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TGT MultiCombo Priest 75%win FULL GUIDE

  • Last updated Sep 8, 2015 (TGT Launch)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 1300
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 9/1/2015 (TGT Launch)
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The FIRST thing I can tell you about this deck is: TRY IT. You will have REAL FUN with it, with the many combo you can arrange to achieve your victory. BUT, the more I'm getting inside this deck, the more I can tell you that this requires BRAIN. It's not like playing what you have in your hand and go face. You will have to understand HOW and WHEN. It requires patience and strategy. But at the end, gives a lot of satisfaction. Enjoy it!

DIFFICULTY, MULLIGAN (in order of priority), and COUNTER CARDS vs EACH CLASS. (update 4/09/2015)

For any doubt, you can leave a comment below and I'll be happy to answer you all, as I'm already doing. Spread the MultiCombo Priest and Have FUN!


Difficulty: medium/hard

Mulligan: shade of naxxramas, lightwell, velen's chosen, deathlord.

Counter cards: Execute, Slam (if he's able to build up armor)


Difficulty: easy

Mulligan: pyromancer, power word shield (if without coin), deathlord, lightwell, cleric, velen's chosen, shade of naxxramas.

Counter cards: Equality


Difficulty: medium

Mulligan:  deathlord, velen's chosen (deathlord goes to 4 attack, no removal for priest), shade of naxxramas (to be played before his holy nova), lightwell, cleric,  

Counter cards: Lightbomb (that's why you want to keep your creatures with more health than attack till the lethal, if possible)


Difficulty: Hard

Mulligan:  deathlord, velen's chosen, shade of naxxramas, lightwell, power word: shield, shadow word: death.

Counter cards: Big Taunts, Shadowflame


Difficulty: Easy

Mulligan: shade of naxxramas (hoping he didn't mulligan for lightining storm), lightwell, velen's chosen, deathlord, cleric.

Counter cards: Earth Shock


Difficulty: Medium/hard

Mulligan:  deathlord, shade of naxx, lightwell, velen's chosen, shadow word: pain.

Counter cards: Keeper of the grove, Druid of the claw


Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Mulligan: deathlord, lightwell, shade of naxx, spells (use them after sap, preferably)

Counter cards: Sap


Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Mulligan: lightwell, deathlord, velen's chosen, power word: shield, pyromancer, holy nova

Counter cards: Doomsayer, Removal spells


Difficulty: Easy (if aggro), Medium (if midrange)

Mulligan:  pyromancer, deathlord, power word: shield, lightwell, cleric, velen's chosen, shade of naxxramas.

