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  • Last updated Sep 10, 2015 (TGT Launch)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • 1 Weapon
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 6240
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/2/2015 (TGT Launch)
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After a very, very, very long tinkering phase I finally present you a rogue deck featuring Poisoned Blade and Sideshow Spelleater. It's played like Handlock (Warlock Giants), but is a huge difference between both: In Handlock you get a lot of cardadvantage of the warlock's hero power, while in this deck you have Burgle as a pseudo-card draw, but the 2x Fan of Knives, Bloodmage Thalnos and 2x Azure Drake will provide some more draw. Curious? there is more, please read on!

How to play this deck:

The Idea of the deck is to use your hero power a lot and one of the cards that benefit the most out of is the Poisoned Blade - you want to get a really huge attack dagger. After you have equipped the blade you can swing two times with it to clear some stuff (or you save the charges for more damage later in the game). The last charge is planned to be the fatal damage to your opponent. Depending on the class you play against, you can decide to play Sideshow Spelleater, and here is were the fun begins. Except for Shaman all classes provide you a good hero power and if your opponent already played his Justicar Trueheart or is already in Lord Jaraxxus form you get an insane value out of this card. Those two cards provide already very fun games, but you do not need it to win the game. If you draw them very late, they might be still usefull. Don't get mad if your weapon gets detroyed somehow, it's always a very risky play to leave a weapon up for a very long time.
That's it? No, there is more! Let's talk about some big threats...

It tried this deck will all variants of giants and got the best results with Frost Giants combined with Molten Giants. Both Giants are played at very low mana cost and you should play max two giants at the same time. Giving them taunt with the Sunfury Protector hides your face again from your opponent.

You have a decent spell tool box for direct spells - 2x Backstab, 2x Eviscerate, 2x Sap and only 2x Fan of Knives for AOE damage, try to use them with Bloodmage Thalnos. Fan of Knives had to be in the deck because of all the token style decks floating around in the current meta. I also tried Explosive Sheep and Betrayal, but the Fan of Knives worked out best.

Beneath the Grounds is one of the best cards in the whole set. The mechanic is almost unique (except for Iron Juggernaut) and you get a huge value out of three mana - 12/12 stats in 3 minions per 4/4, that's an amazing tempo swing and they all have charge, which mean, they are ready on your turn to attack!

Tech Cards which can be changed: Big Game Hunter, Mind Control TechIronbeak Owl

Emperor Thaurissan, Sylvanas Windrunner are your midgame threats, all of them need to be answered from your opponent somehow.

Finally Burgle gives you some card draw and I did not have a single game where the burgled cards were useless!

When you've played both Molten Giants you can use your Antique Healbots to heal up (if both are left of course).

Update 10.09.2015:
Wow, I didn't expect so much positive feedback, the deck even made it to the frontpage and that was a really good feeling! Thank you all for that!
I have read all your comments and will answer here some questions/feedback you made. Moreover I tinkered the deck a bit to have a stronger early game and a more powerful AOE. The complete mana curve is now a bit faster which allows you to hero power more.

Cards removed and why:
Sylvanas Windrunner - got silenced most of the time or just got killed with some removal spells, max value I got is maybe 1 exra turn where your opponent removes her and plays nothing or small stuff.
- Emperor Thaurissan - since the mana curve is now way cheaper and your high threats are discounted anyway you don't need this card in this deck
Ironbeak Owl, silence is still strong in every deck, but I needed the SI:7 Agents for more tempo in the early game
- Mind Control Tech - a good tempo card when you are playing against dragon decks, but against aggro most of the time you get just a small minion and have a 3/3 on board. Eleminated some RNG for more consistensy

Cards added and why:
- 2x SI:7 Agent for more early game and tempo plays
- 2x Frigid Snobold - this card made it over Piloted Shredder and Refreshment Vendor in the deck, it lacked 4-drops. Spelldamage minions are always "soft-taunt" minions in a rogue deck, your opponent will not ignore him, but if he does, you get crazy value out of Fan of Knives, with another spelldamage minion on board you often can change complete board state. Since you already have 2x Antique Healbot the Refreshment Vendor is just a statpoint moved from Attack to Health compared to the Frigid Snobold. In addition to that: no Piloted Shredder because you want to lower your RNG more. With Beneath the Grounds and Burgle you already have 4 huge RNG cards, that should be enough for a "normal" deck.

Card that didn't make it and why:
- Alexstrasza - well, these words you hear a lot when it comes to specific cards: "too slow for current meta", and that's true in this deck, Molten Giant + Antique Healbot + Sunfury Protector is 7 Mana when you are at 10 life or below and will bring you back with (at least) one 8/8 taunt, 1 3/3 taunt and a 2/3 minion + 8 life = 18 life, where as Alexstrasza is only 1 minion, no taunt and brings you to 15 life.

Volatile Cards, cards that could find place in this deck:
- Bolf Ramshield - still experiencing with this card in other decks, I will try it in this deck
- Anub'arak - instead of 1 Frost Giant, still testing


I hope you have fun with the deck.

If you like it, please rate it or leave a comment (or both)!


This deck is currently played on meta season 17. See it live on my stream!
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