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[S17] LEGEND "Eggbert" Token Druid (Un'Goro Upd...

  • Last updated Apr 20, 2017 (Un'Goro Launch)
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  • 15 Minions
  • 15 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Token Druid
  • Crafting Cost: 3140
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 8/12/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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I just reached Legend (EU) with this deck. The unconventional nature of the deck takes a lot of people by surprise.

Basically the deck is an aggro token druid deck - you build up a board with minions that are either hard to remove or (in case of Dragon Egg and Nerubian Egg) he does not want to remove. You then buff the board with cards like Power of the Wild, Mark of the Wild or Defender of Argus and go for the throat with Savage Roar.

My winrate with this deck was around 65 %. From rank 5 to Legend I played a total of 62 games.

As some nice people gave me some faves, I'll start writing a bit more guide to this deck, starting with general strategy / combos / mulligan. I will write up more for class match ups soon.


Both the Dragon Egg and the Nerubian Egg are really great cards in this deck. The main activators for these cards are:

Mark of the Wild - Do not play an egg and mark it immediately. You will be very sad if it is silenced. However, especially in the early game you will trade AND the egg will still be around for the opponent to deal with as a "buffed" egg can take out a 3/2 minion and stay alive. Yay!

Defender of Argus - Unlike Zoo Lock (who usually breaks the egg by abusing it, overwhelming it or eating it), in most matchups you do NOT want to kill off the egg quickly. Leave your opponent to deal with the egg! The defender is great because you force the opponent to deal with it.

Power of the Wild - An all around great card. You do want to ideally play it when there are at least 3-4 minions on the board. Make sure to get the most out of your PotW when you play it! Sometimes it's better to run your Haunted Creeper into something before you cast it. Likewise if your Dragon Egg can spawn a 2/1 before you cast it, you should go for it, unless the PotW buff would make your egg survive and you have the opportunity to spawn even more minions!

Savage Roar - Around turn 5-7 you might want to use the roar to go for a kill or deal insane damage. Funnily enough this deck often doesn't wait till turn 9 to run "The combo", instead you use Savage Roar when you have several minions out, forcing your opponent to do his best to kill all your minions in hopes of survival and THEN you play Force of Nature for 6 damage (or 9 with Power of the Wild) to finish him off.

Dr. Boom - You might say "Wait! We are talking about ways to activate the eggs right now! Dr. Boom can't do that!" ... Well ... YOUR Dr. Boom can't do that. Your opponents Dr. Boom definetly can. And your opponents knife juggler. And your opponents explosive trap. Sometimes it's better to hold an egg for a turn or two to drop it right before the bombs come flying.

Other Eggciting stuff

Cult Master is currently the only card draw in the deck (I've tried Nourish, unless you count the new Mark of Y'Shaarj.

Cult Master is a good lightning rod - when you drop him, your opponent WILL try to deal with him right away. Keep it in mind when your health is dipping low, even if you only get 1-2 cards out of him in that process.

Budget replacements: If you do not have Dr. Boom, try throwing in Piloted Shredder. That card is great. I just haven't found THE spot for it in the deck yet. It might change. Else swapping one of the two with Dark Wispers is possible as well. Keep an Echoing Ooze in hand for that one, if you can.

TGT: The tournament brings a few nice and eggciting cards for this deck. Will it improve it? You can bet your Living Roots it will!

General mulligan eggtions:

Best starts are: 

Dragon Egg and Mark of the Wild

Echoing OozeInnervate and Mark of the Wild. This is -almost- an autowin, by the way. Few decks can deal with two 3/4 on turn 1/2 and not be crippled in the process.

Else, keep your 1 and 2 drops. Do not be afraid to toss back an Innervate if you haven't drawn early drops, although most of the time you WANT to keep it. Do not worry too much if you don't have ways to activate your eggs. Nigh every third card in the deck can activate the eggs!

If I already have a 1 and a 2 drop or 2 good 2 drops, I might be persuaded to keep either Defender of Argus or Keeper of the Grove or even a Savage Roar. The latter depends on the matchup you are facing. The deck is "annoying" at first and turns into "piranha's have smelled blood on you" once you buff the minions. Against any control matchups, you need that ROAAAR to finish off your opponent eventually. Thankfully those control decks are usually not killing you anytime soon.



