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1st DAY LEGEND Egg Druid V10

  • Last updated Dec 8, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 820
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 12/2/2015 (Explorers)
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This is my egg druid deck that i used to get to #2 legend on the 1st day of the season on 01/12/15.

*** Edit: I have taken out Piloted Shredder for Finley because he is OP, will add information about how he fits in the deck and how to use him ASAP.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton is an extremely strong addition to the deck. Having an extra 1 mana minion is useful but the versatility of him is what makes him great in the deck. Ideally, you would like to get the paladin or shaman hero power to create more minions to interact with the buffs in your deck. However if you are low on cards, or can see you will run out soon (for example having lots of 1 drops and innervate) then life tap is incredibly useful to draw into more options. However there are some occasions where you may need a different hero power.

Here is me achieveing #2 legend - http://imgur.com/Qtl7LRj

I have also tried to make a quick video guide - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nna6nh_DU3M

I've been playing egg druid for quite a few months and have climbed to legend with it for the past few seasons. I am constantly making slight changes but i think this list is the smoothest so far.

I will try to explain how i play the deck in this guide, however i think the deck take practice to understand it inside out.

Basically the idea of the deck is that you have a lot of cheap sticky minions, which you then buff and trade favourably to win board control, and get insane value out of Soul of the Forest , Power of the Wild and of course Savage Roar!

Mulligan - You want your early minions like Dragon Egg, Living Roots, Haunted Creeper, Nerubian Egg and Echoing Ooze. However Innervate i really useful as well as it can help to get and early advantage. I often keep Abusive Sergeant or Mark of the Wild if i already have a cheap minion to use them on. If you have a couple of cheap minions in hand then i would sometims keep Power of the Wild as this can help you to gain board control ASAP. In short, anything that would be a great topdeck when you have board control, get rid of!


Play Style - Unfortunately when you are playing egg druid face is not the place! You want to make favourable trades whenever possibleto maintain board control. Dragon Egg is a very strong card when used correctly, you want to get as many 2/1's out of it as possible. There are a lot of potential combos in the deck, using Mark of the Wild on Echoing Ooze is obviously really strong, it is also strong when used on Dragon Egg, Whereas Abusive Sergeant works a lot better with Nerubian Egg. This is because you effectively want the Nerubian Egg to die, but the Dragon Egg to survive.


Jeevesis a legend. If you have him in hand then feel free to throw everything out of your hand, even if you aren't going to get amazing value out of it. Also feel free to use Savage Roar on turn 3/4 to trade up against enemy minions, even though it is great for getting a surprise lethal later in the game, it is amazing for trading your cheap minions into their stronger ones.

Match Ups - Egg druid works well against other aggressive decks such as face hunter, aggro paladin, mech mage and zoo. This is because you can deny them the early coard control which they need to do damage. Rogue is probably the most difficult matchup because of their endless amount of removal, however handlock is also an issue.

Handlock - In this matchup savage roar is the most important card, this is the only matchup where i would keep Savage Roar in my opening hand. You want your early minions as usual but if you do not draw Savage Roar you cannot afford to play around Molten Giant. However if you do have it, then make your board as sticky as possible while leaving them around 15hp before using Savage Roar to get lethal.

Secret Paladin - This is a good matchup. Using Mark of the Wild on Dragon Egg is insanely strong in this match up because unless they have Ironbeak Owl they struggle to deal with it early on. This matchup is won in the first 4 turns, you want to gain a big board advantage before turn 6 so when they play Mysterious Challenger it is essentially useless. You can do this by playing your cheap minions and buffing them to trade into Shielded Minibot etc. Alsotry to play around consecrate but sometimes you have to can't afford to and have to just pray they don't have it.

Control Warrior - This matchup is better than you might think, as strong as the card is, Fiery War Axe is not very useful against eggs and Living Roots. They also have no early minions to contest yours so it is fairly easy to build up a board, then all you need to do is use your buffs to play around the Deaths bite aoe effect, and Soul of the Forest is fantastic against Brawl

Face hunter - You can often use Explosive Trap to pop your Nerubian Egg. They will often do a fair bit of damage to you but it is fairly easy to get board control against them. Knife Juggler with Unleash the Hounds is the main issue, try to play around it by not leaving too many 1 health minions on the board.

Freeze mage - Always keep the keeper! Keeper of the Grove and Soul of the Forest are very strong against freee mage, as even with their aoe effects your deathrattles do wonders, you are on a bit of a timer with this matchup though, it is very easy to build up the board but Power of the Wild and Savage Roar can give you th damage you need to kill them quickly.

Combo druid - This is usually a favoured matchup. Killing the Darnassus Aspirant is very important. Ideally you would like to coin out Haunted Creeper and then use Mark of the Wild on it to kill it and gain board presence. Swipe is the only aoe they have, so using Power of the Wild and Defender of Argus you can increase your 1hp minions to 2hp to render Swipe useless.

Zoolock - Neither you nor them have any form of aoe, so favourably trading is essential. Both you and them want to buff your cheap minions to gain a board advantage so you must killed their minions at all times, sometimes i even pop their Nerubian Egg and trade into the nerubian, because they would use something like Power Overwhelming or Abusive Sergeant to pop it anyway. Also trading a 3/2 minion into a 1-1 minions seems bad, but it is definitely worth it.


Possible Replacements - I have tried almost every card you could imagine and i think egg druid is a very flexible list, and everyone will have their own preferences as to which cards to change, currently i am planning on taking out the shredder for an upcoming card.

Loatheb can be a good addition because when you have board control it can stop the enemy clearing your board, if you are in a race against aggressive decks like Face Hunter or Tempo Mage it is very useful as well because it delay them for a turn to give you a chance to find lethal yourself.

Sea Giant is obviously very effective in decks which involve flooding the board, and sometimes it can be amazing! However i found that it would often still cost around 5 mana and sit in my hand way too often, slowing me down and denying me draws from Jeeves. It can also allow the enemy to use single target removal such as Shadow word death which usually they would get no use out of against egg druid.

Enhanco Mechano is really funny in this deck and i used it for a long time, however giving your 0-2 eggs divine shield is pretty useless and it just wasn't reliable enough to stick in the deck.

Gormok the Impaler similar to mechano, was sometimes really good, but too often i would just have to play him as a 4-4 minion.


A Few Tips! - Against aggro decks it is really effective to Taunt Jeeves, this is because you get the draw from him on your turn, but it forces them to kill him so they are not going to benefit from his card draw effect.

- Using Soul of the Forest before or after you pop your Deathrattles such as Haunted Creeper and Nerubian Egg is often an important decision. If you are wary of aoe and want to make you board as hard to remove as possible, then it is useful to use Soul of the Forest AFTER you have popped the deathrattles. However if you need to be aggressive and are racing to kill them, then using Soul of the Forest before you pop the Deathrattles will have a more immediate effect.


 Here is a link to my stream - http://www.twitch.tv/j4ckiechan

 Failcraft have also created a guide for my deck feel free to check it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_aRd8dJzWg