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(S21 TOP 5 Legend)Entomb Priest Kolento version

  • Last updated Dec 24, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3720
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/6/2015 (Explorers)
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Zetalot's Entomb priest, got rank 5 legend. Gl Hf

Update 12/7 - Zetalot was messing around with the deck like replacing Sludge Belcher with Zombie Chow for early game, putting in Velen's Chosen or taking out Thoughtsteal for Holy Champion and in the end it was all preference.

Update 12/8 - Zetalot puts in Zombie Chow and Light of Naaru for both Sludge Belcher

Update 12/9 - Replaces Shrinkmeister and Cabal Shadow Priest for 2 Sludge Belcher because they weren't getting enough value and lacked some mid/late game creatures.

Update 12/10 - Replaces both Thoughtsteal for Cabal Shadow Priest and Shrinkmeister along with light of naaru for Acidic Swamp Ooze

Update 12/16 - Started playing dragon priest. Feelsbadman

Sorry for any grammar, vocab mistakes, or my generally shitty writing

*Watching Zetalot will help the most in my opinion, but a lot of other streamers also stream a different variance of the deck

 Happy Christmas Eve, just doing another update. This deck worked really well for me i know Kolento got top 30 but don' t know the highest rank. Anyways good lucky have fun the guide still works.


Hey guys i’m a 5 times legend hearthstone player and i have been really looking for a top tier priest deck and when i saw this new card Entomb, basically a Recycle but puts it in your deck, i knew there was going to be one. Although like every other priest deck, it isn’t the most consistent with the addition of Entomb you do get a little more consistency than before.Why Entomb is so good is pretty self explanatory. It takes thier big minion and lets you play them, It takes Convert and Shadow word death/pain to make a card which can swing the games around. It's a perfect counter to cards like Sylvanas Windrunner, Tirion Fordring, and even Ysera which don’t have a death rattle. It basically gives priest some more removals because lightbombs, Holy Nova, and shadow words were not enough to make Control Priest good.



Druid- Northshire Cleric, Zombie Chow, Wild Pyromancer, Museum CuratorDeathlord,Injured Blademaster, (power word: Shield if you have a minion to use it on), Auchenai Soulpriest and Circle of Healing(half the times) One of the best cards in this matchup is Injured Blademaster because druid usually have no removal for a 4/7, You can get some value trade with it and constantly heal it up for more.

Hunter- Northshire Cleric, Zombie Chow, Wild Pyromancer, Museum Curator, DEATHLORD, DEATHLORD and DEATHLORD. You are pretty much guaranteed late game with Entomb on his savanna highmane and your 4 heal per turn. Deathlords are key in getting you past that harsh early and mid game.  Don’t be afraid to use Flash Heal or light of naaru on it.  

Mage- Thoughtsteal, Deathlord, Injured Blademaster, Sludge Belcher, Museum Curator. Against freeze mage you just want to constantly heal your face to 30 and not over play your board to Flamestrike or Doomsayer combo. Try to Cabal Shadow Priest [/card]their scientists. Always have answer to [card]archmage antonidas and don't’ be afraid to Lightbomb just clearing his Alexstrasza or one big minion. Your win condition is fatigue or killing them from board (happens rarely). Use Museum Curator to pick big late game cards that they have to use their damage to deal with.

Northshire Cleric, Zombie Chow, Wild Pyromancer, Museum Curator, Deathlord,  Against Tempo mage or Aggro, you want to clear board early with your minions and mid/late game you will have Holy nova, lightbomb, and such to clear their board up.

Paladin- Northshire Cleric, Zombie Chow, Wild Pyromancer, Museum Curator, Deathlord, Injured Blademaster. Needless to say Wild Pyromancer is very important in clearing up those pesky 1/1 before turn 5 or so. *If you Lightbomb and they have Redemption up, it will revive the minion played first. Against Midrange you want to clear his early game up with Holy Nova or pyro and when he gets to mid/late game get ready to deal with Muster for Battle, Quartermaster combo and such. *Make sure to Entomb his Tirion Fordring Against Murloc Otk, Entomb hisOld Murk eye so he doesn’t get it when he plays Anyfin Can Happen he misses out on most of his damage. Don’t play it either because Anyfin Can Happen also spawns enemy murlocs.

Priest- Northshire Cleric, Zombie Chow, Museum Curator, Deathlord, Injured Blademaster Auchenai Soulpriest Thoughtsteal. In this match up, like all other control match up, Thoughtsteal is your best friend. It gives a you a big card advantage and lets you know what you are up against. Against dragon priest you mainly want to make board advantage your primary goal. If you manage to do that it is a easy game, Auchenai and circle will clear up most boards and just always have entomb ready for Ysera or a big dragon. Against control priest, it is similar to dragon priest but board control isn't as important since both decks won't have that many minions to put out. What is important in this match up is not drawing cards, 9 out of 10 games this match up goes to fatigue so drawing cards with Northshire Cleric may give an advantage in the early game that will matter a lot in the late game when fatigue hits. Make sure to Entomb their golden monkey if they are playing Elise starseeker.

