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[S21 Legend] Aggro Warrior ft. dragons (Full Gu...

  • Last updated Dec 19, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • 6 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 1180
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/16/2015 (Explorers)
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HI  I'm Trimmortal, multiple times legend player from Greece. This is the decklist i used to climb from rank 5 to legend this season. It took me ~100 games.

Unfortunately i don't have stats since i don't use a tracker but this deck crushes anything that isn't paladin.
The secret and aggro paladin matchup is slightly unfavorable so don't use this deck if you face a lot of those in ladder

Since a LOT of people add me to ask for the decklist, i decided to submit the deck here. (This is my first submission.)

Legend Proof : http://i.imgur.com/zHwedsb.jpg

-------------------------------------------------Brief explanation---------------------------------------------------------

The deck works much like face shaman or face hunter although it has the possibility of adapting a more midrange playstyle. It's not correct to charge every weapon to face.  Most of the times the first weapon is used to gain board control. Going full face starts when you know you can get lethal in 2-3 turns.

Also there are only 4 dragons in the deck so Alexstrasza's Champion is often a 2/3 for 2 mana which is not bad at all. The times it does get its effect it is just way too good, but it doesn't HAVE to for this deck to work. I used to run more dragons instead of burn like Heroic Strike but it really wasn't worth it. The only dragons i run are cards that fit the deck : Faerie Dragon is a really solid 2 drop that gives some classes lots of trouble and Azure Drake helps you draw into more damage.

The first version of this deck ran Cursed Blade , Bloodsail Raider and Dread Corsair, but none of them really worked for me. Specifically Bloodsail Raider is a card you have to play out of curve to get an effect and usually it just gets removed without dealing damage.  Most of the times the correct play was to play it on turn 2 and Alexstrasza's Champion is a better option for this slot.

------------------------------------------------------------------Full Deck Guide-------------------------------------------
Card Explanations

x2 Fiery War Axe
x2 Death's Bite
x2 Arcanite Reaper
x2 Alexstrasza's Champion
x2 Faerie Dragon
x2 Azure Drake
x2 Kor'kron Elite

These cards are the core of the deck. We want to use our first weapons and alex to make favorable trades in first few turn then going face when our minions can put damage over more than one turn. Ideally  you want to play a Kok'kron Elite on a an empty enemy board or one that can't deal with it immediately. 6 weapons are necessary because we need to draw at least 2 or 3 to win the game and we don't draw more than half of our deck usually.
Faerie Dragon is really annoying for your opponent to remove. (Think Darkbomb, Frostbolt Wrath, mage hero power etc) so it usually forces your opponent to answer with a minion which is pretty good because we can clear minions easily with our weapons, while Fairie Dragon and our 3/4-drop push for more damage. For all the work it does it enables Alexstrasza's Champion if it is in your hand.

x2 Leper Gnome
x2 Southsea Deckhand
x2 Heroic Strike
x1 Sir Finley Mrrgglton
x2 Mortal Strike

With five 1-drops we have something to play on turn 1 most of the time which is really important especially when not on the coin. Southsea Deckhand is usually correct to drop on turn 1 if you have nothing else to play, even if it can get cleared by opponent's hero power you forced them to used them a coin and you gained a tempo lead.

With Sir finley you want to pick Life Tap or Steady Shot obviously. Druid's hero power works well with our weapons too.

A problem this deck faces is needing damage and topdecking it in form of weapons when we already have a weaponed equipped. So Heroic Strike Mortal Strike and Southsea Deckhand are all great to have when you need to finish your opponent off. Sometimes you will need to use them as removals versus let's say a Totem Golem but most of the times they are used to push damage to the face.

x1 Upgrade!
x1 Execute
x2 Fierce Monkey
x2 Frothing Berserker
x1 Ironbeak Owl

Upgrade is an insane card as it can be a 1-mana +5-10 damage to face versus slower decks,  When we draw only 1 or 2 weapons it works as the 3rd weapon we need to close the game. Sometimes it's correct to use it as a 1/3 versus paladin.

Execute i put later in the deck because of a great deal of decks running Deathlord You can remove this card for a 2nd Ironbeak Owl which is needed to clear the way for face versus taunts but overall i like having 1 of each for versatillity

Frothing Berserker and Fierce Monkey are to fill the 3-drop slot and they both work wonders. Fierce Monkey is better than Blackwing Technician because it usually allows you to make preferrable trades while protecting your 1 or 2 drop or even a Frothing Berserker waiting to get huge. Having taunts in aggro matchups is also really really nice.

Finally Frothing Berskerer is fine to play on curve altough if you have both him and Fierce Monkey opt for the latter. You want to drop him after you proc Death's Bite or the turn before you do to threaten huge amounts of damage. Doing 7+ damage with a frothing usually means you will win the game.
The best way to use him is before you trade your opponent's minions. (For example you have a weapon and a 2/drop and your opponent 2 minions. if you trade everything you get a 6/4 for 3 mana with potential to grow bigger)

Because of the 4 health even if your opponent removes your 3-drop it will be with something that forces them to waste their whole turn like Swipe so the tempo goes back to you.

