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Pageturner's Buff Priest

  • Last updated Sep 8, 2018 (Boomsday)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7940
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/29/2015 (TGT Launch)
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The Very First Buff Priest: A New Rising Meta



I have always felt that Hearthstone has been cluttered with the same types of decks. The main goal of this deck is to break the chains of Face Hunters and Control Warriors out there. I want to offer something different, but with the same amount of power. In this deck, you must overwhelm your opponent with low mana cost cards and buff them out before anyone else gets a chance to make any big plays. It may seem a little unorthodox, but it's new and original. There are a few decks similar to this, but I felt like they needed some tweaks. Thus, Buff Priest was born!

Recently, I have been seeing other decks like this, which is great! However, if you want to play the orgininal then it right here! It will surly help you climb up the ladder into the higher ranks. There is a purpose for each and every single card in this deck. It's simple, effective and fun! Read up on how to play. Enjoy!

Reasons for each card:

Power Word: Shield - This is one of the cards that is more or less the "bread and butter" of the deck. With the health buff you get PLUS card draw, you get great value out of it. This is perfect to trigger the effects of the twins or to make Northshire Clerics even more useful than they already are. 

Velen's Chosen - Probably the most essential card in the deck. This turns cards into big threats. Whether it is a dominant 7/7 or a 1/1, you are going to get great value out of this card. Use it the same way you would with Power Word: Shield.

Acolyte of Pain - Not one of my favorite cards, but it's a good way to draw cards. Plus, half of the decks you face are Warriors, so you're bound to have a Death's Bite hit it. He's also a great card to use Velen's Chosen on.

Resurrect - A great way to get big value for only two mana. Use it wisely! Be carful of Wild Pyomancers. They're effects triggers if they are reborn. That being said, you can use that to your advantage as well.

Shieldbearer - Trust me on this one guys. This is one of the most underrated cards in the game. It's a great way to start a game for just one mana. Use it to buff other minions behind him. With Inner Fire, he becomes a scare early game minion for just 2 mana. With PW: Shield, he becomes a 6/6 for just 3 mana. Don't knock it until you try it. Use. This. Card.

Thoughtsteal - This deck needed more card draw. I feel like this is a better alternative because Acolytes are subjective to silence. This isn't. Plus, 3 mana is just too much for a 1/3. You can potentially get great value out of this.

Fjola Lightbane - This is a low mana cost card that you can play early game. It has great stats and can last throughout the game if constantly buffed. She can easily win trades and become a big threat late game. If the chance is there, coin her on your second turn and use cheap buffs such as Power Word: Shield or Velen's Chosen.

Eydis Darkbane - She's here for the same reason the other twin is. She may not last as long as Fjola, but if you're lucky enough, she will stomp any of your opponents 2-3 drops with her awesome effect. Even if she doesn't target what you want, you still have a powerful minion on your side. 

Dragonkin Sorcerer - This guy is a great 4 drop with plenty of health to last for more than one turn. He reacts very well to buffs and can become dangerous late game. Use him the same way you would with the twins.

Clockwork Gnome - He has decent stats for just one mana. However, the main reason why he's here is because of the spare parts. Buff out the twins to pose a threat, create a bigger wall by giving health to Shieldbearers or stealth Confessor Paletress to give your opponent a difficult time next turn.

Holy Champion - This card can become a hearthstone player's worst nightmare if used to it's full potential. With the large amount of heals priests can dish out, it is easy to scale their attack into the double digits. Spells like Power Word: Glory and Flash Heal are cheap and quick ways to allow this card to end the game quickly. Remember that you can also heal characters on the other side of the field if it's necessary. Do this with the Lightwardens as well.

Tournament Medic - This card is crazy good and is very versatile. You can use it with Inner fire to make it a huge threat, you can heal for 4 instead of two and this is a crazy way to buff out Holy Champion.

