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[Top 50 Legend] [SUPER-In Depth] Oil Rogue Guide.

  • Last updated Dec 27, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3480
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/26/2015 (Explorers)
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Hey guys, Evilbaneling back with a deck that made me enjoy hearthstone again. I've gotten legend countless times, but recently, I've gotten boared of Hearthstone due to all ofthe cancer. What brought me back to hearthstone was this insanely fun Oil Rogue deck ;).
See the "About me" section at the very end.
Note: I have been top 50 legend dozens of times wih this deck. Now I'm rank 300(see the link at the end), however, you can just see my other guides/twitch for my top legend ranks.
---Please upvote/comment on this deck if you enjoyed it as it took me two weeks + most of my Hawaiien vacation to write for you guys :) Be sure to follow me on twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/evilbaneling
Brief introduction to the deck:
Oil rogue is an amazing deck to play at any rank, including the legend one. However, I must warn you that this deck is very difficult to play, and that it will take many games to master. That being said, be ready to lose a few games before absolutely destroying everyone with this insane deck. REMEMBER: Hearthstone is a game of skill and luck. If you lose, odds are you made quite a few mistakes but remember that some games are unwinnable. It isn't the deck's fault. Don't tilt and keep playing.


How to Play?
The deck is reliant on using your hero power in combination with your amazing removal spells in order to efficiently remove your opponent’s board. DO NOT be scared to take damage with your weapon, as it is made for trading. Efficient trades and burst is what makes this deck win.
Versus aggro, be sure to remove basically everything, and to try to control the board. If you have a lot of damage spells in your hand, it is very possible that you might want to rush the aggro deck by just going all-in yourself. Taking risks is often profitable with rogue. Blade flurry is also an amazing way to clear the board while going face. Against Hunter, remember that his Freezing Trap will often return useful minions such as Healbot or SI:7 Agent, so do not activate his secrets for no reason.
Versus Control, Try to draw out your deck, using key cards such as sprint, which may be coin + prep’ed out on turn 3 (see mulligan guide) and using your efficient removal to stall out the game until you have enough burst to finish them off.
Mulligan Guide:
The mulligan phase is actually very important and pretty tricky for this deck. Keeping certain bizare cards such as sprint, deckhand or loatheb might be game-winning in certain scenarios. I will therefore try my best to explain the mulligan phase with as great detail as possible.

In general, here are the cards which you want to keep :
Backstab, Deadly Poison, SI:7 Agent, Eviserate, Deckhand (vs aggro), sprint (with coin/prep or just with coin vs control) Preparation (vs control), and violet teacher (vs control, preferably with coin).
[Extremely in-depth] Card Choices :
Backstab :
Backstab is key against most decks as it lets you clear off an early game minion for free and allows you to activate your combo cards. Backstab + Weapon kills off a shielded minibot on turn 2. On turn 3, you can combo this card with an si:7 agent for a 4 damage removal. This card is essential against aggro, and even against priest as it can get rid of those pesky northshire clerics.

Deadly Poison :
DP... an amazing acronym no matter what the subject is. When has a DP ever been unsatisfying? ;) But for real, this card is amazing at removing minions. For one mana, this card generates huge tempo over two turns. Do not be scared to take face damage to remove minions, even if you're up against an aggro deck. Against aggro, remove all of their small minions with DP + removal spells(such as Blade Flurry) and get ready to go face and out-rush them. Against control, DP is key to removing any type of minion. Late game, DP paired with Evis can clear out Dr.Boom, and will leave you with 7 extra mana crystals. It is also great when paires with Blade Flurry, dealing 3 damage to all enemies, clearing almost any aggro minion and dealing some face damage.

Great 4 Damage removal or face spell. Mainly used to remove some tanky minions, but may also be used to finish off an opponent during some tricky lethal situations. This 2 mana spell deals 1 extra damage than most other 2 mana spells do, making it extremely powerful for this class. Do not be afraid to use it to clear a weak minion, such as Knife Juggler if no better option is available.

SI:7 Agent
Arguably the best 3-Drop in the game. Not only is the body good, but the two damage is game-winning especially if paired with powerful cards, such as backstab or even the coin, in order to drop this minion out on turn .