----------------------------------------------Matchups - Mullingans----------------------------------------------------

Always keep : (Leper Gnome Sir Finley Mrrrglton, Alexstrasza's Champion, Fairie Dragon, Fiery War Axe)
Also Southsea Deckhand if you don't have other 1-drops.
Keep a 3-drop if you have a 1-drop and a 2-drop
If you are on the coin a 1-3-3 curve is also okay to keep.

Paladin  - (35/65)
Midrange/Murloc paladin are not that bad but Secret Paladin is really tough for this deck since we want good trades in the early game which is impossible when they open Shielded Minibot into Muster for Battle (which is like everytime i think). If we decide to go full face Noble Sacrifice just destroys us as it delays our lethal long enough for him to kill us. Unless you have a perfect curve keep Fierce Monkey or Death's Bite here to answer his muster.

Warlock - (80+/20-)
Great matchup versus any kind of slow warlock. Unless they open Zombie Chow there is no way for them to win the game[/card]. Fairie Dragon laughs at Darkbomb. Their Hellfire does nothing if you have a Frothing Berserker on board. If you think your opponent is Renolock you can play around Reno Jackson by trading more with weapons and keeping strong minions on the board even if it delays your lethal but most of the times it's correct to play as usual because they are not going to draw Reno every time. Zoo is not as easy but still favorable. You rarely go face and want to fight hard for board control in this matchup.
Since there are so many warlock decks stick to the general mulligan.

Priest - (60/40)
Control Priest is an easy match up as long as you play around Holy Nova and Lightbomb. Dragon can be really hard if they get 1drop into Wyrmverst Agent. You want to keep Death's Bite in this matchup if you don't have another weapon. Also if you have Fiery War Axe keep Uprade.
If you have a bad hand like [Azure Drake, Mortal Strike, Heroic Strike] keep Azure Drake and search for an Alexstrasza's Champion

Mage - (50/50)
Freeze mage you want to pressure them a a lot in early game (armoring up forever won't work but sometimes its correct to not play Sir Finley in this matchup). Swing every weapon you have to face as soon as possible. Tempo Mage is really hard if they run Mirror Image but if you Fiery War Axe their Mana Wyrm and Sorcerror's Apprentice the game swings in your favor. Keep Death's Bite if you have no other weapon or you have Fiery War Axe + 2-drop or 3-drop

Druid - (60/40)
Midrange Druid is a good matchup unless they ramp perfectly into taunts. Fairie Dragon is a beast in this matchup. Aggro druid is a bit harder especially if they get Fel Reaver. Keep Execute here for innervated threats. Also keep Heroic Strike if you have no other way to remove a Darnassus Aspirant (aka 2-drop or a weapon)

Shaman - (60+/40-)
Slow Shamans are like free wins. Aggro Shaman matchup is favored because you can outrace them plus you have a healing hero power and they have got a useless hero power when there is no Sir Finley involved. Keep Fierce Monkey and Heroic Strike if you have no weapon to answer Totem Golem.

Hunter - (60/40)
You can outrace face hunter just like versus aggro shaman. It gets tough when they get weapon + Freezings. Same applies to midrange hunter. Make smart trades in this matchup to avoid a devastating Houndmaster. Follow general mulligan.

Warrior ; (70/30)
Control Warrior is pretty easy unless they open full of removals. Swing Fiery War Axe to face in this matchup. Patron Warrior is a bit harder but still favorable. You should trade their Armorsmith most of the time because it will get them more health in the long run if you ignore it. Keep Upgrade here if you have a weapon.
3-drops are okay to keep if you have a 2-drop. 1-drops are not that important in this matchup

Rogue: - (60/40) [?]
Haven't played versus lot of those. Miracle i believe is pretty easy because you can just kill them before they do anything. Oil rogue should be harder. They have a lot of removal but don't avoid playing minions because of that . Try to force them to use their dagger to remove your board to get more damage in.

------------------------------------------------General Tips-----------------------------------------------------------------

1) This deck should trade but only when the trade favors you. (For example, Alexstrasza's Champion vs a Northshire Cleric. When you have Fairie Dragon vs Zombie Chow and no way to clear the minion go face and let them do the trade.

2) Minions should always be played before weapons on an empty board to get more damage in, even if your hand has more than 1 weapon in it. When your hand is clogged it's okay to use only one charge of a Fiery War Axe in favor of playing Arcanite Reaper sooner

3) If you have both Fiery War Axe and Death's Bite and no minions to play  it's of the few times Fiery War Axe should be used to go face.

4) You can proc Death's Bite when you desperately need a whirlwind effect by replacing it with another weapon. You can also do it to get more damage in via Frothing Berserker

5) Manipulate your life total with weapons to activate Mortal Strike

6) Count how much damage you can do over 2-3 turns every time, to set up lethal

Feel free to ask questions in the comments or add me in game (Trimmortal#2580)
Updated with guide on 19/12/2015