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[LoE|Legend] JJ's Reno Highlander 1.3

  • Last updated Dec 18, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 8700
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/14/2015 (Explorers)
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There will be a 2.0 version soon, just didn't have the time to play much atm.

I think i will post it after X-Mas and then we can go Legend with it in Season #1 2016!!

Wish you all happy holidays :-)


If you have any questions or ideas how to improve the deck please leave a comment below, i'll try to answer each of them. If you have fun and/or success with it climbing the ladder, hit the "+" button. Thanks!!

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  1. Introduction
  2. FAQ
  3. Changes
  4. How to play
  5. Card choices
  6. Replacements



I'm JJ, a german Hearthstone player. I made Legend nearly every season and mostly with my own builds. After the new cards were announced and i saw Reno Jackson i knew i needed to build a deck around it. I love highlander decks (only 1 copy of each card) from Magic the Gathering so this is just perfect. Mage is my favorite class so i started to try different builds and came up with this beauty <3.

This deck is alot of fun and still very competitive. It feels like you never run out of gas and have an answer to everything.

I played the deck from rank 5 to legend. At rank 3 i had a hard time but then it was very easy. My last 30 games went 22-8, so ~73% winrate. Overall it was something between 62-65%.





Why only 1 copy of each card?

  • At the beginning i tried to run a 2nd copy of Mad Scientist, Ice Block and/or Duplicate. But after i lost some games with Reno Jackson in hand and still 2 copies of the same card in the deck (could'nt heal up), i changed it to 1 copy each.
  • You can swap out cards that are not needed to make the deck work (Water Elemental, Abomination, etc.) against the current meta. That way you make these matchups better without losing much power against the others.
  • It's a Highlander Deck!!

Will you add Brann Bronzebeard?

  • Yes i did! :-)

How to play:


(If you think different about a matchup or that i forgot one, let me know)



Card choices:


  1. Zombie Chow: Great against aggro and midrange to buy the needed time for getting into the late game.
  2. Flamecannon: Good early removal to get rid of Knife Juggler, Darnassus Aspirant, Mana Wyrm, etc. and also good in the late game.
  3. Frostbolt: Same as Flamecannon with a sometimes needed freeze effect.
  4. Doomsayer: It's a good mass removal and what makes it even better is that after clearing the board you are first to play new stuff. You can play it in the first turns to buy time or later in the game in combination with Frost Nova and Blizzard to clear the board. Don't play it if you're on low life if you think your opponent plays Dr. Boom, it might kill you even with an active Ice Block on your turn.
  5. Explosive Sheep: Cheap board clear (ping it with your hero power). Against Tempo Mage you can save it until he has an active secret, if it's Mirror Entity you'll get an easy board clear. Same goes for Doomsayer
  6. Jeweled Scarab: At first i thought it's only ok but now i really love it. Playing 2-drop into 3-drop is just good and you can pick the card which is best for the matchup. Sometimes you'll get Forgotten Torch, don't play it if you already played one copy of it!!! Then you will have 2 copies of Roaring Torch in your deck and Reno Jackson won't heal you. The chance you'll get a mage card is 4 times higher, so alot of times you'll get an additional secret out of it.
  7. Mad Scientist: One of the best 2-drops. You can trade with early creatures and get Duplicate or Ice Block from it.
  8. Arcane Intellect: Card draw is never bad!
  9. Duplicate: I think i don't need to say much about this card. Great with Emperor Thaurissan, Reno Jackson, Sludge Belcher, Sylvanas Windrunner, and so on. It's very flexible, so you can duplicate the cards you need most depending on the matchup.
  10. Forgotten Torch: It's a good removal which sometimes wins you long games that go to fatigue
  11. Brann Bronzebeard: Got some great synergies with Jeweled Scarab, Ethereal Conjurer, Antique Healbot, Dr. Boom to generate alot card advantage and is a must removal for the opponent. Try to make it cheaper with Emperor Thaurissan to play it with 2 battlecry cards in 1 turn.
  12. Frost Nova: Great card to stall the game. Very good with Doomsayer and Archmage Antonidas.
  13. Ice Block: Sometimes you just get bursted or let the opponent burst you down. It grants you an extra turn were you can heal up with Reno Jackson, Antique Healbot or Alexstrasza and get back the board control.
  14. Big Game Hunter: Perfect removal against Dr. Boom and every 7+ power creature. Great against Handlock (you want to Duplicate it against them).
  15. Echo of Medivh: Another very flexible card. Great with Molten Giant, Reno Jackson and the cards that are good in specific matchups.
  16. Polymorph: Much needed removal against cards like Ysera, Archmage AntonidasTirion Fordring etc.
  17. Piloted Shredder: Best 4-drop in the game!
  18. Flame Lance: I thought you'll need an additional removal for big creatures and until now it was never bad.
  19. Antique Healbot: Heal for 8 and a 3/3 body, deal! Much needed card against Hunter and all the other Aggro-Decks.
  20. Ethereal Conjurer: Great cards in control matchups. Finds Mage spells 4 times more often. That way you might get a 2nd copy of Ice Block or Duplicate

  21. Sludge Belcher: Really good to stall the game and great with Duplicate.
  22. Blizzard: Sometimes you just need mass removal.
  23. Emperor Thaurissan: This card is just great. Good with Archmage Antonidas, Duplicate, Echo of Midvh or just to get alot of extra mana.
  24. Reno Jackson: I really want to see the faces of the hunter players who try to burst you down and on <10 life you heal up to 30 :-). Had 1 match were i healed up from low to full life 4 times!! Insane card and reason i build this deck!
  25. Sylvanas Windrunner: If you have played against it you know how stupid it is. Great to Duplicate. Sometimes you can kill it with 1 of your spells to instant steal something like Ysera, Tirion Fordring.
  26. Flamestrike: Sometimes you just need mass removal #2 :-).
  27. Archmage Antonidas: Good finisher. The opponent needs to remove it asap or you'll win the game most of the time.
  28. Dr. Boom: Still not nerfed, so we play it too. Another sick card that can turn the game to your favor.
  29. Alexstrasza: You can use it to heal up to 15 or to burst the opponent down. Most of the time you'll heal yourself.
  30. Molten Giant: It's great in combination with Echo of Medivh and Antique Healbot or Reno Jackson after you got bursted down. Lets you regain Boardcontrol for 0 mana or pressure the opponent!