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FACE is the place [TOP 10 Legend]

  • Last updated Oct 28, 2015 (Warsong Nerf)
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  • 16 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 1460
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 10/15/2015 (TGT Launch)
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Hey guys Asidjat here!

Im a 4x Legend player and i really like to experiment and play weird decks. This is my SMOrc hunter that i went top 10 legend with. I had some problems at rank 2 and then i started to play this and got legend in an hour with 7-0 (best feeling ever). Currently im ~40-7 and im doing really great.I started at rank 600 legend today and now im here :). I have no proof for my stats because i play alot on my phone and i dont use tracker that much. Belive me or not but it takes "some" games to get to this rank :P

Sorry for bad english guys, hope its okey and that you can understand xD

Legend proof: https://gyazo.com/4f91dcf7ed71ae51ae47b6b3a3419ae6


1. Abusive Sergeant This is a really good card in face hunter tho it gives you tempo. You can use it for clearing or do even more dmg to face, and you should not doubt putting it out turn 1 if you have no other 1 drops. 

2. Leper Gnome I love this card. Its a perfect 1 drop and you will always deal dmg to face even if your opponent clears it.

3. Worgen Infiltrator Its a guaranteed 2 dmg to his face so i dont see any reason why it should be bad ;)

4. Glaivezooka In my oppinion this is the best weapon in the game. Its 4dmg bow + a minion that can deal some more dmg and it workes really good with Argent Horserider and Haunted Creeper.

5. (Explosive Trap) Its great in this meta against many paladins and overall just good. Also deals 2 dmg to face so it can give you lethal or set up for lethal.

5.  Freezing Trap I changed Explosive Trap for this card because the meta changed alot the past days and i feel like freezing trap is much better against all the druids,warriors and mages. If you still feel like you're playing against many Secret Paladins play Explosive Trap instead . Freezing Trap is great against Slow matchups that doesn't have that much early game. You can freezing trap the low cost minions too that will make that card usless untill he has that much mana over that it costs. He will almost never play that card again next turn cuz its so slow. It also has good synergy with Mad Scientist

6. Quick Shot Its a good card and im mostly using it for getting into lethal with Quick Shot + the drawn card like a Kill Command , it can also be used to clear early game minions like Knife Juggler or a Sourcers Apprentice.

7. Snake Trap Most players play freezing and explosive trap so this is not always expected. Its good cuz it spawns more dmg that often get value, its beasts (synergy with Kill Command) and Leokk and works perfectly with Knife Juggler.

8. Haunted Creeper This 2 drop is pretty annoying for your opponent because its hard to get rid off. Its synergies with many cards in the deck like Knife Juggler and Glaivezooka.

9. Ironbeak Owl I dont know if i have to say something about this. Silence = win . You have many minoins in early game and you have charges. so you would like to use it agianst taunts most of the times but its not bad to silence etc a mad scientist.

10. Knife Juggler This card is insane and has some huge value with its knives.Its a perfect 2 drop and is a beast with Unleash the HoundsHaunted Creeper also works good with it if you put out Knife Juggler and Clear with Creeper.

11. Mad Scientist With 2 traps in this deck its a good card. With this card you can early get out a snake trap or clear his whole board.

12. Eaglehorn Bow With your mad scientist and your secrets you can get atleast 2 extra charges with the bow and even if you dont get it its a great card for clearing or looking for lethal.

13. Animal Companion This 3 drop is insane, all the 3 minoins are good and have their good parts in this deck (love this card :P)

14. Kill Command SMOrc... Always set up for lethal if you have this in your hand.

15. Unleash the Hounds Good card as it can find you lethal, give you a good board,clear, and using a turn 5 Knife JugglerUnleash the Hounds

16. Arcane Golem Its a good card that can give you lethal but the reason I only play 1 is becuase it can be a dead card in your hand until turn 7-9.

17. Argent Horserider Chaaaaarge!! Im using this to clear often and its a good card cuz it can clear and still live to do some more damage. It have good synergy with Glaivezooka 



The mage decks nowdays is mostly tempo so you would like to mulligan against that.

With coin: Mad scientist,Worgen,Leper gnome,Haunted creeper,Glaivezooka if you have haunted creeper,Quickshot if you have a 1 drop.

Without coin:Worgen,Leper gnome, Mad scientist


With coin: Leper Gnome,Owl,Knife Juggler,Worgen,Mad scientist,Haunted creeper,Glaivezooka if you have an 1/2 drop.

Without coin: Leper Gnome,Worgen,Mad scientist, abusive sergeant


With coin: Leper Gnome,Knife Juggler,Worgen,Mad Scientist,Haunted Creeper,Glaivezooka if you have an 1/2 drop, Unleash The Hounds if you have good turns before that

Without coin: Leper Gnome, Haunted Creeper, Worgen,Mad Scientist,


With coin: Leper Gnome, Knife Juggler, Worgen, Mad Scientist, Haunted Creeper if you have glaivezooka

Without coin: Leper Gnome, Worgen, Mad Scientist


With coin: Leper Gnome,Mad Scientist,Worgen, Haunted Creeper (Glaivezooka if you have creeper),Knife Juggler

Without coin: Leper Gnome,Worgen,Mad Scientist,Worgen,Haunted Creeper


With coin: Leper Gnome,Worgen,Mad Scientist,Haunted Creeper (Glaivezooka if you have Creeper),Knife Juggler

Without coin: Leper Gnome,Worgen, Mad Scientist,Knife juggler, Haunted Creeper,Abusive Sergeant


With coin: Leper Gnome,Worgen,Mad Scientist,Haunted Creeper(Glaivezooka if you have creeper)

Without coin: Leper Gnome,Worgen, Mad Scientist, Haunted Creeper,Abusive Sergeant (if you have no other 1 drop)


With coin: Leper Gnome,Worgen,Mad Scientist,Haunted Creeper,Knife Juggler,Glaivezooka if you have 1/2 drop,if you have perfect curve save Owl

Without coin: Leper Gnome,Worgen,Mad Scientist,Haunted Creeper,


With coin: Leper Gnome,worgen,Mad Scientist,Haunted Creeper(also Glaivezooka if you have creeper in hand),if you have perfect curve Quickshot.

Without coin: Leper Gnome,Worgen,Mad Scientist,Haunted Creeper

 If you have coin +an 1 drop always save Animal companion
You can also save it if you have a 1 and 2 drop and you know that whatever he does i will play it in curve.

As i said before i dont have decktracker but this is how i think the most
matchups is and how it was for me.

Facehunter          :  55% -45% OK+

Midrange Hunter: 60%- 40% OK++
Totem Shaman   :    x        x      x
Combo Druid      :   45%-55% OK-
Aggro Druid         :  40%-60% OK--
Tempo Mage       :  55%-45% OK+
Secret Paladin     :  60%-40% OK++
Control Paladin   :    x        x     x
Zoo lock                :  65%-35% OK+++
Handlock              : 70%-30%  OK++++
DemonHandlock : 70%-30%  OK++++
Rogue                    :  x       x        x
Control Warrior   : 45%-55%   OK-
Patron Warrior    : 50%-50%   OK
Control Priest      : 30%-70%   OK----
Dragon Priest      : 30%-70%   OK----

Thanks for checking out the deck and Pleeease upvote it if you liked it :) It really helps and make me wanna do more decks in the future :)

 simple way to play face hunter Kappa : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jenlSf2E8o
                                                                               (Its a music Video)   (FACE NEVER TRADE)