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  • Last updated Aug 24, 2015 (TGT Launch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 1520
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/20/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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**Notable omissions/cuts:**

Backstab: Early tempo is very important in this deck, but backstab is much too dead of a draw later in the game.

Goblin Auto Barber: Buccaneer fulfills its job of buffing weapons, while Annoy-o-tron fills its position as a 2 mana minion that we can potentially play on 2. This card was probably the deck's weakest link, due to the awkwardness on playing it on turn 3, and the fact that this deck rarely wants to play a minion on turn 2.

Argent Squire: While this card was a good card to slow down fellow aggro decks, creating some solid 2 for 1s, it was still by far the deck's slowest 1 drop, and rather useless, outside of being a cold blood target, in other matchups. A Buccaneer played on turn 1, with the 4 damage it generates (2 from the body, the 2 it adds to the weapon), will likely do more damage than an Argent Squire played on turn 1, even if it only survives to make one attack. Meanwhile Annoy-o-tron is a better aggro deterrent, while doubling as a solid Cold Blood target in other matchups.

Loatheb: I feel as if Loatheb is simply too slow for this deck. Far too often, in the turns you would play Loatheb you're looking to set up a lethal turn somewhere down the line, either by daggering up, playing some Oil combo, dropping a Coldlight to dig for that extra reach, etc. It's either that, or you simply don't draw Loatheb, which raises the issue that, by lowering the number of 2 ofs in this deck, Loatheb reduces the deck's consistency. I recognize that Loatheb is only in this list to shut down Freeze mage for the most part, but in a ladder populated with aggro I would much rather be able to reliably draw my Annoy-o-trons against aggro than sometimes draw Loatheb against Freeze.

**The List:**

x2 Cold Blood: A very cheap card that can be converted into a massive amount of damage if the minion with it is allowed to attack more than once, also serves as reach with a charger. Combines well with bubble minions, such as Horserider and Annoy-o-tron for a good chance at repeated damage.

x2 Deadly Poison: Very solid and cheap early removal, useful to protect your fragile minions, so they can put in repeated damage. Obviously combos well with Blade Flurry. Can serve as reach.

x2 Buccaneer: Reliably threatens 4 damage if it survives turn 1, making it an incredibly efficient 1 drop. As it makes itself easier to protect with the dagger it has a legit chance to generate additional value, especially if you can dagger up a second time with it in play. Serves as a combo activator/weapon buff later in the game.

x2 Blade Flurry: Cheap and highly efficient AoE, can create some massive swing turns. Doubles as reach.

x2 Eviscerate: Cheap burn spell, can be removal or reach.

x2 Sap: Removal that can be used to generate tempo in aggro matchups, or get rid of taunts against slower decks.

x2 SI-Agent: This card is just completely dumb. With lots of cheap combo pieces it gets even dumber.

x2 Tinker's Sharpsword Oil: An excellent finisher, especially with a charger, that doubles as board clear when combined with Blade Flurry, or as removal in a pinch.

x2 Leper Gnome: It is an aggro deck after all.

x2 Southsea Deckhand: 1-drop and combo activator, can provide reach with Cold Blood and Oil.

x2 Annoy-o-tron: Can massively slow down any rival aggro decks, represents a sticky target for Cold Blood in other matchups.

x2 Arcane Golem: A big charger that serves as a finisher.

x2 Argent Horserider: A resilient charger that serves as an excellent target for Cold Blood, due to its high chance for repeated Cold Blood damage.

x2 Coldlight Oracle: A godsend in the slower matchups, where them drawing cards is practically meaningless (you can even mill some cards quite regularly) allowing you to dig through your deck for some extra damage. In aggro matchups its good to dig for that last little bit of reach you need at the end of the game.

x2 Piloted Shredder: Dumb, fast, sticky card. Too good not to run.


This deck preys on slower decks, so if the meta does indeed slow down in TGT it will be right at home. The joust mechanic would be the main worrying thing, but it looks pretty bad so I'm not too concerned. On the other hand this deck does struggle a lot against Hunter specifically, (its fine against Eboladin, as Paladins are lacking in reach) so if the meta swings the other way and we start seeing even more aggro decks then it might be in trouble.


EDIT #1:  Been playing a bit more ladder with the pre-TGT list, after some more play I'm definitely considering continuing to run the Loatheb, as it helps prevent blowout Hellfires/Consecrations/etc.  and I'm seeing less Hunter the higher I climb.  Also thought I'd add a mulligan guide and the guide to the aggro player's dilemma. 

