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(Legend18NA) Combo/Ramp (no Shades, double Aspi...

  • Last updated Dec 30, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7680
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/25/2015 (TGT Launch)
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Update (new season):
Don't run Druid if my assesment of the meta is correct!
You are slightly unfavoured against Aggro Secret Paladin and Tempo Mage, Face Hunter is a coinflip.
Onlly in a meta when decks like Midrange Paladin, Midrange Hunter, Warrior Control are popular - this deck can achieve a winrate of maybe even as high as 70% (or in extreme cases, as my run to legend was last season - about 80% - profiting from suboptimal lists shortly after TGT-release!).

So, this is the deck I hit legend rank 18 with on NA on two occasions (both on the final day, since I only reached legend near the end of the season). I love the fact that I was able to build this deck on the day of the TGT-release and to see it immediately work! On the day of the TGT-release it actually took me from rank 11 all the way to legend in a couple of hours. Although I was somewhat carried by all the people playing sub-par decks that day, this deck has sustained a very high winrate after that. I never left top 200 legend after reaching it. After the TGT-release date, however, I had to do some non-Hearthstone things and only came back to pilot this deck once again in the final two days of the season. The first day I reached rank 44 legend and consistently stayed around 60-130, the second day I reached rank 18 legend on two occasions (unfortunately I lost immediately after that both of the times) and consistently stayed in top 60 until Tempo Mage seemed to become more prevalent (this is the deck's worst matchup) and I had to stop playing it (at this moment I am rank 124)!

Definitely my most awesome HS-season so far and this decklist seems very consistent (although it should of course be tweaked according to meta demands)! Hopefully you agree and if you don't (or want to say something else), please leave a comment!




Notable cards that aren't in the deck!
- Loatheb: not enough Rogue / Priest / Mage in the meta.
- Sludge Belcher: might take Harrison's spot in the deck if the number of Warrior / Hunter / Paladin-players decreases.
- Sylvanas Windrunner: too slow, bad if you already have the board and vulnerable to silence (not many other silence targets in this deck).
- Shade of Naxxramas: no immediate impact and you have enough early drops already with the inclusion of 1 Living Roots and 2 Darnassus Aspirant.
- Ancient of War: not aggressive enough for its cost and double Azure Drake forces the curve to be a bit lower.

Notable cards included in the deck!
-Cenarius: huge impact on board state with a single card and helps you regardless of whether you are pushing for value or for aggression, wouldn't consider replacing it.
- 2 Azure Drake: compensates for lower curve and the negative 'value' of Ramp, works well with your damage spells, wouldn't consider replacing it except when changing the entire deck to counter aggro (a list which would replace combo cards, Living Roots, Dr. Boom and Azure Drakes for Sylvanas, Ancient of War, Sludge Belcher and probably more heal).
- 1 Living Roots: makes the deck feel more 'rounded'; fills the void of Zombie Chow as well as giving you more removal (to a lesser extent also comboes well with Cenarius and surprises opponents that were playing around combo by staying slightly above 14 health) (oh, and you play it on turn 1 as 2 1/1's vs every deck I can think of, in almost any situation), can easily be replaced depending on the meta.
- 2 Darnassus Aspirant: high-priority target for your opponent's removal or a valuable ramp card, makes playing the deck less straightforward, wouldn't consider replacing it unless the meta contains a ridiculous amount of efficient early-game removal (if every deck runs on average 3 or more cards at least as efficient as Darkbomb in removing a 2/3 on turn 2 - right now those cards are Frostbolt, Fiery War Axe, Backstab, Wrath, Quickshot, Shadow Word: Pain, Flame Imp and Rockbiter (Lightning Bolt/Crackle are less efficient on turn 2), and I think there is an average of slightly less than 2 per deck).

And some tips!
In the most general sense, I was really helped by Kolento's advice on how to approach any given decision: "How will I win this game?". I usually guess what kind of routes the game could go, given what I think about the opponent's deck, the board state, my hand and my deck card quality! Specifically for this deck, when I first reached legend with Ramp Druid (earlier this year), I found that I had never before recognized mistakes I made during the mulligan! In general, this advice applies: almost never keep non-Ramp cards unless you already have got at least 1 source of Ramp in hand and even then only keep it when it's really good (e.g. Swipe vs Pally / Keeper vs Warlock!).