Sap :
Value. Great versitility and amazing against any matchup, especially the control ones. This card can act as a silence and a temporary removal card. Use it on any buffed minions, any big creatures or any taunt minions. However, be careful with these. Sometimes, clearing a big minion using other spells may be more efficient, as saving sap for huge taunts or for some sneaky lethals may be the best play. Knowing when to use/save sap comes from experience and the choice might be very difficult. So keep playing and try to learn from your errors. If you feel like sapping to go face is your only chance of winning the game (ex. You lose anyways if you don't/ You lose if he has healbot) take the risk and pray. It will not always work but remember that sometimes, the best play(according to statistics/odds of multiple factors) may result in a loss. Do not tilt, just keep playing. ;)

Fan of Knives:
Great card against aggro. Wins you the paladin matchup and is very efficient at removing early game minions against face hunter/zoo. However do not be afraid to use this card as a cycle against the control classes pr even against classes such as paladin or hunter if you are desperately trying to find a key combo piece.

Great card. Activates the combos, amazing when paired with sprint. Against control, coin + prep + sprint on turn 3 (coin before prep) can be game-winning. You can also just use prep with like an evis vs aggro, as it can be worth it. Especially if paired with another card such as SI:7 Agent. Pretty key card in every matchup. You should almost always use this with sprint vs midrange/control if you can. However, if you manage to save one prep for your combo, you can do insane amounts of damage (40-50+), so bear that in mind.
Tech Choices :
What I chose and why :
Antique Healbot : Some people do not like this card, as they find that it isnt very tempo efficient. That is true, but tbh, healbot is core in rogue, as you are always trading with your dagger. I personally cannot seem to win against aggro without this card. It is replaceable by another farseer.

2x Violet Teacher
Insane value. Against aggro, the 1/1s are game-winning. Against control, the 1/1s bait huge board clears. When combined with Loatheb and a lot of spells, teacher will pretty much guarentee a lethal situation for you ;)

Tomb Pillager
Still experimental, but so far this card has been a bit better than Piloted Shredder. Not only are the initial stats better, but the coin seems to be making a huge difference in my games. Vs aggro, the coin helps a lot for removing minions, and for having mana-efficient turns. Vs control, the coin tends to be a great combo activator for the late game.

Earthen Ring Farseer:
Great card tbh. Against aggro this is a very strong 3- drop hat will often trade 2 for 1 aswell as negating some face damage. Against control, this can be a great 3 drop, but it can also be used to heal minions for favorable trading. Healing minions tend to be a lot more important than your hero, especially vs control. Consider replacing this card with Edwin Van Cleef.

Blade Flurry:
Definately one of the most important cards in this deck. Offers a great board clear while you go face, or simply try to remove the enemy's board. Can remove huge minions when paired with weapon buffs. Also used to finish off the opponent when paired with tinker's/evis.

Other strong cards that I did not add:

Piloted Shredder
Amazing four drop. Sticky and offers a strong body that tends to stay alive. It is essential for a rogue to have some form of sticky minions, as if you can land an oil on a minion, that can be game-changing. However, Tomb Pillager has better stats and gives you a coin, which is extremely good versus control, as you often have nothing to start your combos off with.

Goblin Auto Barber
Definately one of my favorite rogue cards. Ever. I almost always try to find place for one of these guys in my deck. It offers a solid 2-drop and a great weapon buff. If paired with Assassin's Blade, this card can be deadly. Even without the blade I really like having a 2-drop in a rogue deck. Especially one with a pretty good upside. The reason why I do not play this card right now is mainly because of all the aggro decks. Due to all of them, 1 or 2 damage on the weapon tends to be the same, thus a 2nd Fan of Knives seems to be better. That being said, I might add this card in soon as I really love it. Feel free to add it in yourself.

Edwin Van Cleef
Pretty strong, tends to get removed essily by control, but can be played if needed. Usually just a 6/6 vs aggro. Personnally, I like Edwin, but I do not think that it is bettter than farseer.

