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Season 20/21 Legend Deathraptor Rogue

  • Last updated Jan 3, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 24 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 2760
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/27/2015 (Explorers)
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Hello people of hearthpwn, today I would like to share the deck I used to get legend two months in a row.

Legend Proof:





As you might have noticed from my number of rogue wins, I do not play a lot of rogue, but this deck was good enough to carry me to legend twice. Although its ranked in tier 4 in tempostorms metasnapshot, it definitely is legend-viable. This guide will be very brief. Ask any questions you have down below.

So why play this deck over other decks like zoo? 

1. Its unique, ie rarely seen compared to cancer like secret pally

2. It thrashes most aggro decks(see stats), especially secret pally and cancer shaman

Card Choices

Abusive Sergeant: Hatch eggs, trade up, occasionally synergy with bgh

Zombie Chow: With all the aggro you need at least one of this to control the board early game(along with cheap spells like backstab and hero power)

Sap: Insane tempo gain with this card, helps to bypass taunts for one turn. Sapping something expensive like tirion effectively negates your opponents whole turn for 2 mana!!

Haunted Creeper: Good Deathrattle and good board control

Nerubian egg: Mainly here for the broken combo with the raptor. Also protection against AoE. Can be buffed with abusive or argus. If desperate you can backstab it too.

Fan Of Knives: Fuck paladins

Big Game Hunter: Fuck paladins and their mysterious challenger. Almost every deck runs Dr Boom, so it will always have a target.

Unearthed Raptor: Cool card, amazing with creeper, eggy, shredder, belcher, tomb pillager and loot hoarder. Not so amazing with chow. Its okay to play it without copying any deathrattle as well, much like how you would sometimes play SI agent on turn 3 for tempo without triggering the 2 damage.

Argus: Taunts and buffs to trade up. Taunts really help against aggro

Shredder: Best 4 drop NA

Tomb Pillager: I dunno, used to have anubisath sentinel before tomb pillager was released. But it was useless af so tomb pillager takes its place. Occasionally you can summon Dr Boom 1 turn earler Dark Iron Dwarf

Dark Iron Shulker: Amazing in a deck like this. Clears big boards with small dudes very cleanly.

Loatheb: This card saved my life a million times against aggro decks with burn(looking at you cancer shaman). Protects your board too.

Belcher: Good taunt, good deathrattle

Boom: Yea

No cold blood?: This deck runs out of steam easily, dont make the problem worse

No deadly poison flurry package?: Meh this deck is more minion based

No Sylvanas/Sneeds?: Too slow


Always keep: Chow, loot hoarder, creeper, bacstab

Sometimes keep: SI agent(only with coin). Unearthed raptor( only if you have egg or creeper), egg(only if you have unearthed raptor), fan of knives(against paladin)

Strategy/general tips(lol): 

-Play just like zoo, trade and control the board. Clear efficiently. At some point, when your board state is solidified, loatheb and go face.

-Against classes like hunter or warlock, it is acceptable to play abusive t1, but generally try to get full value out of it, ie dont play it just to let the mage ping it for free.

-Dont be afraid to play a raptor even when you do not get full value.

-Despite the amount of deathrattles, this deck runs out of steam easily, so play conservatively when you know they have board clears

-Against druid: Try to hatch your eggs asap, try not to taunt them because of silence.

-Against aggro decks, you can freely taunt your eggs(especially if they have used their owl.

-Against other classes like warrior or priest with a ton of aoe, do not taunt your eggs, other wise the warrior can hit the egg then brawl, priest can trade the egg/steal the egg then AoE

-Board control is key, do not lose it, and try to clear as much as possible until you know they cannot comeback(through loatheb etc), or else you can get punished with taunts, heals and renos.

Possible Replacements:
Unearthed raptor: play oil rogue instead
Dark Iron Shulker: Fan of knives, Azure Drake
Dr Boom: Craft it
Big Game Hunter: Another Sap maybe
Possible Additions:
Thalnos>Loot hoarder
Finley<=>Zombie Chow(?)


To anyone wishing for a fun deck that is legend viable, be sure to try this deck out! Upvote and comment if you have any questions. I know this "guide" ain't really a guide when its so shitty and badly written, but I just liked to share it!

PS: Sorry for the random title changes, I got confused which seasons nov and dec were. I guess its 20/21 and not 21/22.

EDIT: Added possible card replacements