Counter cards: max 1 silence, hunter's mark


          - Circle of Healing = this card can be good in many ways: to heal up that minion that could be lethal on a turn with inner fire; to combo with Nortshire cleric after having damaged all the board with the pyromancer (pyro+spell+circle with a cleric on the ground); to heal up multiple minions in general with a cleric on the ground. This turns on a nice boost to Holy Champion if he is on the board aswell.
          - Inner Fire: this card is mainly our lethal. Try to play it only if you are lethal, cause otherwise you would be exposed to BGH or Shadow word:Death. Of course if you do need a big creature on the board to keep staying in the game, use it. Remember it's a spell, and it can combo with Pyro. 
          - Power Word: Shield: essentially you want to draw asap with this deck. Try to save this in combo with pyro or followed by a Divine Spirit to maximize the effectiveness of Inner Fire.
          - Northshire Cleric: another mechanic to draw. Try to use its effect as long as possible by keeping it alive. That's the reason why you don't want to play her too early. Always try to defend her behind a taunt or play her just when u know you can use it immediately. This can be the target eventually of a Power Word: Shield or a Velen's Chosen in order to be a solid drawer on the board.
          - Divine Spirit: This is part of our lethal combo, or in general of our big creature. Try always to maximize it by using Power Word: Shield or Velen's Chosen before. This has not be played just on your lethal turn, you can play it even to make it impossibile to the enemy to kill a fundemental creature in your board, that's to say Tournament Medic or Death lord. Be aware of Vol'jin and Equality.
          - Shadow Word: Pain: This just serves as a removal of annoying early creatures such as Juggler or shielded minions. It can also combo very well with Pyro (see the classic juggler into muster for battle).
          - Lightwell : This card has been already discussed in the comments. Mainly the sinergy of this card with the rest of the deck is out of control. It's a big health drop. This can turn into a big one, or just a 2-9 on turn 3 with Velen's Chosen on. It can serve as a Deathlord healer and it's always a threat for the enemy. Many times it will be the focus of a silence, which is a dream for us. It combos with cleric and holy champion.
          - Shadow Word: Death : Same as Shadow Word: Pain but for bigger drops.
          - Velen's Chosen : this buff is real core on this deck. It both provides an increment on health, which is a core thing on our lethal creature, and magic dmg to reach a reasonable aoe with holy nova. That is why you should use it on Shade of Naxxramas stealthed if allowed. Otherwise use it as a removal in the worst case.
          - Mass Dispel: this is a card actually on test. It's the first thing to remove if you want to try something else. I feel like this deck needs to draw, and what is better than drawing while silencing all their boards? Nowadays you see a lot of deathrattle or buffed minions, so this has revealed to be a good answer many times.
          - Holy Champion: this card definitely deserves a chance. 1 is enough, and should find always an environment when played in which she will get buffed. It is in line with the fun and combo style of the deck, but it can be replaced with more solid drops like a sylvanas or a further drawer like alcolyte of pain.
          - Holy Nova: our only and big removal. Many times you will find yourself hoping to draw this card, especially when you have 2 Velen's Chosen on your naxxramas waiting to be exploited. Keep in mind that this card can be a deadly in many ways: with pyro (3 dmg without spell dmg), with pyro + (spell) + nova (4 dmg without spell dmg) and this last combo can be pretty effective with a Northshire Cleric and/or a an Holy Champion.
          - Zombie Chow: [OLD] I've decided to remove both of them (adding the second Lightwell ) to make mulligan easier and strategy more aimed. Having a turn 1 is good, but drawing a zombie in the middle of the game doesn't bring anything to a deck which needs to stay in the game EVERY FUCKIN TURN. That's why having too much 1x on a deck like this doesn't help, while having 2 lightwells can help the mulligan since it is the second (or even the first) best mulligan vs most of the classes.
          - Wild Pyromancer: The CORENESS. It opens to most of the combos, both on the draw side (with Circle of Healing ) and damage side (with all the spells in this deck). You want to mulligan this if you face aggro decks, best with low cost spells (Power Word: Shield is his wife)
          - Acolyte of Pain : 1x just brings more drawing power, which is fundemental for this kind of deck. Even 2x would not been a bad bad call, but I think focusing on keeping 1 alive is more than enough. Even buffing him with Velen's Chosen or Power Word: Shield should allow to draw more than 1 card, or maybe bait a silence.
          - Deathlord: Core aswell. This card provides early stop to aggro decks, and with backhealing (see Lightwell) it can snowball hard. It's a big body, and you want to use it as soon as possible. This also should be the target of an early Velen's Chosen or Power Word: Shield as it will force eventual silences on the other side (silencing a deathlord prevents his backfire effect, which many times can turn out in a wasted battlecry for the opponent, like a wasted Keeper of the Grove !). Eventually don't use too much buffs all of a sudden on Deathlord (and in general on every creature, if it's not lethal) because a single silence would destroy your entire set of combo. If you feel like your opponent doesn't have an answer to big bodies, buff him and he will surrender most likely.
         - Shade of Naxxramas : This is our key drop. Most of the times, especially versus control decks, we want a shade ready to be played on turn 3 to let it grow. This should be the priority target of Velen's Chosen as explained above, and the target to buff to be lethal in most of the cases, because it's the only creature safe from silences and/or removal from every class (SEE COUNTER CARDS UNDER EACH CLASS IN THE SECTION ABOVE). Go out from stealth only if you feel you don't have alternatives to remain alive.
         - Tournament Medic : this card has provided many times to be usefull against the pressure of aggro decks and it's a big health body at the cost of 4. It can work as THE BIG ONE, but only if you dont have better choices (naxx and deathlord). Let's say it is a second-best on par with Lightwell. Maybe the second medic can be replaced with another drawer or a more solid drop (same as Holy Champion, see it for possible replacements).
          - Faceless Manipulator: originally I was running Sylvanas Windrunner, but then I figured out that it is more VERSATILE in every situation. It can copy an already grown or buffed minion in your board, or copy an enemy big threat, such as Tyrion or Giants taunted or any other big legendary minion (like Ysera). Let's say you will always find a good value on faceless, while sylvanas could be a weight few times.

