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[TGT Grand Tournament] Coldarra Commander Executus

  • Last updated Jul 25, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 24 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • Deck Type: Theorycraft
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 9900
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/23/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Theorycraft Ideas behind using Coldarra Drake. Garrison Commander and Majordomo Executus for a mage control deck. 

If you have suggestions, let me know what combinations you think will work, or improvements. 


Edit 1: 

Removed a handful of cards. The introduction of Garrison Commander, has made the deck change quite a lot. I think the Commander is strictly better than Coldarra, since most of the time,  Coldarra Drake isn't going to stick around on the board for much longer than a turn. If you don't have any taunts up or an Ice Block when you drop your Coldarra, you are going to want to play one of them.. this means the additional spare mana you would get from Garrison Commander is going to be much more flexible in smoothing out the curve for possible plays on turn 10. 

For example, with Coldarra Drake  best case, you drop it after killing off Majordomo only to use your hero power twice and using all your crystals to clear the enemy board (or kill him, which would be extremely unlikely since this deck doesn't have any board presence early game).

You are then waiting around for the next turn to kill your opponent. 

A more versatile approach, would be to drop the Garrison Commander, possibly taunting up Majordomo Executus or a Molten Giant

With Garrison, you will be able to use your hero power twice, and still have 4 crystals left off. (Useful for additional burst or even BGH'ing your domo if neccessary). 

I've switched out some of the cards such as a second Arcane Intellect, Bloodmage, which would normally help reduce and thin the deck.. in order to sub in Molten Giants and Sunfury Protectors.

Noticeably, this deck isn't running any Fireballs. It might be that this additional burst damage is needed, and one of the 6+ drops is removed. I don't think Alexstrasza can be removed not unless you intend to switch the deck to have much more ealy game... So any futre substitutions will most likely be a combination of Sylvanas Windrunner or Dr. Boom


I'd also like to play around with removing Doomsayers, and all AOE, in favour of adding in early game... Will need to see how the meta changes... but it could be that a tempo mage deck works out quite nicely as well. 

Edit 2:

Quite a number of changes and substitutions. I think part of the problem this deck would have is getting the pieces together for a win condition. With only a single Arcane Intellect, drawing the right cards would be difficult, and you would pretty much be waiting for the enemy to over power you if they run any kind of tempo deck which can keep up pressure. The Doomsayers would of course help, but if they drop an owl, you would pretty much just lose.

Changes to the deck include removing

2x Frostbolt
1x Ice Block
2x Molten Giant
2x Doomsayer
2x Frost Nova
1x Mad Scientist

Inclusions in their place include

2x Fallen Hero
1x Arcane Intellect
2x Explosive Sheep
2x Frost Giant
1x Maiden of the Lake
2x Acolyte of Pain

The old strategy, was to control the board and draw out the game in order to hit your Majordomo Executus [/card]and [card]Molten Giant combo, with security in 2 Ice Blocks.

The new strategy, would be to have a much greater early game board presence, with Acolytes, Explosive Sheeps and potentially Fallen Hero. I've added in a Maiden of the Lake, although in practice I don't know how useful this card will be since, even if you get the perfect turn 4, you won't really end up using it on turn 5, since you will be dropping Belchers most of the time. So, I suspect that Maiden will be the first substitution to be made, possibly in favour of Polymorph (reintroducing it again, makes more sense now that we have lost all of the Frostbolts, Fireballs and Doomsayers). 

The Frost Giants, Alex, Sylvannas are the obvious Sunfury Protector targets.

I would quite like to see how a single Echo's of Medivh works in this deck. If this happens, I would also want to find space for possible Anti-kill Bots too.