General notes:

The good news when playing against a warrior is that they do a lot of their removal via weapons. Nigh all minions you play are very sticky, requiring two weapon hits to be removed. You need however be prepared for whirlwind effects that would kill off the creatures you spawn, mostly the 1/1's from the Haunted Creeper and the 2/1's from the Dragon Egg. A well played Power of the Wild can win you games in that regard.


You can keep Savage Roar - without it, winning is very hard.

Patron Warrior:
Patron Warrior does not have as many control tools against you as the Control warrior. You will definetly want to damage him as fast as possible. If you can not put in enough damage to get a kill even when patron hits, clear your own board by aggressively running your minions into his - especially when Emperor Thaurissan comes into play. You do not want him to run Grim Patron into creatures with less than 3 attack. Defender of Argus can provide you some protection if played on minions to create those taunts to get into the way of the patrons.

Control Warror:
Harder then Patron Warrior, as they have more armor and more control tools available. Try filling up your board early and don't hesitate to play Save Roar early to get the damage in, in hopes of finishing them off afterwards. Keep Innervate to play your late game cards early, but expect Dr. Boom to be taken out by Big Game Hunter. Keep silences for his Slude Belcher. Cross your fingers and pray. If this gets into very late game, you will have a really hard time.


General notes:

Taunt is key. You need to try and stop the hunter's minions and you can only reliable do that by taunting up your own. As Ironbeak Owl has been nerfed, it's mostly a one of - if even. 

Play around traps. You need to get a read on the type of hunter and what's currently played. Sometimes easier said then done. Throw down Nerubian Egg if you expect to run into an explosive trap. Every point of damage the hunter uses to get rid of one of your minions is damage not going to your face.

Lastly, every hunter plays Unleash the Hounds. If your board blows up too much, he will get great unleashes with Knife Juggler. Again one of the reason why Dragon Egg is a really great card for you, especially if taunted up.

Keep Mark of the Wild[card]. If you are going second and don't have [card]Mark of the Wild, keep Defender of Argus, so you can coin him out on turn 3. The best 2 drop against a hunter is Haunted Creeper

Midrange Hunter:
Midrange is easier to deal with as the usual Midrange Hunter will try to control your board, which should be difficult for him. By the time Savannah Highmane comes out, you need to be prepared for a kill OR heavy damage to his face, forcing him to attack your minions instead of you.

Face Hunter:
Harder then the midrange hunter. If the face hunter draws both owls, it's really hard to win the game. Taunt up. Spawn minions. Beware the dogs. And good luck - often you dip low way too early.


General notes:

Much like Warrior, Rogue has weapon removal, which favors you. Try to clear his minions when you can, or at least kill tokens spawned by Violet Teacher (if they are running it). Keep dealing damage to the rogue to force him to try even harder to remove your minions and beware Fan of Knives

Keep Nerubian Egg and Haunted Creeper. Do not bother to keep Dragon Egg unless you can buff it right away - the Rogue can easily deal with it with his weapon and dealing 2 damage to it with either Backstab or SI:7 Agent. Midgame playing one with Defender of Argus on top, this will be much stronger.


General notes:

Priest is one of the hardest matchups, as he can steal your low attack value minions and use them against you. If you can, buff minions attacks up to 4 to keep them (relatively) safe from the Priest's removal. Buffing up a minion (like a spawned nerubian) to 5 right BEFORE you play Dr. Boom or Cenarius is a good idea to bait out a Shadow Word: Death. Beware his turn 6 (or 5 if he has the coin) because of Cabal Shadow Priest. Try to buff your minions to three healths before turn 5 because of Holy Nova

Keep Innervate in hopes of getting more power on the board quickly. Nerubian Egg is better than Haunted Creeper, especially if you can pop the egg at your leisure to get a 4/4 minion. It is not wrong to keep Savage Roar in hopes of zerging the priest down or to use it to get through a Deathlord


General notes:

If you're not playing freeze mage, the matchup against mage is quite good. Try not to pop your own deathrattles as your opponent will have an easier time removing your minions with his spells. Mages rarely run silence and most don't even run Sheep, which again is benificial for you. Taunt is still great to prevent the mage from going all face. Mages random effects like Flamecannon often work against him when facing you.

