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S19[Legend]FreezeMage,Detailed for Meta

  • Last updated Nov 22, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 12 Minions
  • 18 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/23/2015 (Warsong Nerf)
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My name is Fightup , i'm from Guyana and this is my first time Legend, I've been playing for 4 months  and i did it with Freeze Mage , just here to give a detailed breakdown on MUs and Mulligan  for the Freeze Mage in this Insane aggro meta since Patron doesn't keep aggro decks in check anymore.

Legend here: 


 TGT EDIT: Added more tips,more match up details and TGT card options,replacements and some other card details! Have a second Read!

I appreciate all the support guys and all the likes/ favourites /thumbs up and real ID requests, Added a Legend picture and crafting/substitution list at bottom. Thanks again all.

Draw is Key--- Always trust the deck and sometimes you just have to Yolo it because you might lose without making the risky play.Never give up(even against control warrior).

Mana Efficiency,Its always good to play efficiently to play on curve,but sometimes you have to account for the enemies next turn and you end up having some left back.

Draw cards are the necessity ,[ Mad scientist, Loot hoarder,Acolyte,Arcane intellect,Thalnos]
Understand the value of your cards,especially Mad Scientist,this card stops you having to waste 3 mana on playing a secret,increases the chance you draw your burn/stall cards.Its a 2/2 body as well which is great for trading.

Why 2 Loot hoarders and 1 Acolyte? that one extra mana makes a difference alot of times, but the main difference is,in the meta you generally don't have the time to ping your own.

Turn 3 , Secrets Vs Arcane Intellect
e.g, sometimes it might be tempting to Ice barrier vs Aggro on turn 3 if its in your hand,but if you don't have any cards to play,you really need to draw,as it'll lead to you getting your stall cards or putting you in a better position next turn.

Frost Nova(The late game God card)
2 mana frost nova/Alex because of thaurissan ,or Archmage Nova.Wins games in the aggro Meta .

Thaurissan on curve is amazing if the board isn't too far gone especially if it usually aggro(its usually gone) he can be played on a clear board without deathrattles from Doomsayer/nova turn 5.
Great synergy cards to use him on: 
Alex + secrets = 10 mana turn , you can put yourself to 23health with icebarrier /Alex self or Alex them and iceblock, now they have an 8/8 to deal with and you have your burn in hand.

Thaurissans effect benefits your Frost spells the most, because you can bounce them with Archmage , (Nova,Frostbolt,Icelance)into fireballs .

Thaurissan makes 2 x icelance, pyroblast and frostbolt able to be played in 1 turn.OP(10+3+4+4)

The difference between a spell costing 1 mana,and a spell costing 0 mana is rarely understood,unlike a spell costing 4 and now costing 3.Is the fact that it is FREE,its as if you're breaking the game,think about the 4damage of icelance or the freeze effect being played at Anytime.

Thaurissan's purpose that you may not realise until you've become an expert,This card Basically cant be ignored and forces your opponent to proc his deathrattles on it(Shredder,creeper are the ones u see all the time)Next turn use a board clear and its going to be Empty.
Coining Thaurissan on turn 5 with flamestrike means you can follow up with 6mana Flamestrike. Amazing Combo

If thaurissan lives more than one turn,You will most likely win the game,as this decks combo and cycling potential with stall is beautiful,and with reduced cost,math goes out of the window.

A little Doomsayer write up.

Doomsayers are crazy.Literally
Use them to prepare the board.
Prepare the board?yes! turn 5 frost nova doomsayer...play thaurissan on a clean board,this means he most likely will be able to survive 2 turns and you've read the Thaurissan section.

Turn 6, for Antonidas if you have coin lance to deny weapons.he isn't Game for BGH,druids may be forced to combo and innervate to kill him.

Turn 8,played to get your alex on an empty board,Dropped the opponent to 15. and they have an 8-8 body to deal with.Remember if they BGH it,they usually cant afford the heal.

Hero power-Use your hero power to kill off minions,or reduce their Health so they're in range of dying to blizzard or Flame strike.

The Matchups

Rogues / Shaman 
They're just not on the ladder right now, if you see a Shaman,hes got Zombie chow and that'll usually draw the game out ,if its a Rogue, just watch for Loatheb and you'll be okay,try to keep the board clear from Oil.

Combo druid, Keeper of the grove is the enemy of your doomsayers,if he uses it on scientist you'll probably have free reign over the game.Alex brings you above Combo if the board is empty,don't be afraid to use your burn,killing 2 aspirants can make the difference with the denial of combo.

Aggro & Felreaver
Save your freezes,take your time with your turns and burn that deck,I've had 2 Reavers on me and won by turn 4 concede, watch for keepers that have been burnt for Doomsayer value. Don't hesitate to use your burn for savage combatant(the card is insane damage)

Face : Trade and just stall, they will run out of steam, Alex will probably be used on yourself,you don't ever have to proc explosive until the end of the game,just don't attack,you buy a turn when hunters want the bow to get the extra charge,don't be afraid to use your burn to survive, hunters run 0 heals and the deck has excessive damage

Midrange: Freezing really is bad ....stops draw or scientist, Flare is thing now because of Secret Pally and we are caught in the crossfire. Shredders and High mane make it a bit tough. but control the board with burn,they have 0 healing.