Rogue- Northshire Cleric, Zombie Chow, Wild Pyromancer, Museum Curator, Deathlord, Injured Blademaster. This match up is also mostly board clear, sure they can have burst but they can't otk you with out minions on board, You also want to heal face to 30 as much as possible. What does trouble you is assassin's blade but you should be fine with taunts. With the new tomb pillager, people are playing miralce rogue which you have to keep a light bomb since they might use conceal to hide their 12/ 4 or something.

Shaman- Northshire Cleric, Zombie Chow, Wild Pyromancer, Museum Curator, Deathlord, Injured Blademaster. Aggro shaman, the new cancer, is mostly like hunter but with more burst. You want to keep Deathlords like you do with hunters because they don't run Hex so they have to deal the full 8 damage, when they do Earth Shock  try and Velen's Chosen because they wont' have a second one to deal with. Death is pretty useless in the match up so if you can death anything go for it.

Warlock- Northshire Cleric, Zombie Chow, Wild Pyromancer, Museum Curator, Deathlord, Injured Blademaster, Thoughtsteal Shadow Word: Death Lightbomb. If you are against zoo, its all about board clear. One good value Lightbomb or Holy Nova will blow them out of the game. your death lord will get a lot of value trading away with all their little pesky minions. Handlock on the other hand is a very difficult match up, you are going to have a hard time dealing with all their giants and big minions since non of your minions can handle them, the best card against them is Lightbomb but still Twilight Drake survives it. All you can do is keep on clearing their minions and hopefully win in fatigue (which is very hard with them being jaraxxus) or burst them down with Auchenai Soulpriest and all the heal combo.

Warrior- Northshire Cleric, Zombie Chow, Wild Pyromancer, Museum Curator, Deathlord, Injured Blademaster, Thoughtsteal This match up is like control priest but in my opinion a little bit harder since they will have more health when fatigue hits and their weapons can trade very efficiently. Once again if any card, Thoughtsteal will be the one to save you. picking up a weapon is very good along with any of their big minions. Make sure to watch your card count in this match up also.


Tech Card Choices

Sure you can't chose who your up against but if your anything like me, there are days when you get only paired against control warrior or face hunter just screwing you over. So for those days you might wanna switch a card or two out. 

Against aggro - Velen's chosen > thought steal. the 4 health on the minion will allow you to make a trade or two more which will be a big help. Excavated Evil is anther big card that helps a lot. A hell fire that doesn't damage your face and gives the opponent a dead draw for only 1 more mana is simply amazing against aggro. Some people say shadow madness but i personally think it is way too slow even with the value trade you get.

Against Contorl/late - You love Thoughtsteal in this match up since it will save your ass. the card advantage makes such a big difference. You can switch out a velen's chosen or Zombie chow for ysera, Confessor or any big late game minion which can help you out too.

Ooze or Harrison - Sure is good against all weapon class. It saves you so much against assassin's blade, Light bringer or even just a true silver on it's last charge.

Tips and tricks

*While playing against aggro don’t be afraid to use a spell with pyro even if you don’t get the full value of the spell, It's not about the value game only surviving.

* for Museum Curator it is very important to chose the right minion, Don't get greedy with your picks if you see like a Sneed's old shredder or Chillmaw. Only go for those if you against Control decks. Against aggro you want more early game presence, like a small minion that can make value trades for example Dark cultist or most 3-5 drops. 

Most people are asking for card replacement but it is honestly very very hard to replace any of these cards, Justicar for example is almost irreplaceable because that 4 heal per turn makes such a big difference, and Holy Nova is nowhere near good as Lightbomb. So sorry to say but most cards are just irreplaceable unless they are tech choices.

Since a lot of you guys want a deck list with the new legendary in it i have found one that sjow uses and i have gotten a pretty good w/l record with it so here it is. 

Circle x2, Light of naaru, power word shield x2, North shire x2, zombie chow x2, curator x2, pyromancer x2, death, velen's chosen, deathlord x2, blademaster x2, soul priest x2, elise starseeker, lightbomb x2, sludge x2, holy nova, cabal shadow priest, justicar

Tell me in the comments below if i missed anything

Thanks for reading and i'll make sure to update it if i find anything new. :) and a +1 deck rating would really help me out because i wanna get over 1000 just for the lolz.