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Top100Eu Loyan's Scarab Control Shaman

  • Last updated Nov 17, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 8240
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/13/2015 (Explorers)
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www.twitter.com/Loyantv <- sometimes posting decks there

Hey! It's me Loyan the biggest hearthstone masochist and I'm back with some new shaman archeotype which I had a lot of success at the ladder lately.

WARNING This topic is made by polish young scrob so be aware of english grama mistakes which can cause blindness. He propably made couple of them already, dont be harsh. Thanks.

Stats : http://imgur.com/H1AbfMc Deck + Highest Rank : http://imgur.com/HAwvViU

So I had this deck idea for a long time and with newest adventure I could complete it. I've never been a fan of control shaman, always was missing some cool 3drop and scarab changed it. It does fit my concept so I gave it a shot and it worked!

Scarab is just really cool card for shaman. We got hex, healing wave and aoes which costs 3. Also you can get bgh, acolyte just many solid cards. Don't forget that with newest wing we will get Brann Bronzebeard which just makes it even better.

First version of this deck had eggs instead of doomsayers which wasn't that bad idea. Set up eggs for ED/Volcanic turn, sounds cool right? Sadly agrro was owning me most of the time due to really bad early game. Putting doomsayers was perfect and there is not a single, better card for that. Making good trades is the key to win in heartstone and he allows you to do that, plus he's killing some units. The other cool thing about this deck is Ed/Volcanic Drake combo. With full wipeboard you are able to put 2x 6/4 units which is really strong. Overall the idea of this deck is to control game to the late game and just mill your opponent, atleast most of the time.

Took me some time understanding/learning all match-ups but thats everything I know.


75% winrate is really good but honestly It wouldn't be that high against great players knowing how to play this match-up perfectly. This match-up is going for deathrattle nearly always so you don't want to play azure drakes as long you have to. If you put too much on the board it will get brawled so think before you click this 2mana golden totem! Keep hex, scarab, doomsayer and twilight plus remember not to pick some draw thing from scarab, obviously. Don't heal up before alexstrasza as long he has lethal.


Haven't played that much against him but I'm nearly sure that it's slighty favoured for shaman. 4 taunts, 4aoes, 2heals hexes and loatheb, it just has to go for shaman as long rogue doesn't run assasin blade which is obviously OP against you. Keep Doomsayers, Hex against teacher, Ed and Loatheb. No special tacticts here to win this match-up


Not many priestes on the ladder but this deck just destroys them. They can't stack up to 60hp like warriors and looking that this is going to deathrattle it puts you in better spot. I should rather tell you how not to throw the game and it's ysera. He will cabal it and you are fucked. Try to bait it with sludges and you will be fine. And count cards! Don't play azure drakes when you don't have to. Muligan is simple: Earthshock against cleric because you still can't allow him to draw 10cards early. Hex, Ed, Doomsayer plus Twilight, Scarab


Tempo mage is favoured for shaman. The only secret play is to doomsayer his miror entity and remember to keep hex against antonidas when you can. Keep doomsayer, ed, scarab, hex and twilight. Freeze is 50/50 I would say, mostly comes down to joust on healing wave plus remember than you can have 4 of them if you're lucky.


So this deck has problem with secret paladin. Creepers, Shreders and Shielded Minibot are sticky and you got problems dealing with them. Got somehow 50/50 but it should be lower. Lets surprise you with muligan: doomsayer, scarab, storm, ed, twilight(coin) ed and earthshock.

Midrange is way easier and it's really hard loosing to it. 4wipeboards hurt him too much, winning at 20cards deep most of the time. No special tacticts and muligan is the same.


Agrro one is a good match-up and doomsayer is most of the time enough. Don't forget about fel-rever at 5th turn and you will be good. Doomsayer, Hex, Storm, Ed, Twilight, Scarab

Midrange is bad and wild growth is enough to lose you the game. Healing waves are akward and it's really hard to build good board. He can burst you really easly so you live till he goes for Loatheb. Muligan is the same, just minus storm.


Slow warlock is bad for shaman because he can easly go jaraxus and just own you with him so keep some presure all the time and don't make greedy doomsayers plays if you don't have to. Don't attack face due to moltens and just mill him. Reno is easy and as you could guess muligan is the same. Scarab, Earthshock, Hex, Doomsayer, Ed, Twilight

Finally Shaman

Favoured for you badly. 4 wipeboard, the same as paladin but shaman is propably scarier because of burst potencial. No secret plays, just play ed and win from that point. Doomsayer, Earthshock, Ed, Storm, Twilight, Scarab


Nothing hard, just play around traps. Agrro one is unwinable without healing wave so keep it plus you can't be greedy with Ed (turn5) is just too late. Doomsayer, Twilight, Earthshock, Storm, Scarab The same muligan goes for midrange plus you just keep hex. It's also way easier to win because it's way slower and gives you more time to make great combos.


Overall does really well against them and as long it's not warlock and jaraxus you will win it.

Not fan of changing cards in decks so don't ask me, will not answer! but I will answer every other question, plus criticism is great!

Hope it wasn't the worst guide you've seen and it will help someone. Tried to make it the smallest guide ever, did put what you need to know.


www.twitch.tv/11point5ft - not many shamans alive but you can follow me to keep the shaman alive and my stream overall BibleThump www.twitter.com/Loyantv

Shout Out for MoreGamesThanSega because he gave me idea of scarabs and to every little happy reader after this long post.

Enjoy laddering!