Midrange & Murloc - Flame strike,Alex yourself unless he hasn't drawn well  and doesn't have the board, account for the True silver heal,most of these games comedown to the last cards for me,because i don't have the damage and Tirion becomes a pain in the ass.

Secret pally- Doomsayer turn 5 before Mysterious Challenger,into Thaurissan, if that doesn't happen, Blizzard when they play it.let everything go off.turn 7 loot hoarder/ Thalnos frost nova then doomsayer to dodge repentance, the only outside damage from attacks are Consecrate and knife juggler,after 2 MC and Dr Boom they're out of steam and you've won.

50/50 with Zoo usually (Thalnos fireball is awesome to kill Mal'ganis,expect it on 9,account for double power overwhelming or doom guard burst),knife jugglers also rack up massive damage if left unchecked,careful with board clears,as Nerbuian egg and void callers can bring an even stronger board and they do have owls for doomsayers.

Handlock(As requested)
Concealing your freeze mage deck helps a lot as he does about 6-8 to himself before you even start to fight,playing a secret turn 3 can sometimes delay the mountain giant(they'll play ancient watcher to check if its mirror entity) you will see on turn 4(the indicator this is going to happen is when they have coin they just miss a turn or play a coil to cycle) try for the one turn win as they're packing 2 heal bots and even an earthen Fareseer and Jaraxxus,
They also go with 2 owls and siphon souls for Doomsayers. This match up is generally easy,careful with giants,remember 1 ice barrier =1 giant attack. Always go for the one turn kill,sometimes you don't even need Alex for this match up most times.For the demon hand locks though, they run Mal'ganis,2 void callers and a doom guard, just be careful for the Mal'ganis,answer with fireball ping, Thalnos +fireball or frostbolt / icelance.

Tempo mage (as requested)
Giving doomsayer into mirror entity instantly wipes the field. Flame wakers are the ace in the deck,don't leave them alive for even a turn as they can drop you really low with a combo,use burn to survive,save fireball for Antonidas. They have the possibility of proccing your ice block without proccing barrier as well so be-careful, few run counter spell ,but the coin and ice lance is always a good way to check. Not a hard match up,just remember they are limited to 2 arcane intellect draws and you have a whole deck.

Freeze vs Freeze
Yawn, Draw is important, don't get milled,if it comes down to the last turn,Ice block doesnt proc off fatigue so do your math carefully, Antique heal bots and self alexing can win the game.Also look for opportunities to mill them.Generally avoid proccing ice barrier unless it comes down to fatigue and you're the one with the last alex standing.If he plays thaurissan first you're now in a REACTIVE Role in the game unless he wasted it,(fireball it instantly).If you somehow find alot of freeze vs freeze, switch decks or run a second healbot instead of icebarrier and hope he didnt read this guide.

Control warrior[ :( ]
Worst match up, ,don't despair,always try your best. Alex him, Doomsayer to deny armor smiths and acolyte,ally, thaurissan as many freeze spells with Archmage (Toni),even use the coin if you have to get a fireball,coin helps make your archmage combo easier too,its okay to use your fireballs on his armor if you're going to have an awkward turn,as that armor is not going away.This match up you dont worry about health too much,by turn 10 you want to hope you have all your burn and bounce your frostspells into Fireballs.Spam them and ping,Optimize or Maximize your damage per turn. They misplay Baron geddon and take 2 extra damage a lot of the time,if your health isn't in bad shape ignore it when you're burning,every point of damage counts.Use nova with your legendaries ,as it may force a weapon to hit it.Pray for no turn 6 Justicar,they can also alex themselves so careful.Draw as fast as possible,the longer the game goes on,the lower the chances of winning.

Patron- Rest in Peace.

Dragon priest has become very scarce,even with wyrmest agent it still isn't fast enough, the classic freeze mage goes 9-1 against it, but the new deck has been changed to include the One turn kill (deathlord x2 inner fire divine spirit) be careful with the one shot, be very aware how your secrets work when he one shots you,and its not as bad if he pops your ice block and barrier same time at a high HP if you have a freeze to control the buffed card next turn you'll still be in good shape,i wouldn't advise Alex on turn 9 against a priest,as you probably wouldn't have the damage (assume he has nova/hero power) that's 19 HP or 20 HP if he has velens spell damage. You might find yourself off 1 lethal.

Crafting & Substitution section ( because of your great support to the guide)
Alexstraza - this card is probably what it revolves around, if it was to be substituted it would have to be by another heal bot, or malygos, as Maly is the only card that can do up to 15 damage like Alex's effect.But it doesn't give you that option to heal VS agro.

Antonidas - replace with another pyro if you have to, but the deck gets really slow and control warrior is no longer a match up to win against.

Ice blocks- Irreplaceable.

thalnos - Run a second Acolyte of pain

Pyroblast- Run Malygos.

