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Buzzword Shaman (LOE Overload Scarab Battlecry ...

  • Last updated Jan 23, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 4620
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/12/2015 (Explorers)
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So, I tried running an overload Shaman, but I was missing some cards. I noticed that a lot of the good shaman cards I already put in my deck had one thing in common...

And I noticed something else. A lot of the great Shaman overload cards have another thing in common:

And wait... Look at the other Shaman 3 drops:

So... Shaman 3 drops are mostly either awesome or situational, with a few just being eh, and none of them really being bad. So... situational... Three drops. I know! What if there was a card that could let me discover a 3-drop? Then, I could pick Lightning Storm or Elemental Destruction against swarmy decks, Healing Wave against smorcy shit, Hex or Mana Tide Totem against control, Tuskarr Totemic when I want to double a battlecry, Powermace when I'm holding a Piloted Shredder... Oh shit.

Jeweled Scarab.

Wait. Jeweled Scarab has a battlecry. I have a lot of those in my Shaman deck. I wonder if...

Oh shit. All but one of the battlecry minions I was already playing can be doubled to good effect. I'd be stupid not to run Brann Bronzebeard. And hey, while I'm at it, I might as well throw in a Rumbling Elemental. And a Kezan Mystic is already borderline tech -- now it can steal two secrets (hello Secret Paladin), or trigger Rumbling Elemental.

Welcome to the Buzzword Shaman: LoE Overload Battlecry Scarab Control Midgrange Tempo whateverthefuckyouwant.

Since when was Shaman this good?

This deck has served me really well so far. It plays like a midrange or tempo deck depending on your draws (tempo early with the Trogg/Golem opener), but can be modified to be more controlling, to crush aggro, or what have you, with the use of Jeweled Scarab. So on top of everything, the deck is flexible. And you know what? It even gets past Shaman's drawing weakness -- Brann doubles up your Scarabs and Drakes, you have Thalnos, you occasionally wind up with a Mana Tide Totem through discover or TT... It works out. Of course, you can modify it as you please to be more controllish or more tempoey, but this is working for me so far, so I thought I'd share.


Keep in mind that Shaman removal is particularly flexible. Bloodmage Thalnos is completely unnecessary here (I don't even own him). Rockbiter Weapon, Earth Shock, Crackle, Frost Shock, Lightning Bolt and even Stormforged Axe all kind of fill the same space. I'm favoring Earth Shock partly for aggro, partly for taunts, partly for eggs, and partly because Earth Shock + Azure Drake + Spell Power Totem totally neutralizes Piloted Shredder.

Mulligan Guide



vs. Aggro

Keep earth shocks, lightning storm, healing wave (especially against spell-based aggro), and small minions. Scarab is okay if you don't have lightning storm and feel like you're going to need AoE desperately. Stormforged Axe is good if you're running it. Tuskarr Totemic might  be good, because he can give you Stoneclaw Totem or Vitality Totem.

vs. Midrange/Control

Keep Trogg/Golem and try to curve out well. Tuskarr is probably your best 3-drop, but you obviously can't play it after Golem unless you coin it out. Trogg - Golem - Golem - TT is probably your best bet. Trogg - Golem - Scarab - Shredder might come out very nicely too. Later on in the game, use your removal and silence to keep up on tempo and try to win before they hit their stride.

vs. Warlocks

Silences/hard removal are good for handlock, early minions/good tempo is good against renolock, and aoe is necessary for zoo. Which one are you up against? I have no idea. There are ways to guess based on how many cards they mulligan, but I do not really know how that works.

vs. Mages

Kezan is fine, even though it costs 4 mana. Stealing a mage secret is like a 6 mana swing, plus a 3 mana body? Yeah, you keep that in your opening hand.


(One final note: if you really want to have some fun, and have a spare copy of The Mistcaller lying around... it's supposedly not very good, but that might change if you double its stat bonus the moment you summon it).