on enemy side of the field while taking no damage himself




I'm dual decking. You should as well!

Truth is I run two copies of this deck. Both version are almost the same, they only difference is a single card. And this card is Loatheb. Now why would I run 2 almost identical decks? Becuase I usually play the version with Ragnaros the Firelord

but under very specific circumstances I switch to the other version. And what are those specific conditions ? It's when I meet freeze mage or face shaman on ladder. Why? Becuase often you play twice in a row with your opponent. Freeze mage is a direct and superhard counter to secret paladin and guess what. Loatheb screws them up. Face shaman is not a counter, it's a decently good matchup, BUT it's just a deck that's capable of turn 5 lethal, so Loatheb often allows you survive this one turn more and win.




As I said earlier. If, just IF you get a god hand, you may go face safetly. But in most cases

you want to fight for board control up to around turn 6, when you start pushing your full of value cards into the board, going face and finishing the game in 3 turns. Remember secret paladin is all about value. And I'll prove it to you right now:

Tirion Fordring is the best class legendary and a 8 drop

Dr. Boom is the best neutral legendary and a 7 drop

Mysterious Challenger is the best epic and a 6 drop

Piloted Shredder is autoinclude in every deck for a reason. Best 4 drop in the game

Muster for Battle May not be THE best, but is in the top of 3 drops

Shielded Minibot another best in game, this time 2 drop

Secretkeeper is at the dr.1 level of a card

 And I could keep going on. That's what makes this deck so easy. You don't win by a fancy 30 damage combo, or by having 20 legendaries that cost 10 mana (cough warrior) or even by having double kill command. You win every game by outvaluing your opponent BY A SH*T TON.


Ok you confused me, so when do I go face?

You go face when your board has an advantage. Then your opponent HAS to be the one fighting for the board while you chip away his health a bit by bit. You should not go face when you don't have the board advantage, becuase that lets your opponent trade favourably and the whole point of value-based deck is screwed.




Mulligains against every enemy are pretty similar. There are 3 "special cards" that you may see in your opening hands which change how you mulligain.

1) If you see a Secretkeeper in your opening hand, keep any secrets

2) If you see a Coghammer in your oppening hand and you've also got a 

Shielded Minibot then you keep the weapon, if you don't have a minibot, then you toss out hammer as well

3) If you see a Mysterious Challenger in your opening hand. You check if you've got your early game as well.  Minimum a 2 and 3 drop (minibot/juggler/creeper + muster)

and if you do, you keep that Challenger, if not, you mulligain it in search of 2 drops.


Other than that:

Always keep :

Shielded Minibot [/card]  , [card] Knife Juggler , Haunted Creeper , Secretkeeper  , 

Keep if you already have a 2 drop:

Muster for Battle

Keep if you have a 2 drop and a coin:

Piloted Shredder

Never keep:

Secrets alone (with no secretkeeper), divine favor, truesilver, blessings, legendries

In other words don't keep anything else that wasn't mentioned earlier





Very good matchups:

-Reno lock(Over 75% Winrate)

Who cares if he heals, just deal next 30 damage in 2 turns

-Tempo Mage(Over 60% Winrate)

Can't outtempo you

-Combo Druid (Over 70% Winrate)

Ofcourse there's always a threat of 24 damage charge to the face, but in my experiance it's very good matchup, 

-Control Warrior(Over 85% Winrate)

 He's just too slow for ya


Fair matchups:

-Zoolock(Still over 50% WR)

If you don't clear his stuff his board will overwhelm you at some point

-Face shaman(Real 50/50)

It all depends on how lucky he is with his draws and can he finish the game in 5-6 turns

-Any mech deck(Real 50/50)

Same as with shaman. If they get a god hand there's nothing you can do, because of no aoe-comeback mechanic in the deck

-Entomb priest (Still over 50%)

 Those entombs can screw you up big time, but often you're just too fast for him

-Oil rogue(Around 50%)

Thing is. Oil rogue has a lot of ways to AoE clear everythig you have, but at the same time it's quite easy to burst down. It all comes down to predicting  / saving aoe's and your luck to draw right cards

Bad - Terrible matchups:

Freeze mage(Like 0 friggin %)

 Naah but for real, 25% WR is all you can hope for against them, they're your nemesis. Worst matchup

Patron warrior(Around 35-40%)

 There's just not much you can do against a patron swarm in most cases

Face hunter (Around 35%)

Oh belive me, this guy doesn't care about how value-packed your cards are. Your face is going to hurt. A LOT





1) Quick Hearthbuild #4 -- This whole guide, but in short video version

 And ofc a direct link: https://youtu.be/vMtyE7mhFUg

2)A few ranked games around rank 1-2 /w commentary:

And a direct link if you choose to watch on youtubes:



3) Not connected to a deck, but a few tips on how to climb to legend successfully:

And a direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJCeWWkpi7Q


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