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[S21] Patron - Winning is fun again

  • Last updated Dec 30, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3980
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/23/2015 (Explorers)
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Edit 1: Updated Matchups

Grim Patron Warrior

Before you start reading this guide. The listed deck is not a new deck or revolutionary. It's a relatively standard Patron Warrior deck. The reason that I'm writing this is because I want you guys to experience how awesome it is. There are a lot of variants of this deck that are much alike but with 1-2 different cards. Please tweak the list to your own preference, I am in no way claiming that my list is THE BEST version of Patron Warrior. It just works the best for me.


The playstyle

Patron warrior is a midrange deck that focuses on keeping board control with weapons and low cost utility minions/spells until turn 5-6. At that point you snowball the game with comboplays featuring mostly Grim Patron comboed with for example the deathrattle of Death's BiteWhirlwind and Inner Rage


Why Patron warrior?

You have a very realistic chance of winning versus any deck in the current meta. Obviously there are more favoured and less favoured matchups but there's no hardcounters. On the other hand there's also not really any free win matchups. If you like crucial decision making and thinking multiple turns ahead then Patron warrior might be the deck for you. Patron warrior is a deck that will take time to master. This applies to every deck off course but you can for example suck at playing aggro shaman and still win games. With this deck you won't, when you start to master it however you will see your winrate with it explode.



- Fiery War Axe, by far the best early game card in this deck it directly counters Mana wyrm, Darnassus Aspirant Northshire cleric and Knife juggler for example. 

Fierce Monkey, really strong card to get through the earlygame and even a decent protection for ur valuecards in the mid-late game. I made the choice to only include 1 copy because I simply don't see room for 2 copies right now.

Death's Bite, High attack damage and a lot of synergy with Dread Corsair. Turn 4 Death's bite into Turn 5 Grim Patron combined with the deathrattle is maybe the strongest play in this deck.

Dread Corsair, See above. Tons of synergy plays with the weapons

Acolyte of PainUnstable GhoulArmorsmith, Kind of self explanatory. Low cost minions that help you secure the board for the important turns 5-6-7. The unstable ghoul deathrattle synergizes with Grim Patron

Grim Patron, only keep this card versus Control decks. Yes this deck is built around Grim patron, but if you have already lost the game versus aggro decks by the time you get to use it it's a waste.


  Matchups - Deck specific 


Midrange + Aggro Druid  - The strength of patron warrior in this matchup lies in the inability for druids to remove your board. Swipe nearly never does the trick for them in this matchup. Get ahead early, hopefully kill his Darnassus Aspirant early with Fiery War Axe and combo well with Grim Patron and you will usually win this matchup


Face Hunter  -  Patron is strong vs aggro. You have a lot of early game taunts and minions like Armor Smith and Frothing Berserker to help you stabilize and take board control. Your cards don't really hardcounter their cards as much as in some other matchups so it's really just about not letting him get the board and building up some armor.


Tempo/Mech Mage  – Tempo Mages have the potential to snowball the early game resulting in a quick loss, but you usually are able to win it. This matchup is a bit hit or miss because of it but because of your tools to deal with their early game I list this matchup has favoured.


Aggro Shaman  –  + Execute – Yes my friends, a deck that is favored against Aggro shaman. Fiery War Axe counterplays Tunnel Trogg and I chose to mulligan for Execute to get an early kill on Totem Golem.


Secret Paladin  – The secret paladin matchup is very early game dependent. Usually you will face either Secretkeeper and/or Shielded Minibot in turns 1-2-3. Trade heavily into those to  not let him get the board. After that you simply have more power to secure a win. Save an Execute for Mysterious Challenger.


Zoolock - Another deck that will challenge you for early game control. It's basically the same as for the other favoured matchups, winning the early game board battle is key. If you do vs zoolock the game is basically won cause of their deck synergy with a big board.



Midrange + Murloc paladin - also a bit hit or miss. Paladin has strong early game play, but so do you. Most of the time who-ever edges that out ends up winning (duh). Mid-range paladin can remove ur board very effectively with the Equality Consecration combo. If you want to win vs these decks you gotta play around that combo. Bait it out before you play ur big patron combo, else you'll risk losing the entire game the turn after.


Oil Rogue - This matchup is about as 50/50 as it gets. Oil rogues don't have a strong early game so winning the early game board control shouldn't be a big problem. The problem in this matchup is their ability to effectively clear the board cause of Deadly Poison + Blade Flurry versus your Patrons. Same as for the midrange paladin matchup this is the combo you will need to play around. 


Control Priest  - card]Execute[/card] Battle Rage - You play mostly low cost minions that he doesn't really want to use his removal spells on. Deathlord can really slow you down, that's why you can choose to keep Execute here. This is a pretty difficult matchup. You need to find that fine line between getting damage on his hero but not overplaying your cards just to see them all getting removed.


Dragon Priest - Surprised to see dragon priest here? The reason just simply is their incredibly strong early game potential. If they draw their early game cards it's near impossible to win the early game. You gotta hope that they don't have a good draw and fill up the board as quick as possible.


Reno Warlock  – SO. MANY. REMOVALS. that's basically the story of this matchup. That doesn’t mean this matchup is completely impossible however. I’ve been able to win games vs RenoLock even in the lategame because even if they remove the board you can most of the time instantly get the board control back atleast. This matchup is surely unfavoured but not a guaranteed loss. Play aggressive and I’ll give this matchup a 30/70 rating.


Control/Fatigue Warrior + [piloted shredder] – Control warrior is the hardest matchup for this deck. Their ability to keep removing your board constantly while armorstacking is most of the times too much for you to handle. Luckily this deck seems to be completely out of meta currently.


Tech choices

Sir Finley Mrrgglton - I chose to play with this card because it creates a lot of potential. Armor up isn't very useful for Patron warrior. Hero powers that synergize the best with Patron warrior are the Mage hero power and the Warlock hero power, other hero powers that are good are the Druid hero power and the Priest hero power.


1x Frothing Berserker - I chose to only include 1 copy of this card. Berserker has crazy snowball potential but finds itself in a position where the opponent has an option to clear it or deal with it quite easily most of the time. I didn't want to rule it out since it still has gamewinning potential, but only 1 copy because it also has 'sit in your hand the entire game' potential.


2x Piloted Shredder - Recently there have been Patron Warrior decks that play Kor'kron Elite over Piloted Shredder. I tested both and my personal preference is the shredder. I would advice you to test both aswell and go with your personal preference.

Substitute cards

The cards in the current decklist are mostly optimal and in some cases hard to replace. Just because it's listed here doesn't mean that the substitute is as good as the original card. The most frequently asked substitutes are:


Grommash Hellscream - Replace with - Ragnaros the Firelord


Sir Finley Mrrgglton - Replace with - Loatheb

Deck updates since original upload

-1x Unstable Ghoul + 1x Fierce Monkey - After Testing I decided to make this switch because of the early game strength of the monkey.


I hope you liked this guide and I look forward to hearing your awesome combo stories.