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[TGT] Eydis Darkbane Mech Rogue - Updated

  • Last updated Dec 7, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 4740
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/4/2015 (TGT Launch)
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Thanks for the 90 upvotes guys,i really appreciate that =)

Hello everyone, my name is Renan and I'm a Brazilian HS player since the closed beta and this is my Agressive standard Mech Rogue version with Eydis Darkbane. I'm not a professional player but I played in virtually every seasons with variations of Mech Rogue,in last season managed to reach the rank Legend 123 only playing with a Midrange Mech Rogue, this deck is entirely possible to climb up ladder if you play correctly and have some lucky!



Always try to keep MechwarperClockwork GnomeCogmasterAnnoy-o-TronGoblin Auto-Barber in that order,if you have Coin and at least one Mechwarperyou can keep Harvest Golem Iron Sensei Except against Warrior there you try to keep Annoy-o-Tron mainly because of he have early weapons.Search for Fan of Knives mainly against Paladin.Hunter and Warlock (if you are certain that  is a zoo).


Smash Down your opponent as soon as possible,never trade except in a situation that you need to protect your Mechs (it happens quite early)play your cheap minions try to set up your comb with Eydis Darkbane and Enhance-o Mechano.


Cold Blood - A cheap and easy way to buff up a minion.Try to use that on early pressure with Annoy-o-Tron ,Eydis Darkbane and with a combo Windfury from Enhance-o Mechano or just to finish off the match.

Eviscerate- Save that for a threat minion preferably with Taunt or just to finish off your oponnent.

Goblin Auto-Barber - This minions is obvsly auto-include on the deck he has synergy with Dagger but is not afraid to play it is with no weapon equipped, it is a 3/2 in early for hit face!

Blade Flurry- Strong AoE potential clear hole board in combination with Goblin Auto-Barber orTinker's Sharpsword Oil

Iron Sensei- Obviously it is essential for the deck work well,he have extreme synergy with all Mechs and potential to transform a cheap minion of something huge.Surely one of the most important cards in the deck

Fan of Knives: AoE and Cycle

Tinker's Sharpsword Oil- Strong burst damage and weapon stuff,because Rogue DO IT.

Clockwork Gnome - is a key card to the combo withEydis Darkbane and has potential to drop down on turn 2 no cost with Mechwarper for early pressure,this guy is definitively ready!. And no need to comment on how useful are the Spare Parts right? you have to try to use them in Eydis Darkbane but can use in a minion to help aswell.

Annoy-o-Tron - This guy is better play early but can be serious good protecting your other most valuable minions,he is one of the best friends of Iron Sensei,Fiery War Axe definitively hate that guy.

Mechwarper - Is the main card of the deck, try to always mulligan that guy and set up your mechs on the board to pressure your oponnent and combo aswell making the most value from Enhance-o Mechano.

Eydis Darkbane : She is not Essential on the deck but it works as a Mini OTK (one more Win-Condition) especially if the game is prolonged enough.There are 7 Spare Part  we can use on it,two of them do not work well yet but will still give 3 random damage that they are Emergency Coolant and Time Rewinder the others all work well and the dream of course is to use Finicky Cloakfield and possible set up OTK next turn with Cold Blood.if you do not have Eydis Darkbane you can try to replace it with a Gormok the Impaler or Leeroy Jenkins.

Harvest Golem Pretty good 3 drop for this deck can easily sticky on board.

Tinkertown Technician - A pretty good guy he have synergy with mechs try to drop down that even with a Combo to garanteed your Spare Part.

Enhance-o Mechano The number of buffs granted by this minion is multiplied by each friendly minion on the board, generally making it a more valuable play the more minions you have. This makes it ideal for use in decks that tend to have a large number of minions on the field making this card a BOSS in this deck,the dream is Windfury into Cold Blood something but if he can give your minions divine shield is good aswell,Taunt is more random stuff.

Gorillabot A-3- I found that new mech pretty useful since i dont run any good draw card and the mech that gives you is very unexpected for the opponent.

Piloted Shredder - Ultimate Mech value, one of the bests cards in the game.

Clockwork Knight - A pretty good Mech on curve 5 (and can still drop down on curve 3.4 with Mechwarper) have huge body and do stuff for your others Mech,is way safe than Fel Reaver.

Dr. Boom: Is a card that speaks for itself, It has much potential in the late game and remember that Boom Bots are mech too.

Good example of Eydis Darkbane in action against Patron Warrior, turn 7 lethal , spent 6 mana for 9 damage:




If you liked the deck, please give support to it is very important for me.Thank you and hope you have fun. =D