Holy Nova - A great clear that keeps your minions on the field longer. Keep in mind that this can become even more devastating when a minion has Velen's Chosen. More spell damage means less cards on the opposite side! The best way to utilize this card is to damage all of your minions while you have a Holy Champion on the field. Her attack numbers will rise to frightening numbers after all of the heals.

Light of the Naaru - This card has tremendous value. If used correctly, you get a minion and three health. Keep in mind that this can also activate the effects of Eydis, Fjola and Dragonkin Sorcerer.

Lightbomb - One of the best clears in the game. Buff out you minions first for the ones you want to keep on the field. There are some minions you might want to place down BEFORE you play this. You might wanna damage your Acolyte of Pain or set up heals for Holy Champion. 

Shadow Word: Pain - Good for early game removal.

Shadow Word: Death - Good to remove that "game changing" card your opposing player uses.

Northshire Cleric - This one is pretty obvious. Every priest deck should have them. But in case you want an explanation, here you go... It's wise to damage them on purpose to heal them so you can activate their effect. This is your best source of card draw. Giving them more health makes them an even more important target. Keep them on the board as long as you can. 

Djinni of Zephyrs - I was super excited to see this card in the expansion. I used this to cut down on some of the bulk. This was the main purpose of the update. This works well with almost every card in the deck. It can potentially become a big body. Use him with the twins. 

Confessor Paletress - I love this card. Not only can you turn the game around in the blink of an eye, but it's also so much fun to use. You can use her on turn 7, but I prefer to use her when 9 mana is available. She isn't very hard to get rid of and she's way too precious to lose. Having two legendary cards on the field is super overwhelming. The tide of the game has so much potential to turn into your favor with her because you have the power to summon cards like King Krush, Deathwing, Chillmaw or Tirion Fordring with just two mana. 99% of the time, the outcome will be beneficial to you. (I say 99% because sometimes cards like Baron Geddon will spawn and that can destroy some of your good minions. Maybe, a Lorewalker Cho will appear and you won't wanna give your opponent a Holy Nova when you need to use it.) Using  a spare part to stealth her early is a clever way to use her.

Toshley - What?! This guy in a non-mech deck? Yes. I have had much success with him. Plenty of buffs to trigger other cards with. He his a big body to taunt or swap health with. 


-Establish an early board. It will most likely last into late game.

-Don't waste all of your buffs on just one minion. You can't risk it all for a single card, especially with spells like Hex and Execute out there.

-Don't go crazy with waiting for Fjola, Eydis and Dragonkin Sorcerer to buff them. Any minion will work. Create you dominance early. You won't be able to do that if you're waiting for one card.

-Trade, trade, trade. The high levels of health will more often than not win them.

-Prioritize healing as opposed to buffing. Numbers of minions will benefit you in the run. Know when it's appropriate to buff.  If a minion might die next turn, heal it!

-Don't waste spare parts! A 3/1 Clockwork Gnome is a lot less deadly opposed to a 4/4 Fjola Lightbane with a divine shield.

-Remember that this deck is choc-full of buff cards. Don't be afraid to use them often. Just not too much!

-Keep a full hand!


Light of the Naaru - Don't feel like burning 100 dust? You can put in another Shadow Word: Death/Pain in there! (Preferably Shadow Word: Death.) You can also run Divine Spirit! 

Dragonkin Sorcerer/Resurrect - It's hard to know who has Naxx or Blackrock Mountain or both. So, I'll just go over the two necessary scenarios. If you only have Naxx, Deathlords are a great card to use. They're deadly with buffs and they become an immediate target with Inner Fire. Using a Divine Spirit along with that makes a 16/16. If you don't have either, you can use some of your favorite 3-4 drops. This deck is better with what is listed, but your preference also matters. Maybe use a Saboteur, Dark Cultist or an Injured Blademaster.

Djinni of Zephyrs - I suppose Azure drakes can't hurt. However, this replacement can't be too bulky. I'll try to tinker with other cards, but for now, this is my best offer.