**DISCUSSED/VIABLE CARDS (update on 8/09/2015):

**Bolf Ramshield** : I know you were wondering where to use this leg. You just found him but you don't find a deck for him. Well, you can give him a chance if you want to try. He is in line with the health body combo we need, even if at the point you will be able to play him, most of times the game is decided in one way or another, so you won't exploit his body that much. But....FUN is what you want !
**Fjola Lightbane and Eydis Darkbane** : many have asked for a place for these cards. They are just not in line with our strategy, and they should not be the target of our spells anytime, cause their starting body is not that solid, and their passive effect is not game changing.
**Lightspawn** : currently testing this card. Replaced 1x medic for 1x lightspawn. It's a drop which doesn't need innerfire, but works extremely well with all our health buffing cards. It can be a killing machine, or even the BIG ONE to be lethal. In the worst scenario, will bait a silence which is not bad at all. That's why, if possible, wait to buff him, and start using it as a clearer. It combos with lightwell aswell.
**Sylvanas Windrunner** : the first version of this deck had sylv inside, as the only big solid drop to deal with mid game. She has then been replaced by faceless, way more innovative and versatile in this deck. But if you feel the need to cover and save your board by mid range decks, or to get back into the game from a fallen early gam, ethen sylvanas generates the threath you need!
**Ysera** : Another solid drop more oriented into the late game. She has 12 life, and she can be the last hope where to throw our last combo cards. I feel like at the moment you can play ysera, most of the times there are 2 scenarios: you have insane board or you are under real pressure. That's why in both cases ysera results in a not efficient card, and that is why I didn't include in the deck. But for sure, this card deserves a real and deep testing, cause she could be the real answer to slower decks, while offering the "kind of body" is needed in this combo deck.
**Confuse** : Many have asked about adding this card. Yes, at a first glance seems to be an OP card in this deck considering all these bodies. But you will soon find out that many times it will be a double edged-knife, cause it will "block" the attack of your creature to a certain amount, exposing your "low health board" to the easy clear of the opponent.
**Stoneskin Gargoyle** : has a strong passive considering the deck strategy, but I feel like it has to be played only if Divine Spirit is in hand, and in combo with it at turn 5, cause otherwise at turn 3 could die to many things. But then again, even at turn 5 with divine spirit, 8 health is not that much, considering that you will never have big attack minions to defend him at the start of those turns.
**Maexxna** : suffers the same problems of ramshield. She can work as a slow clearer, even if most of the times would trade 2 minions, unless she has been the health buffed. But then again I feel like that aiming to be lethal on maexxna is a bit too dangerous. A that point of the game you should have other creatures already grown and ready to combo.

History of events:

1/09/2015 00:15 September season just started. And it's full of cancer aggro decks. How to?

12-1 so far with this deck. Seems to work pretty well, especially vs secretardin. You can combine pretty op otk combos and draw combos. Numbers are still low to make significant statistics. But I'll keep filling numbers. Just wanted to share asap this meta-working and fun combo deck.

Planning to climb this season with this deck.

If this takes some upvotes I'll write a guide.

  UPDATE 1/09/2015 19:40 Meta is getting slower. Numbers are more fair now.

28-8. 78% win. I'll keep updating my results. I'm evaluating to change Sylvanas Windrunner for Confuse, even in Sylvanas Windrunner is a good tempo minion and is an eye-catcher.

 UPDATE 2/09/2015 13:40  34-10, 78% win

I've swapped Sylvanas Windrunner with Faceless Manipulator. It is more VERSATILE in every situation. It can copy an already grown or buffed minion in your board, or copy an enemy big threat, such as Tyrion or Giants taunted or any other big legendary minion (like Ysera).

I also do want to insert a Silence to pass taunts when you have lethal in your hand. Still I'm trying to figure out which card is better to remove. i'm thinking about Zombie Chow.

UPDATE 2/09/2015 19:51   I've found all mid range hunters and druids. Actual ratio is 36-13, 73% win.

I've decided for this reason to run a Mass Dispel to cycle cards and giving a chance to Holy Champion. Moreover, I feel like this deck has to many 2 drops. Mulligans has to be solid, you should aim to lightwell into Deathlord. That's why Shadowboxer most of times feels like a replacement, and its passive dmg is too random and limited.

UPDATE 3/09/2015 22:27  Rank 9, fortunately I've seen many paladins, and some dragon warriors. Ratio goes up to 42-15, 73,7%


 Matchups till now   (updated)       


pally        19 - 1

warr          3 - 4

hunter      8 - 2

lock           1 - 1

druid        5 - 5

mage        3 - 1

priest       3 - 1


 Stay Tuned