**Mulligan Guide**

Keep: Any 1 cost minions (regardless of matchup or coin, even on coin against mage),  Annoy-o-tron against Hunter and Paladin if you already have a 1 drop, or are on coin

So this deck has a very simple mulligan strategy.  Your turn 2 is basically set in stone (daggering up), this deck has a lot of turn three options, as cards like Deadly Poison, Evis and Cold Blood come into play, and as a result you are really only looking for a turn one play.  So far I've always kept Annoy-o-tron against Hunter and Paladin, as long as I already had a 1 drop/the coin.  A lot of the time I find myself daggering up T2 anyways, but its still probably a good keep.  It is very important to note that you should NEVER keep an Annoy-o-tron without a 1-drop or the coin, having a turn 1 play is EXTREMELY important for this deck and drastically increases your odds of winning.

**The Aggro Player's Dilemma: Face or Trade?**

This deck is one of the more interesting decks when it comes to the aggro player's dilemma, one of the most pertinent questions in hearthstone: "Me trade or me go face?".  For Hunters and Paladins, the two most pre-eminent aggro classes, the decision is very simple, neither have hero powers that can create an immediate impact on the board and therefore neither has the ability to frequently generate high value trades.  Rogue is a different matter, with the most efficient hero power in the game in terms of impacting the board state.  In fact a large reason why this deck thrives is the rogue's ability to protect its small minions with the dagger, and this ability to generate beneficial trades means that this deck is incentivized to trade more than other aggro decks.  Make no mistake, you will still be directing most of your damage at the face, but there will still be some key questions to ask at the start of every turn where your opponent has a minion on the board.

Can I efficiently remove my opponent's board?

If yes, then move on to the remaining questions.  If no then go face.

Is my opponent playing a class/deck that uses cards that rely on board presence? Do they have enough mana to use those cards? 

Examples: Paladin: Blessing of Might, Seal of Champions, Blessing of Kings in Eboladin/Blessing of Kings and Coghammer in Midrange

Warlock:  Power Overwhelming, Abusive Sergeant, Dire Wolf Alpha, Defender of Argus, Dark Iron Dwarf in Zoo

Priest: Velen's Chosen, Power Word: Shield

Rogue: Oil

Hunter: Specifically midrange with beasts, Kill Command, Houndmaster

Shaman: Flametogue Totem, Rockbiter Weapon, Thunder Bluff Valiant

Druid: Savage Roar

What would be the result if the opponent played one of these cards?  Could I efficiently deal with the outcome next turn?

It is always important to know your opponent's strongest possible play.  For example a Paladin on coin can follow up a shielded minibot with BoK, which is often a blowout play. If you don't have cards like Eviscerate or Sap then you probably need to kill the minibot the turn its played.  Knowing how you'll respond to that big blowout allows you to choose the right course of action, as long as have the ability to recover some way then hitting the face is usually the right choice.  For example, say you have a Leper gnome, Evis in hand and a one charge dagger against their turn 2 minibot.  You want to remove the divine shield with the dagger and go face with the gnome.  This maximizes the upside in the case there is no Blessing of Kings and even though BoK is still bad for you, it allows you to recover if it is in his hand, killing the 6/6 with the Gnome and Evis.

Could you potentially have lethal within a few turns?  Could they?

If you have a lot of burst in hand and will be able to use it at will/very soon then you should almost always hit the face.  If you suspect your opponent has enough burst in hand to kill you if you leave a minion up then you might want to trade, but you should never take "losing plays" because you're scared.

Is the card on the board one that generates value over time (a "soft taunt")?

If you can remove the soft taunt efficiently, and you don't see lethal somewhere close down the line, then you probably should remove it. 


EDIT #2: First impression following TGT release

Started my TGT laddering today. I've gone something like 15-1 with the new deck. I actually only started laddering on the 21st this month and as a result I'm rank 10, so some of my first impressions might be skewed by having bad opponents.  

**First Impressions:**

 Buccaneer is a completely busted overpowered card.  Like holy shit, this card is completely broken, it literally wins games by itself.  SI-7 level of OP.

Annoy-o-tron is actually quite good in this deck, due in large part to the fact that, similar to the dagger, it protects your small minions. Especially good to help get the second proc out of Buccaneer.

Argent Horseman hasn't really been a standout but it's definitely a very solid, versatile card and has won me some games when it gets a Cold Blood.

Lastly, and this is in no way related to the deck, but it must be said, Tuskarr Totemic is completely broken.  The only loss I got was to that thing pulling a Totem Golem, there is practically no way to recover from that as an aggro deck.