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[71%] Xyrronlock

  • Last updated Oct 26, 2015 (Warsong Nerf)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 9620
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/19/2015 (TGT Launch)
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UPDATE: Hey guys, I'm really happy that the deck met with such an interest from your side.
Catch me when I'm streaming to see this and some other creative decks in action :)


All rights reserved! :D Ok, just kidding, feel free to test it and change this boring WellMet meta!

I'm Xyrron, a Polish streamer and a passionate deckbuilder.
I'm legendary rank player and every single time I hit legend with my own deck.
To make it clear, writing "my own" I do not mean "it's a patron warrior but I've changed 1 card so no it's my own deck", no...I mean completely new deck which is not a variation of any other deck.
I'm usually trying to use new cards that no one else is playing, cause the greatest advantage in every card game is the knowledge of what your opponent is playing while he has no freaking idea what you can possibly keep in your hand ;)

Today I want to share my warlock decklist, it is build around various demon synergies and uses some of less standard cards like Sacrificial Pact or Demonheart.

I hit legend rank with this deck 2days ago with average win ratio of 71% (almost 80% before rank 2) and I will be going for top100 this season.

Here is the short video from beating the Final Boss guarding the Legend Rank ;)

About the deck:

Due to the very high rate of WellMet encounters (on ranks 6-3 nearly 80% of my games were vs Uther!), the deck was meant to crush every WellMet on it's way. It works great against any aggro deck and still has enough late game stuff to win a control match up. I only struggled a bit vs face hunters (around 60% win) but you won't meet them that often on the higher ranks.


Zoo/WellMet/Hunter -
 1 drops, 2drops, Mistress of Pain is incredibly important vs WellMet and Hunter. Look for Demonwrath too in all cases but if u have hellfire in your starting hand you may consider keeping it too. Keep Voidcaller if the rest of your cards is looking good or if you have a coin.

Tempo Mage - Mulligan here is a bit different cause you don't need Mistress of Pain any more in the early stage of the game (she's just not trading well and is very vulnerable to flame cannon). You want to make sure that you have at least 1 Darkbomb in your hand, Zombie Chow is alwas good too. Removals will be your key cards so keeping Imp-losion or Hellfire (great vs both tempo and mechmage) is higly recommended. Voidcaller is great if you already have some early game stuff.

Warrior - I'm not going to explain patron match up here cause patron will be dead soon.
Don't rush, play a slow control game and in most cases you will be able to outvalue your opponent. Voidcaller is the most important here. Keep 1 Darkbomb to deny Acolyte of Pain, Imp Gang Boss cause he is hard to remove and Zombie Chow to pop up his armor.

Shaman - Similar mulligan as for the tempo mage, you don't need Mistress of Pain early game. Focus on Imp-losion Zombie Chow and Voidcaller.
Demonwrath is also pretty sweet cause it kills all the totems and set the stronger minions in the range of Bane of Doom.

Priest - this is a hard one. It's very frustrating to fight for the board against all these high hp minions which are getting constant heals. You need bomb to deny his draw and Imp Gang Boss to weaken his minions. Never keep Mistress of Pain in your hand, don't feed the troll :D
Voidcaller is great to catch up with tempo and Demonheart is a key card to make this one superdemon who will finally kill his Big Guy and take control of the board.

Important Notes:

Try to NOT use Demonheart as a removal unless you are very desperate. In 99% cases you want to buff one of your demons (usually it's Mistress of Pain for insane heal or just a casual imp to make BGH proof 6/6 who can trade for 2 or more minions).
Don't waste Faceless Manipulator on some poor 5 or 6 drops unless your opponent is out of cards and you're headong for fast lethal. Keep it for double Lord Jaraxxus or Mal'Ganis. Sometimes you can use it as a combo-finisher in a situation when you have Doomguard + Demonheart + Faceless Manipulator in your hand (or just a Doomguard on board) you may buff up your charger, then copy it and hit face for the insane 20dmg(!!) with double 10/12 Doomguard!

I hope I didn't skip something important. Share your opinions about the deck and maybe make some suggestions about possible card replacements. I know that the deck is very hard to play and your brain will be working at top speed, but I promise that you won't regret learning this one.
For the Xyrronlock gameplay visit my stream on http://twitch.tv/xyrron and feel free to ask me any question when I'm online. I usually start my stream at 20:00 CEST every day.

Good Luck my friends! ;)

 Update: -1 Zombie Chow +1 Ironbeak Owl
I just don't see that many secret WellMets in the legend rank and owl is much better vs priest and in other control match ups. If secret WellMet is still a curse of lower ranks you may keep the zombie though.

Catch me streaming/leave a follow and maybe present your ideas for the new deck?
During my stream I'm often trying new stuff, trying to break the meta and counter mainstream, boring decks ;P
I start everyday around 20:00 CEST http://twitch.tv/xyrron