Keep Nerubian Egg and Haunted Creeper. Dragon Egg is sometimes great to take tempo from the opponent as he will want to ping any 2/1 minions popping out with his hero power. If you're going second, keeping Swipe is an option to be able to remove Flamewaker.

Tempo Mage:
Best mage matchup. His Flamewaker will often shoot very blindly and trigger your minions. Still remove it whenever you have the chance so it will have no chance to snowball. Beware Archmage Antonidas and best have a way to deal with him. Keep Innervate if possible to get out Dr. Boom.

Mech Mage:
A bit harder matchup. Be careful his mechs don't snowball. Goblin Blastmage is thankfully rather inefficient against you. Fill up the board and taunt up. If you have 3-4 minions, play Save Roar early to put pressure on him, so his Fireball will target your minions instead of your face.

Freeze Mage:
Get lucky and pray he doesn't have his second Ice Block ready. Try putting damage in quickly and keep Keeper of the Grove against Doomsayer. If this drags on late game, it's unlikely you will be able to win.


General notes:

Unfortunately I have not played many Shamans currently. Try clearing all their totems whenever you can and burst him down with a good draw. Use Cult Master to draw and trade a bit more aggressivly then against other players. This will help you to outlast the Shaman.

Keep Keeper of the Grove. Against Shamans I would consider holding Swipe in the opening hand to be able to deal with early game minions.

Aggro Shaman:
Just like with Hunter - Taunt is the key here. Especially in midgame, when Doomhammer can be expected. Try to remove Tunnel Trogg quickly, otherwise it's a bit of a race as to who can kill the opponent faster.


General notes:

Playing against a druid can be frustrating at times since they play a LOT of taunts. You need to get good Cult Master value to bash through your opponent's taunts. 

Keep early game like Haunted Creeper and Echoing Ooze. Most druids need a few turns to ramp up. If they innervate out big taunts early and you cannot answer them you will lose. To be able to better answer them, keeping [card]Savage Roar[/card is generally a good idea IF you have early game to go with those cards.


General notes:

It's hard to put in general notes for Paladin, as the midrange version and the aggro version drift apart greatly and your playstyle will change. This however also makes it harder to mulligan. Prepare for the Paladin to Consecrate your board, either buffing your minions or putting unbuffed Nerubian Egg down so you will spawn the Nerubian.

Paladin is the only class where I'm paranoid enough to keep a Swipe in the opening hand due to Muster for Battle. Asides from that, keep early game drops and Mark of the Wild

Aggro Paladin:
Better matchup - you need to stop the aggression. Put taunts up as good as you can and trade into his minions. Try to play your hand out, you do not want the Paladin to get good value from his Divine Favor.

Midrange Paladin:
Sounds weird, but my best matches against Paladin were won when I played a heavy board control game against them. The problem with zerging the Paladin down is that they will come back with heals. Try to remove his minions, always try to get Cult Master value, drawing 2-3 card to outlast them.

Control Paladin:
Pray that he didn't draw heals ... It will take the control paladin a bit to clear you board, but he will and then you're toast.


General notes:

Burst damage is key against the warlock. They will do a lot of the damage to themselves, use it to your advantage.

Keep early game drops, especially eggs, and Keeper of the Grove if you can get it, who works great in both matchups.

Zoo Warlock:
The zoo warlock typically has the edge. Taunt up and try to spawn more minions then him. It's all about board control. Once the warlock starts tapping for additonal card, try to apply burst damage pressure to force him to deal with your minions. One of the biggest problems you will face is Mal'Ganis. If you can not deal with him, you have lost the game. I was sometimes able to set up a Savage Roar turn where I attacked his Void Caller and had enough power left to take out his big minion IF it comes down. Imp-losion sometimes works in your favor as you can run your Dragon Egg into the 1/1's to spawn more minions for yourself.

Build up a board, try to make it hard to remove. Do not taunt up Nerubian Egg, but instead the minions around it. It is too easy for the warlock to attack into the egg and then use Shadowflame to clear the Nerubian. Try not to get him too low too early, to avoid facing multiple Molten Giant. When going for burst, try to really kill him or the Moltens will come flying accompanied by an Antique Healbot. Taunt up so he has to run his big minions into your smaller ones. All in all, the sudden burst damage often kills the Handlock. Keep an Innervate handy to go into Combo on turn 7. The longer it lasts, the more it will favor the warlock.