Fjola Lightbane/Eydis Darkbane - These cards are actually pretty essential... However, if you REALLY wanna try out this new method of playstyle, I suppose Piloted Shredders are an okay substitute. They are a little bit more big on mana, but they have great value.

Toshley/Confessor Paletress - Any big guy that's a threat. Choose someone with high attack and health and/or a powerful effect. On the more expensive side we have Ragnaros the Firelord or Chromaggus. If you don't want to break the bank, use something like a War Golem. Again, this one is preference.  I like The Confessor because she has great potential. He seems to be in every deck. Paletress and Toshley are important, but using other cards can't hurt.

Other non-specific substitutions can be Shadowboxer, Dr. Boom or if you're feeling really crafty, Justicar Trueheart

Feel free to tinker around with all of the other cards. Keep in mind that in my case, the deck works best with what is listed, but your preference matters as well. Use similar cards, try new things and see what you like! I'm always reading comments to see what other people like!


After reading some of your comments, I got a few ideas to test out in my own games. From my experiences, you guys had some pretty awesome ideas! Here are a few of the changes I made and why. 

-I removed the Dark Cultist cards in place of Tournament Medics. They have so much more use in the deck than the Cultist and with the right buffs, they're a lot scarier. More details about him are above.

-I removed the Shieldbearer card in place of Wild Pyromancers. Personally, I think Shieldbearers are great. However, most comments I got involved removing them in place of something else. I tested with a whole bunch of replacements, but he seemed to be the most fitting. He has great stats and a pretty decent clear. I like it. More details about him are above, as well.

-I removed Mechanical Yeti AND Light of the Naaru in place of two Inner Fires. The two original cards just kinda seemed... there to me. I never got much use out of them. Now that I have Inner Fires, I have more buffs and something to make cards like Tournament Medic and Ysera a force to be reckoned with. Toshley seemed to be another ideal choice in replace of one of them, but I chose Inner Fire.


-I removed the two Wild Pyromancers in place of two Shieldbearers. These guys are much more worth having on the field. They have saved me in so many situations. Don't knock it until you try it. They dominate the early game.

-I removed two Power Word: Glory's and two Flash Heals' in place of two Acolytes of Pain, a Light of Naruu and a Lightbomb. Often times, I'd find myself with a handful of spells and no minions to put them on. I removed these two accordingly because they seemed the most situational. Cards that almost always have use is Lightbomb which can almost always clear the board in your favor with this deck, and Light of Naruu which is great value for one mana. Also, this deck need card draw and Acolytes seemed to be the way to go.


-I took out one of each: Holy Champion, Tournament Medic and Dragonkin Sorcerer. They are great cards, but your hand gets to bulky with too many of these guys.

-Dr. Boom and Ysera are out. Again, great cards but tempo wise, they are just too much in this deck. I much prefer, the other two legendary in this deck. You many not. That's perfectly okay. It's your choice. I just don't think it's a good idea to have all of these 7-9 drops in one deck.

-I replaced 2 Acolytes of Pain with two Thought Steals. I feel like they have more value and are not subject to silence.

-To replace the rest, I added two Wild Pyromancers. Great 2 drop and has great board clear with all of the buff spells. 


-I took out two Inner Fires for two Resurrects. Inner Fire is a great card, but too situational in this deck. Resurrect provides high value for low cost. 

-I look out one Djinni for an Acolyte. It was to clunky. Plain and simple.

Final Thoughts:

It's been a while since I have updated this deck and I felt this was the perfect time to do it. I feel like this really make the deck a lot better. Please try it out! I would really like to contribute to the Hearthstone community by creating a new fun meta.

I hope you enjoy trying something new and not in the mainstream of Hearthstone. Friendly feedback is welcome! Please, keep in mind that the list of cards is my personal preference. Using cards like Dr. Boom and some other cards mentioned in the substitutions will also be viable. Please leave a comment! All of the feed back I'm receiving is great towards improving upon the deck! Keep those comments coming! Please vote! Good luck, and have fun! :)