Sludge Belcher
Decent card. Taunt is very useful vs aggro. However, I just have not tested it too much and cannot seem to find the room for it. This card is decinately viable, but I would not replace Loatheb with a Sludge Belcher.
When to attack face with your weapon?
Honestly, this is way more complicated than you think. Usually, against non-aggro decks, rogue is most-likely going to hero power on turn 2. And sometimes even on turn 3/4(Mainly turns 2/3 as you dont really have too many good kinions to play). Personnally, I tend to not attack very often with my weapon except when it is optimal. And here is how you determine wether or not you should attack:
Early Game:
-If you weapon on turn 2 and do not have a turn 3 play other than Deadly Poison/Backstab attack with your weapon and re-weapon next turn.
-If you are against aggro and have an SI:7 Agent or a Farseer turn 2, save both of your charges as you will play a 3-drop next turn.
-Against control, you will rarely play a minion before turn 4 so attack anytime turns 2/3
Late Game:
**Note: Remember that this is describing the moments where you should attack face. Always feel free to trade minions with your weapon**
Attack only under three circumstances:
-You are SURE that you will re-weapon at the end of this turn or during the next turn
-If you only have one charge and you need two for any weapon buff.
-You need a bit more damage for lethal.
Matchup guide
This may be long. Feel free to consult this while you're in a game of Hearhstone.
Hunter :
**Important: Remember that you DO NOT need to activate secrets. If your enemy has an explosive trap, not attacking face can be very smart. I rarely activate their secrets, especially if they have an eaglehorn bow. If you are are against a face Hunter, try to wait for lethal before you activate his secret, as he might play another one and lethal you. Against Freezing Trap, return Healing/SI:7 Agent.**

Face: [6/10]
Honestly, Face Hunter is not very common atm so don't worry about it. If you do face one, your main game plan is to clear his minions early game, while gaining tempo. Once you have board control, you can start going face and racing him. Loatheb and Blade Flurry tend to be very key cards in this matchup, but do not mulligan for them.
Midrange [7/10]
Clear minions. Gain tempo. Win. For this matchup, the mulligan is very important. Try to be greedy. Backstab, DP, FoK(in case of Face Hunter, I would keep it), SI:7 Agent(With coin or backstab), Southsea Deckhand(Play him on turn 1), Eviserate are all key to winning. In this matchup clear everything with your spells(blade flurry op) until you have board control, then, start sapping his minions and going face.Should be fairly easy if you have a decent starting hand.

Secret: [7/10]
Fan of Knives is essential. Make sure you mulligan for one. Clear EVEYTHING. Activate noble sacrifice with your weapon and sap his buffed minions.
Midrange: [7.5/10]
Fan of Knives is essential. Make sure you mulligan for one. Try to trade into all of his minions efficiently. Try not to let knife juggler live on turn two. Try to play around quartermaster if possible. Sap can be amazing against Tirion so try to save one if possible. Furthermore, be careful not to let him have too many minions, as that is how paladin will snowball out of control. Try not to waste Blade Flurries, but do not seek ultimate value with them. Sometimes, 3-4 minion kills with a flurry is game-winning. Once he plays Justicar, you kind of have to start setting up lethal, since the 1/1s can easily overwhelm you.

Combo: [6/10]
Gayest deck imo. Can one hit you from 30hp with only a shade that they have played on turn 1... Fortuanately, Rogue tends to be good against Druid. Stay above 14hp(combo) at all times. Remove just about EVERY minion as each one will gain the savage roar buff if he has combo. Try not to let thaurrisan on the board for more han one turn. Some games are unwinnable vs his RNG heavy deck. Just try to kill him fast. Loatheb will win you many games vs druid.

Priest :
Midrange/control [7/10]
I dont find priest to be a problem at all. You can remove anything and burst them over a period of two turns. Be careful not to overextend into Lightbomb/Holy Nova. If they run deathlords + buffs, sap and powerful spells(BS,DP,Evis) are your saviors. Without them, the game will be very difficult. Do not hesitate to sap small minions. As usual, try to maintain board advantage. Sometimes this can be impossible, so your plan tends to be winning with deckhand + combo. Good Luck :)

Same as most aggro decks, except this one can draw cards... Try to remove all of his minions asap as he has many buffs. Watch out for nerubian eggs as they can be your worst nightmare. Sapping Nerubians(hatched), Sea Giants, or taunted minions may be worth it. Giant blade flurries are basically your win condition. This matchup is pretty complicated and popping creepers/eggs(with evis) tend to be worth it, since they will mostlikely just buff them later, and they prevent you from using AoE spells efficiently. Eviscerate should be used on nerubians or Imp Gang Boss .