Doomsayers- These guys are genuinely better than explosive sheep, but they can be subbed at lower ranks,and they aren't lying when they say the end is coming ^^

Tech cards i see being run :
1. Explosive sheep probably swapped for doomsayer
2. Deathlord probably swapped for doomsayer or Icebarrier
3.Duplicate for control match ups probably swapped for one ice barrier
4. Illuminator probably swapped for healbot
5.Cone of cold probably swapped for one blizzard

TGT Cards

Forgotten Torch- Really, You're looking at 9 damage for 6 mana,Almost as good as Pyroblast?The only downfall is that its 2 cards and may result in more likely to draw burn instead of stall, I like the card,but not the idea of having 31 cards.Basically its an expensive frostbolt (no freeze) for a cheaper fireball. IF you were to replace something,replace 1x Fireball and 1 Pyroblast ,id probably run 2 acolytes and 1 loot hoarder to help with draw.

Reno Jackson Freeze Mage - Remove 1 Blizzard for cone of cold,take out 1Fire ball for Torch.and heal bot or Ice barrier for Reno himself.(you will win vs regular freeze mage with this deck).Use Hearthstone Deck tracker as you don't wanna mess up with this card.

Animated Armor - hasn't been released yet,but it does have that hidden taunt effect,and one of the worst turns for a freeze mage is turn 4, as you usually are in the situation to 2drop+ping  for efficiency ,or just use a secret/Arc intellect and have one left. Or frost bolt the shredder/ping.This card would loses to True silver or kings pretty badly though,not Swipe so much as it wouldn't develop the board,and better swipe on 4-4 than your face.Definitely would help against aggro.

These are just tech cards and really these depend on you , your play style and your match ups . I prefer the standard list, but tailor it to your needs.

Additional Tips:
This many views are a surprise to me,so I've decided to give you a little extra help when it comes to Climbing the ladder:

1. If you have 2 of the same card, always play the one to the right in your hand,as it will show the enemy that you're likely to not have the same card.
2. Watch the enemy's hand, some cards build up all the way to the left, (e.g FON and Savage roar) vs druid.
3.Trade your scientists in before you draw, as it reduces the chance you draw into your secret.
4.Depending on the match up you may be able to conceal your  decks identity and buy yourself a turn or 2, as when they see its freeze then they start to pressure.
5. If you have your board clears in hand, use doomsayer nova even if it will be silence, this will bait out big boards for Blizzard/ Flame strike value.
6. When you lose to cards like Flare or Kezan (few pallies run now) don't tilt, it happens and there is a luck element to the game, take a break if your play style will be changed.
7. Pyro blast first to dodge loatheb when you have your ice block,as next turn you can block again for 8 mana , ping,then finish with your combo
8. Be careful with your Doomsayer, if it reaches late game and you nova doomsayer at low HP,your opponent can drop DR boom ,and boom bots explode on your turn and Ice block doesn't proc.
9,A silenced frozen minion will be reduced to its normal state and can attack.
10. The only secret that can proc on the players turn is competitive spirit,so take your time and handle it accordingly or u may over run yourself giving the enemy tempo.
11. Some people always let the rope burn out to mentally fatigue the enemy or break the enemies focus, if you want to try it,go ahead a win is a win and any possible tool should be used if you have the patience.
12. Bluffing,Many ways of doing this, pinging specific ways to hint that you have a board clear,e.g pinging a 4/5 to 4/4 on a Frozen board will make the enemy realise you have flamestrike and he will hold back his hand,Or you can click on a spell, mouse over couple enemies to show you have removal,then just stall as well. Do what works for you!
13.Giving Doomsayer VS a board with sylvannas by making her steal it from death rattle will save you a freeze and give a clear board.
14. Loatheb is an obvious problem for the deck,Usually a Nova is the answer unless its on curve heal bot or ice lance,or a simple ping usually is the answer.
15.Watch the Board.A fullboard means they have no space for silences such as owl,no room for loatheb,Jaraxxus or Malganis cant be played on a fullboard either.Killing Creeper can overload them. Full boards mean Noble Sacrifice isn't procced.

16.Opponents don't have infinite mana ,get familiar with decks and learn their list,predict their moves.

I really appreciate all the views and thumbs up as i'm not the type of guy that posts guides,Thanks all for the support and encouragement <3 !!!

Thank you for all the support and as many have asked:
Stream? - Where i live we have only 1 megabit per second internet.(really slow)
Paypal? -  Where i live Paypal doesn't allow money to be received.
Donating?-If you'd like to donate it would have to be through a battle.net code,its appreciated. 
Coaching? Add me and ill help you out for a donation.

Thanks again all, the amount of views and likes are far more than i expected,all the support has been amazing,add me on battle tag if you'd like and if you want a question answered leave it in the comment section below.

Good luck, This is my first guide,sorry for Typos and bad English, You can add me on NA Fightup#1294 if you have any questions. Seriously don't be afraid to add me.Make sure you message me when i accept as i get swarmed by requests,i'll watch couple games and help ya out. 

Don't forget to thumbs up the deck & Guide! <3