 Hope these help everybody! If you have more questions, ask in the comments below! And never be afraid to experiment around!

Proof of legend: 

Proof of Legend

Proof of Legend 2

I always liked token druid and was a bit sad to see it go out of style. I played around with a lot of different versions until I made this version. It's seen it's fair share of changes as I tried out a lot of different cards, from Poison Seeds and Violet Teacher to Soul of the Forest.

If you give me a few bump ups, I will gladly write up Mulligan options and matchup guides.

Good matchups: Warrior, Midrange Hunter, Rogue, Mech or Tempo Mage

Okay matchups: Druid, Face Hunter, Handlock, Paladin, Zoo Warlock

Bad matchups: Freeze mage, Priest

Hope you like the deck!

UPDATE: Replaced 2 Harvest Golem for 2 Volcanic Lumberer. So far it -does- seem like an improvement! Will continue to play it, but on vacation now and I expect TGT will be released before I get back. Expect a major overhaul of course then!

BIG TGT UPDATE: I made two versions of this deck now - one actually cuts the eggs and goes more into midrange (will post that seperately after testing). You will note there are big changes. I removed the Volcanic Lumberer and Cenarius to add more early game. As there IS more early game now, I also cut Innervate and one Force of Nature from the deck.

TGT is still fairly new, so there will be lot of testing involved of course. So far it seems to be running quite well, putting up more pressure in the early game. Knife Juggler is now in the deck, courtesy of Living Roots which will guarantee you some juggles.

Also so far Gormok the Impaler is doing quite well!

UPDATE: Put in The Black Knight instead of the Druid of the Saber and cut the Violet Teacher for a second Force of Nature. While Teacher is great in token, you really want innervate for it - and Force applies more endgame pressure to squeeze in more direct damage. This way you can "waste" one and still have a finisher with the other.

If you're looking for more controlly token druid, I made a midrange version that is running very well: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/326279-s18-class-is-in-session-token

UPDATE: Took out the Knife Juggler again, he was a too easy target and didn't exactly carry his weight (yes, he'd be a good 5-6 drop. Not what you're looking for). Added Echoing Ooze back in. Also, Innervate is back in - Druid just needs that extra edge very often and sometimes costlier combos can not be pulled off. I removed the Black Knight again - against a taunt heavy like Dragon Priest, you need to rely on your Keeper of the Grove to do the job (and yes, Priest is still the no. 1 bad matchup). Also I cut Soul of the Forest again. This card can be amazing, but it also can be a terrible drop. 

UPDATE: Back to testing - now with LoE cards. I'll try to play this deck over the weekend and then likely will do modifications. The card I am most excited about is the new Raven Idol. It should NOT be in your opening hand, but it should give the deck some mid game flexibility as there are so many useful spells for you to get (and unless you are in a late game situation with no board, you will always want to have a spell). But again, needs testing, because we all know - Theory is not Practice. I'll keep you updated!

Also note that I haven't reached Legend again - because a) I've been trying a lot of other decks and b) I have a family and only limited time for Hearthstone (still sneak in a lot. ;) )

UPDATE: The nerfs made me change the cards a little. Not sure if I can justify making a WotG edition of THIS deck, because half the eggs are gone. Maybe I'll make another updated version for wild only.

UPDATE: Just made an update (wild only) - there also won't be a standard version of the deck, I've tried it and you are just a "worse" zoo deck. Sometimes it can go well, but any board clears will just destroy you and you can't refill as well as zoo decks. Working on a different Druid deck right now. Note that I dropped Fandral Staghelm in favor of a Mark of Y'Shaarj. While Power of the Wild would benefit greatly from him, there's not enough syngergistic cards in the deck to include a card that you don't want to play on curve (because you want the effect to trigger at least once). Not sure if the deck needs more late game oompf as of yet. I'll play some wild games and let you know.

Updated the guide a bit to better fit the meta, but as things are wild in wild, it's going to take me a lot of games to figure everything out. Played a few games - won them all. Good start so far. ;)

Update: As Un'Goro has great cards, decided to update to Un'Goro. Yes, it's still a wild deck. There's standard versions (kinda) working at the moment, but they're not so consistent in the meta. The key eggs really are Dragon and Nerubian. Thinking about Mark of Y'Shaarj as there are some beasts that could make it worth while, but against aggro, you really want the taunt aspect.