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S24 Legendary secret paladin

  • Last updated Mar 16, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 5200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 1/3/2016 (Explorers)
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This is a video of Legendary Gameplay

Want to win ranks in no time? Then this deck is for you! This midrange deck is extremely efficient against the aggressive meta that we currently have.

As of 3/15/16 I became legendary. It was achieve with this deck in combination with dragon priest deck

The point of the game is to be able to curve out your big treats while developing the board with tokens to keep grinding their life total off and then finish them with one big hit. You will often see 10/10s or 14/14s on your side of the board. however, when you play against classes that have a lot of removal, make sure to distribute the buffs of your Avenge, Keeper of Uldaman and Blessing of Kings on different minions.

You do not have removal with this deck. however you have the possibility of using Blessing of Kings on a Shielded Minibot or using Keeper of Uldaman against a big threat. You have to make sure that you trade efficiently in the early game to gain control of the board. Don't be afraid to use your weapon to clear the board in the beginning, your dudes and other minions are far more important than a few HP.

Finally, Mysterious Challenger is going to end games for you. even more so if you have another big card to follow. In order for him to be most effective, make sure to mulligan for a hand without secrets. I prefer playing him on a board that has a few minions on my side, but he is just like Dr. Boom if you have him on curve, always play him.

I hope you enjoy the deck, if you try it just tell me in the comments how you did and may the BOOM ever be in your favor!

I would like to write more for this guide, but i want to make sure that enough people are interested first (i just want to know it will get seen if i put effort into it)

I will make sure to answer every question but you can also ask them on my youtube channel: youtube.com/canadianrumpunch




- Try to fish for a Zombie Chow. he is your best early game card.

- If you already have a zombie chow, try to get a two drop. Usually i recommend Shielded Minibot, but any two drop will do. if you have a few two drops but you are playing against a class which has a 1/3 on turn one, try to keep the Knife Juggler.

- Try to disregard secrets. They are way better in your deck than in your hand. Always mulligan your secrets.

- If you have a chow and a 2 drop, try to fish Muster for Battle.

- In short, the perfect hand if you start first is : Zombie Chow, Shielded Minibot, Muster for Battle. (replace minibot for knife juggler in a mirror match)

- If you start second, you will want : Zombie Chow, Shielded Minibot, Piloted Shredder.


Avenge: Great to buff your minions due to the high number of tokens.

Competitive Spirit: Excellent due to Muster for Battle and Haunted Creeper.

Noble Sacrifice: This card is excellent against most classes except rogue or druid. It can save you in a pinch and can trigger Avenge.

Redemption: This card has a lot of synergy with your deathrattle minions as well as Shielded Minibot and even Tirion Fordring.

Zombie Chow: This card is potentially the best 1 drop in the game. Excellent when dropped on turn one and can be save from death with Blessing of Kings and Coghammer.

Haunted Creeper: This card synergises well with Redemption and Competitive Spirit when it dies.

Knife Juggler: Excellent when used with haunted creeper when it dies as well as Muster for Battle.

Shielded Minibot: This card is one of the best 2 drops as it can survive a trade and can be very dangerous if buffed with Blessing of Kings and Avenge.

Coghammer: Excellent trade potential as you can almost always kill an enemy minion for free due to the divine shield. Best used when you only have one big minion on the board.

Divine Favor: Can usually help you finish the game as the card draw from this can be incredible. It is also the only card draw mechanic in this deck.

Muster for Battle: Great synergy with Knife Juggler and Competitive Spirit. It can also offers  targets for the Keeper of Uldaman.

Blessing of Kings: this card has an excellent damage output. it can make you win trades or just simply win you the game. The prime targets for this are your early game minions like Shielded Minibot as you can clear a huge minion for almost free and Zombie Chow, to keep it from dying. Always use on a minion that can attack the turn you play it.

Keeper of Uldaman: this card is very versatile. Either use it on a huge enemy minion to facilitate a trade or use it on a token on your side to increase your damage output.

Truesilver Champion EDIT: I removed both piloted shredders and replaced them with truesilver champion as it fits the meta more accurately. I heals you and also trades for 2 other cards. Quite effective if you ask me.

Loatheb: Excellent situational card against spell heavy decks like mage, shaman and rogue. use it on curve, or when you think your opponent might finish you off, it could win you the game.

Sludge Belcher: Perfect card to counter aggro decks, and it also synergises with Redemption.

Mysterious Challenger: This card is the core of this deck. Puts a copy of each of your secrets in play. his tempo is on par with Dr. Boom, can usually win you the game by itself.

Dr. Boom: This card is the best turn 7 drop in the game. his immense board presence can win you the game just by playing him on curve.

Ragnaros the Firelord: EDIT: I removed tirion and replaced with ragnaros as the effect he offers is immediate. I think it fits the meta more accurately.