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[S20] LEGEND EU- Fatigue KING

  • Last updated Nov 21, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 10 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • 5 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 4760
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 11/13/2015 (Explorers)
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Fatigue warrior has become top tier after LOE.

If you like being in control of a situation, having an answer for everything and watching your opponent suffer, this is the deck you want to master. The journey will not be easy because it is a very difficult deck to play, however once you do, it will be very satisfying : ).

I have always played fatigue warrior on ladder and the farthest I have gone using only fatigue warrior deck was rank 1 on ladder. But after the introduction of new LOE cards , I have finally made legend with it : ) The last push on rank 1 was with an insane win streak, and the only real card added was Reno Jackson. This card is unreal in fatigue warrior, you can even control the amount of life you heal, it pushed fatigue warrior into a top tier deck.

For those who are familiar with fatigue warrior, you originally had one win condition which is to win the game by killing all your opponents threats in the most efficient way, while preserving your own card draw. This deck has a good match up against all decks except paladins. With the introduction of Reno Jackson you now have a strengthened existing win condition.

If you are familiar with playing fatigue warrior, it is very easy to draw through your whole deck and go into fatigue. Reno Jackson will give you a full heal when you are almost exhausted, providing this deck with a more favourable matchup against secret paladin's which is its main weakness.

Also I don't have a deck tracker because I am using my macbook to play, so there aren't any stats to come with it.

For a full guide please upvote this deck.
If you want to practice warrior mirror matches feel free to add me in game.
Also you really have to play this deck, killing everything the secret paladin's can throw at you and then make them die to fatigue damage, and being able to do that consistently is the best feeling ever : )

Short guide:

First let's talk about the win condition, with this deck your only win condition is fatigue. Do not think about attacking face, or bringing down the health of your opposite player because that does not matter, as long as you can kill all it's big threats, you will win the game.

However this is harder to do than it seems. If you want to become a legend with an aggro deck, you will need to calculate every single point of damage because if you do not you will often miss lethal by 1 or 2 dmg, and this small difference of damage is key, it is the difference between rank 5 and a legend player. The opposite thought process applies to this deck. When you are playing with this deck your goal is fatigue, and during your road towards fatigue you will need to take the least damage possible in the most efficient way. 

You will really need to think it through whether or not it is worth it to remove a minion or not. Every turn your options as a player are :
1. Remove a minion
2. Armor up and tank the damage (even though you can remove it)
3. Set up for a future turn.

Pitfalls most players fall into , is that once they have removed the first minion , most of the time you will get into some kind of mode where you automatically remove the next minion they play even though this minion is not threatening at all. You need to think whether or not it is worth it to remove it. Will it prevent you more damage or is the damage negligible?

Do not forget that with armor up, one 3 attack minion will only damage you 1 hp per turn. So every turn you do not armor up can be considered as taking 2 extra face damage even though you removed their threat. This is something that requires practice and a lot of consideration in every single game you play in order to master this deck.


Justicar trueheart, Death's bite, Bouncing blade, brawl

Revenge, Death's bite, Bash, War Axe, Brawl, Deathlord

I myself almost always start with a brawl in my hand.

Some cards in this deck can be replaced, replacing them will not affect the deck in a large way, these replacements can be made to make the deck suit more with your own play style.

Acidic swamp ooze - This card is only in this deck to remove the ash bringer of paladin's, replacing it with an owl could be more versatile, however you should still save it for the threat that gives you the most damage over time.

Bouncing blade- I absolute love this card, because I always get tons of value with it, in combination with death's bite and revenge. I use it as a as setup for a full board clear without using brawl most of the time. However Crush or BGH can serve the same purpose.

Antique healbot - This card can be replaced by any card you want to make your life easier. During my ranking process I was mostly matched up against aggro decks, so it was really one of the mvp's. However you can change it depending on your playstyle. You can change it for a Grommash to make your life against handlock easier, or you can change it to a baron geddon for more aoe removal, whatever floats your boat.

With more LOE cards releasing, I can see fatigue warriors getting even stronger.
Cards I am thinking of adding are the 3 mana taunt monkey and Elise Starseeker. 
The monkey might be able to replace 1 bash/deathlord, just to make Reno condition active a little bit earlier if you truly need it and Elise Starseeker simply provides an extra win condition at the last phase of the game. I believe that as a fatigue warrior most of the time you will have no trouble finding the monkey and you will hold the monkey in your hand for quite a while. However there are some phases of the match when you can see that your opponent don't really have anything good to do that turn. This moment will be the best timing to play the monkey and turn the game around. However this still need to best tested and other idea's and opinions are welcome.

I see a lot of comments about Reno jackson and that with a deck full of duplicates he is not reliable. However this is simply not true, because the fact is we do not rely on Reno Jackson to win the game. The game can be won most of the times without him. Reno Jackson serves as a strengthening of your existing win condition which is fatigue, most of the time you want to use Reno jackson, you will already have cycled through most of your deck and have 4-5 cards remaining or simply no deck remaining. The most common case scenario is when you are playing against aggro and they are drawing closer to lethal in the last phase of the game while you just need that lil bit more of oomph to survive it through and truly stabilise.

Edit nr2:
Added a short guide
-Added replacements

Edit nr3:

Hey guys, after some initial testing, I have added Bran Bronzebeard in place of acidic swamp ooze. Bran Bronze beard + the healbot combo sort of gives you an early Reno Jackson that is not required to meet all the conditions, and greatly adds to this deck level of sustainability, making it even harder to kill. If you are full health already you can opt to do a brann + shieldmaiden combo for 10 armor. 

Bran leaves a body on board which they have to deal with, if they do not have an immediate answer, which they shouldn't because you always remove their stuff, it usually sticks for more than one turn, and if this happens the value you get is pretty good.

So try it out and let me know what you think!