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[TGT] [S18] Legend Oil Rogue - Updated

  • Last updated Sep 27, 2015 (TGT Launch)
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  • 11 Minions
  • 19 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3820
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/16/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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[TGT][S18] Legend Pirate Rogue
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Aggro Pally (not updated):

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 Backstab, 1Deadly PoisonGoblin Auto-BarberSI:7 Agent (2 if u have coin), Earthen Ring Farseer, 1Fan of KnivesPreparation if u have any spell to follow up and need the tempo


1. Try to reduce the enemy early board state as much as u can
2. Try to get turn 4 PreparationSprint
3. Combo Lethal


Southsea Deckhand only has charge WHILE u have a weapon equipped and should only be used as a finisher or a worst case clear.
Try to keep 1 Deadly Poison for Assassin's Blade it gives u an insane midgame powerspike.
Violet Teacher is the key midgame-board-pressure card. When your aiming for lethal it can be reasonable to sacrifice it so the apprentice wont fuck up your Tinker's Sharpsword Oil
Try to use max. 1 Blade Flurry for early removal because this is your winning conditions (This doesnt count for aggro decks such as pally where its enough if u just outvalue him and win on the long run)

Against Patrons combo druid freeze mages etc make sure u save Loatheb to stop their combos.
1.Patron warrior sets up turn 4 Death's Bite so he will follow up turn 5 with Grim Patron and Inner Rage ending with 4 patrons countering it with Loatheb he ends with 2 and potentially even trades the 5/1 so u only need to deal with 1
2.Freeze mage has Ice Block in play and sets Alexstrasza on u Loatheb will make him a max dmg of 14 with Fire Ball and Alexstrasza so u get 1 more turn to pop Ice Block maybe even clear Alexstrasza and follow up with lethal the following turn.
3. Drood gets into Lethal range u can deny his combo with Loatheb in the same second he also wins u board control and practicly gives u 2 more turns to get your combo stuff together


Patron - avg/easy
Control Warrior - Hard
Aggro Pally - avg/easy
Midrange Pally - avg/easy
Combo Drood - avg
Taunt Drood - avg/Hard
Priests - usually easy unless they get insane combos on deathloards and u cant answer
Face Hunter - avg
Midrange Hunter - avg/Hard
Handlock - easy
Zoo - avg
variations of DemonLocks - avg/easy


even tho Bloodmage Thalnos is a key card in any rogue deck many low budget players cant afford it. u can substitute it with Shiv keep in mind that Fan of Knives looses a lot of value and u might want to substitute it aswell
Violet Teacher pretty much equals Piloted Shredder so swap them the way u like
Goblin Auto-Barber took the spot of a 4-Drop in my deck creation so either throw in a Violet TeacherPiloted Shredder or even Edwin VanCleef if u feel confident enough. Its just that u often waste too many cards trying to get value out of it or he just grows too big and is immediately silenced or BGH'd.
I concider Southsea Deckhand a key card in this deck as finisher but if u think u rather need more consistent early board pressure swap it with any 2-.3- or 4-Drop
Many people argue the use of Assassin's Blade its just personal prefference in this case it gives a nice power spike and increases the value of your buffs a lot can be removed by adding 4-Drops most likely
i replaced Assassin's Blade and Earthen Ring Farseer
Playtesting by Khristophesaurus with Sabotage and Shady Dealer because u often just dropped Farseer without actually healing anything and this might catch a buff with Southsea Deckhand