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Well balanced Dragon Priest

  • Last updated Dec 18, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 6580
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/12/2015 (Explorers)
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Hey guys thats my new LoE Dragon Priest List.

[ Update: Added a section for possible substitutions in case you miss cards]
[ Update, 18.12.15: I included the Deck Spotlight Video into the Descripton --> a very special thanks to Kristophesaurus for making the Video!]

UPDATE: Removed 1x Shadow Word: Death for Vol'jin and Dr. Boom for Loatheb
(Explanation: After some testing and consideration Boom most of the time got shot by BGH so we make the deck much more invulnerable to this by removing him and putting in Loatheb for even more pressure and Conrol of enemies board/hand
Vol'jin puts just more pressure on the board then Shadow Word Death - and while we have 2x Entomb, another Shadow Word and the mass AoE removal this seems to be an even more solid and aggressive option)

General Thoughts / Card Choices

I tried to find a good mixture between anti Aggro (which is dragon priests usual strength) and useful tools in Control Matchups ( 2xEntomb, Sylvanas Windrunner).

The main benefit I see in this list in comparison to earlier lists is, that via the inclusion of Entomb and Sylvanas Windrunner you are able to cut the very expensive lategame dragons like Ysera, Chromaggus / Onyxia.

I addedChillmaw again to have another boardclear tool since the meta seems to be very board heavy at the moment.

As of right now i also added Brann Bronzebeard, 1x  Blackwing Technician over 2x Dark Cultist. THe Cultists just got killed so often staying alone on the board that i got kinda tired of them - and i saw yet again that the 1 extra health from the blackwing tech makes a major difference. Bran is also a cool tool to mix up some little combos with Blackwing Corruptor or Azure Drake and still has not the worst stats for 3 mana ( But he is not an auto include and might loose his spot again)

But because of Bran the Twilight Drake is much stronger as for example Dragonkin Sorcerer. Since i cut Ysera i thought i might need another dragon and the 4-Slot was kind of empty.

Since i stacked the 6Slot with the Control Matchup Win Conditions i removedCabal Shadow Priest from my thoughtprocess and alsoShrinkmeister got subbed by the new Museum Curator as 2-Drop due to this fact.



The deck still wants to be a midrange Deck - in fact, as always when you play dragon Priest - you have to make yourself your position clear at the start of the game, when you  know what enemy you are facing.

There will be matchups where you get the control role and some matchups where you have to make sure not to grind for board control forever - so start to do damage at some point.

In general you have all the tools for the 3 roles you can sit in.

Early game minions and strong board clear to fight off aggro and then push (Hunter, Zoo etc.)
Strong boardclear in grind heavy midrange battles (for example against midrange paladin)
Lategame tools from your enemys deck in control matchups.
The Importance here is to play entomb on the right targets - thats a question of experience and general favor in my opinion - but you usually wanna remove Sylvanas Windrunner,Tirion Fordring, Ysera and stuff from this category.
In midrange battles it can be totally worth to sometimes even entomb a midrange creature from the enemy board to remain board control and gain tempo( say you already have a board and your enemy plays Sludge Belcher - maybe remove him and push for damage if this gap opens for you.


General Mulligans

You always wanna seach for your early game minions(Twilight Whelp, Northshire Cleric, Wyrmrest Agent, Museum Curator, Blackwing Technician - and if you can for another Dragon to set up Synergy. Power Word: Shield is also really good. 

IN some matchups i would totally hold Velens Chosen - for example in Priest mirror especially if you have the coin and a 1-drop.

Make sure that you usually can get some value from Northshire Cleric if you dont face absolute pure aggro (like face hunter or Shaman where you need the minion immiedatly to fight for board)



The deck seems very strong against decks which fight for board (especially paladin and Midrange Hunter (since you can remove/steal their Savannah Highmane pretty easily) also against the Druids you have a general favorable matchup.
I'd say you are also favored against Casino/ Tempo Mage

Zoo can be either pain in the ass or heavily favored for you - this depends on your both sides draw. Different from my first impressions im winning every game vs Reno Warlocks lately. A well placed Loatheb turn can really throw them offguard and help you push for cruel damage. SInce their removals and options are highly limited try always to stay ahead on the board. The only really Scary card ive seen is Twisting Nether in some of this decks.

Face Shaman, Freeze Mage and Malylock can be very hard to win.

The other matchups seems almost even. Via Inclusion of Entomb you are also slightly favored vs the new Zetatot Priest since you have more board presence. Also against Control Warrior your Percentages highly increased since they have quite some unuseful cards against you.

Substitution Section

In case you miss some of the cards here are some easy advices for Subbing them:

Vol'jin --> while very strong as tempo play, hes a premium removal in the first place - so just put in another shadow Word: Death again.

Chillmaw: here you have like 2 options depending on what you want: either put in another lightbomb for board control or put in an Endgame dragon - id sayChromaggus orYsera

Sylvanas Windrunner: Can easily subbed by Cabal Shadow Priest - taking the same deck slot but less reliable as steal option, while more tempo play at the same time.

Brann Bronzebeard: Feel free to remove him if you think hes not enough value in your opinion and just put in another 3-drop.Eydis Darkbane is a cool option, Blackwing Technician is the option for most stats and Dark Cultist is the more classic option. --> But Remember: If you remove Brann Bronzebeard your Twilight Drake gets a little weaker(but still a solid option).

Some other considerations

Museum Curator looks really strong as of right now - i get like either Sylvanas, Chillmaw or something like a Sludge Belcher everytime - and thats huge! If you find place you can add another Curator - hes really good and also cheap to be comboed with Brann.

Ysera and Dr. Boom: As explained at the start our goal was to remove this expensive minions for cheaper hands and more options to play with. But you can add them like all the time if you feel you need to. Remember Dr. Boom is the only BGH target and that makes him very vulnerable. I have more success by playing Loatheb these days.

If you wanna play around with some tech heavy 2-Drops try out Acidic Swamp Ooze and Crazed Alchemist ( I especially loved this guy vs Freeze mage - removing Doomsayer for free).

Good Luck on the ladder guys
If you have any questions or sth. feel free to leave a comment 

and if you like the deck feel free to give me a +1 :)

Best of luck