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The Silver Hand - Legend against everything

  • Last updated Sep 30, 2015 (TGT Launch)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 10200
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/21/2015 (TGT Launch)
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Hey Guys, this is a very strong and consistent Paladin Deck. It is designed to beat every freaking Deck out there, especially the cancer Meta and is viable through all Ranks. Was I succesful? Damn Yes! I thank you all for upvoting this Deck and I will repay my debt with a decent Guide. You will find a quick Legend Screenshot in the spoiler below. If you liked what you saw, please leave your 1+ and visit me on my other social appearences within the spoiler below. Thank you all!





  - Rank peak


This Deck aims to outvalue your opponent with your strong Hero Power, Combo plays and sustain. If you are a less experienced Player, or just want to have more information, check out the spoiler below to read more...

Deck Content


  • [Offensive] - Sylvanas Windrunner, Tirion Fordring, Murloc Knight, Ysera, Justicar Trueheart, Quartermaster, Dr. Boom
    Your offensive is really strong, eventhough most of your threats are vulnerable to silence. The reason is because most of your opponents Deck run only one silence and if there are more, you wont fail with your big threads, if you are able to bait out removal ealier with for example Murloc Knight. No thread of yours can be targeted by Big Game Hunter, which is a big plus because therefore you wont get screwed over by a big tempo swing. One tip : threads like Murloc Knight or Sylvanas Windrunner are quite good against facedecks, since it is not unlikely for them to force your opponent to trade.
  • [Defensive] - Aldor Peacekeeper, Sludge Belcher, Stampeding Kodo, Tirion Fordring, Coghammer
    This Deck used to run only 2 taunt cards, which is often enough but I felt like to improve consistency, i had to make some changes. It is still a viable option to include Stampeding Kodo for a other defensive Card, because the main thing here was i felt like 1 Quartermaster Combo is enough. It is still Key to go with "offensive is the best defense", so use your Hero Power as much as you can to keep your hand size vital and your opponent pressured.
  • [Heal] - Truesilver Champion, Tuskarr Jouster, Lay on Hands
    2x 4 Heal, 2x 7 Heal, 1x 8 Heal = 30hp Heal. This should be enough to outheal Freeze Mages and Facehunter Decks. Remember it depends on the situation if heal or rather a taunt is better for you. Druids can you at 14hp with their combo, so be above that and taunt would be best. It is also cruical to remember that Loatheb prevents Combo Decks from unleashing their stuff on you. If you feel like the Heal gets inconsistent, feel free to change it to Antique Healbot + Guardian of Kings. Remember though, the special part about Tuskarr Jouster is his 5/5 Body who comes along with his 7 Heal for only 5 Mana.


Your standard Mulligan would be :  Zombie Chow, Shielded Minibot, Muster for Battle, Gadgetzan Jouster
It is up to you to decide if you want to run Zombie Chow or Gadgetzan Jouster. For a detailed Guide against every Class and Matchup, click the spoiler below and read more....


Despite your strategy "Offensive is the best Defensive" and using your Hero Power as much as you can, not every Matchup is crystal clear. The Guide is written for every possibility, so dont be confused if there are Cards listed, who are not in the actual List. If you are less experienced or just want more information, use the spoiler below to read more...

How to beat....


  • [Paladin]
    Paladin is a good Matchup no Matter if he is Secret Paladin or Midrange since your Mullligan is similar to both of them. You want to establish your board as large as possible against both Decks to make them waste their Secrets or to bait out the Consecration. If you can use your own Combos effectively he is done.

    1. Board presence is key against Midrange and Secret
    2. Try to empty your Hand against Secret Paladin to prevent value out of Divine Favor
    3. Kill a coined Knife Juggler asap, it is likely that Muster for Battle follows.
    4. Deal with "Dudes" to prevent the Quartermaster combo
    5. Establish your own board as good as possible to force Consecration against Midrange Decks or to nullify his Secrets as good as you can.
    6. Save Owl for Sylvanas Windrunner
    7. Kill Tirion Fordring and use Harrison Jones for Ashbringer
    8. Use Acidic Swamp Ooze against Truesilver Champion
    9. Use Loatheb to cover your Muster for Battle + Quartermaster Combo or to deny Lay on Hands




  • [Druid]
    Every Druid so far can be reduced so far on Innervate, Wild Growth and Darnassus Aspirant. This is their key, their strengh and downfall. Not to mention the infamous 14dmg Combo Savage Roar + Force of Nature. Despite that, Druids are pretty unspectacular which is the reason why you will come out on top of this clash. Timing and awareness are your strongest weapons.

    1. Use your early game pressure as good as you can to force a useless Swipe
    2. Be ready to kill a Darnassus Aspirant asap
    3. Use Aldor Peacekeeper on his Druid of the Claw, Ancient of Lore/War
    4. Bait out the keeper with early game Minions like Shielded Minibot or even Murloc Knight
    5. Be careful at turn 7-9 to not fall to FON+Roar combo if he has innervate for example.
    6. Tirion Fordring and Sylvanas Windrunner are really strong if you can protect them from getting silenced. If you run Dr. Boom, its obvious he is also good.
    7. After Swipe is gone, he will fall to The Silver Hand and Quartermaster
    8. Save EqualityConsecration for a big taunt Wall
    9. Time Loatheb to shut down his Force of NatureSavage Roar Combo


  • [Rogue]
    Rogues are naturally efficient against Paladin with Fan of Knives and Blade Flurry, but besides that, Rogues are aweful against Board spamm every other big thread so dont panic! You have everything possible to turn this into a good Matchup because their only way to screw you is one, only one combo.

    1. Bait Blade Flurry and Fan of Knives with Muster for Battle and Murloc Knight
    2. Flood your board over and over again to suck out all his resources
    3. Use Aldor Peacekeeper on Azure Drake and Emperor Thaurissan
    4. Deal with Emperor asap
    5. Use Acidic Swamp Ooze and Harrison Jones on any buffed Weapon, if he runs Assassin's Blade, save Harrison for that
    6. Time your Loatheb right to prevent him from drawing or using his Combo
    7. Bait Sap before using Tirion Fordring