Handlock [4.5-7/10] (depending on skill)
Hmm. Wierd rating, eh? As a very experienced handlock player, I tend to never lose against oil rogue. But as rogue, I tend not to lose against handlock very often(70-75% winrate). So I do not know how to rate this... But here's the matchup guide:
Against Handlock, the matchup is very complex and filled with mindgames. It tends to be very difficult for both players, especially the Rogue. Try not to waste any of your combo spells. Oil/dp + flurry can clear a huge board and permit you to win the game. Sapping the twilight drakes on turn 4 tend not to do too much, unless it will mill him a card. Try to kill them with minions and spells such as eviserate, deadly poison and backstab. Once their minions have been cleared, go face and try to force him into healing. Once he wastes his moltens/taunts/heals, buff your weapon and use your second flurry to clear everyhing and win. Loatheb is a key card here too.

Reno [5.5/10]
Kinda the same as Handlock. Remove their minions and force their Reno. Hen, go for a final push with Loatheb and all of your spells.

Shaman :
Midrange [7/10]
Who plays this? Remove all of their pesky creatures and burst them down.
Face [4.5/10]
This matchup can be quite tricky and frustrating. You need to find the balance between trading and going face. Once he plays doomhammer, drop loatheb and go full face. Try to out-rush him, while removing certain minions. Kill his spell damage totems if you do not need the damage for setting up lethal(already have lethhal next turn or the 2 damage wouldnt give you it anyways).

Tempo [6.5/10]
This matchup is fairly hard to lose imo if your hand is not garbage, as long as he doesn't double fireball your face lategame. Try to clear every single minion. Backstab the 2-drops, Evis the drakes/Flamewakers, blade flurry his small minions and setup dominance with teacher/minions/spells. Once again, Loatheb when you get down to ~12hp so that you can stay out of double fireball range + you can setup lehal. Healbot works well too.

Freeze [4.5/10]
Almost a 50% winrate. This matchup can be tricky, as you really need to burst him down before its too late. So prep + sprint is needed. Loatheb is INSANELY good. use it as you pop the ice block or as he will flamestrike/blizzard. If you wait too long before popping the block, he will alex you --> another block --> kills you. So try to prevent that if possible.

Control [4/10]
Fairly difficiult matchup. However, it isnt THAT bad. If he doesnt justicar on turn 6, you have a decent chance. Try to sprint on turn 3/4 and spam minions, deal as much damage face as you can. Attack face(or minions...)with your dagger every turn(except when you are going to buff it next turn). Try to have prep, double oil +dp +flurry and maybe deckhand/evis in order to rip through all of his armor. Weapon up the turn before your combo and do not attack with it. Playing loatheb might be smart aswell.

Patron [7/10]
Clear all of his patrons with bladeflurry and then you cannot really lose. Stay out of Grommash's range(12 hp) + kill the frothings(Evis). Enjoy the victory ;)
Oil [4-6/10] (Depending on decklists)
The key is trying to develop teacher/sprints before him to setup for lethal. Stall one turn with loatheb, as fhat will really mess the rogue player up.
Miracle [7/10]
Pretty easy. You have more burst. You can flurry whatever he conceals. Easy matchup, could easily be a 8/10. However, I have not played against enough miracle rogues to determine that.
About me:
I am Evilbaneling, a hearthstone player that has reached thevery top of the legend rankings many times.My last two guides have reached the front page of the website, but I had stopped playing for while so rip :( Anyways, Here are the links you are looking for:
Proof of Legend: Obv, you can check my other guides for all my different legend pictures, but here is this season's rank: http://imgur.com/fewyFP0

Twitch(I stream often): http://www.twitch.tv/evilbaneling

Youtube(Just made my account, Kappa): https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCgo5pn2U8qbl_WYXU8Q6f0w
Twitter(Just made it):Twitter.com/Evilbaneling
And I know that you guys want CHEAP GAMES (Sellout WutFace): G2A.com/r/Evilbaneling
I really hope that you enjyed this very detailed Oil Rogue guide as it really did take a long time to make. I am currently in Hawaii as I write this guide, but I will stream aI get beck so be sure to follow me :) Remember, practice makes perfect.

I almost entirely wrote this whole guide using my broken iphone screen in Hawaii.The Hearthpwn site is horrible on mobile so all of the highlighted cards will be there once I return to my home. If that doesn't deserve your upvote, what does?