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[Asia Top 6 Legend] Vecan’s Control Druid

  • Last updated Jul 24, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 9 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7340
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/19/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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 7/24 News Got some video links at the end of this guide.


Hello, I’m Vecan#3615.

I am a Taiwanese Hearthstone player in Asia-server who hits legend every season.

I have once hit top6 with this deck. Here’s the proof:


Top 6 in Asia


I mainly speak Chinese, but English is ok.

This guide has translated into English by a friend of mine, so the credit goes to him.  

Any discussion or question is welcomed :)

 My twitch stream: http://www.twitch.tv/vecanL


Available Cards to Replace:

We always need to keep our deck flexible enough to follow the current meta. Playing in different server, season and time affect your performance. So don’t hesitate to make a little change while climbing.

Bloodmage Thalnos: Before patron warrior and aggro paladin have raised, Bloodmage Thalnos had been put into this deck for 5 seasons.  This card can play well along with Wrath and Swipe to against zoo-like or face deck. Now I choose Harrison Jones instead to against those weapon classes.


Kezan Mystic: Since this deck is filled with good-shape minions, it is meant to be somehow afraid of Mirror Entity. In the beginning of 2015, around January to March, Mech mage is everywhere in Asia. So it is quite self-explained why I put this here. Now I put Sylvanas Windrunner instead.


Antique Healbot: People in Asia tend to use aggro deck in the beginning of the season, so I run this deck without Sylvanas Windrunner and put Antique Healbot instead then. Mostly aggro deck is very common in Asia before Rank 6.


Nourish:  Since the current meta slows down a little bit in Asia, I think this is a card with great potential. Imagine that your opponent place a Dr. Boom at turn7, it is turn8 and you have no Big Game Hunter at hand but Nourish, what could happen? :D

Moreover, we can have more options to draw cards with this card.



Deck Differences:

This deck is different from any kind of Druid deck. I reform it from taunt Druid. I tried to run with Dr. Boom, Druid of the Flame or Force of Nature, and found none of these works well. Here’s why:

Taunt Druid is well known as its anti-aggro ability. But I replace Sen'jin Shieldmasta with Piloted Shredder, because Piloted Shredder have the highest value at 4-cost. This deck provides you strong survival ability, so there is no need to put Sen'jin Shieldmasta back to this deck. Just follow the meta. According to my experiences, Piloted Shredder is a perfect replacement. Besides, your opponent could hardly tell which kind of Druid deck you actually are.


Kel'Thuzad provides a strong ability to maintain the board control. Try to deal efficient trades with it.


Besides Mind Control Tech and Zombie Chow, I put cards almost as same as midrange Druid. But I don’t put any Force of Nature in this deck on purpose, because Force of Nature sometimes get stuck on hand, and this is what I’ve been trying to avoid. Moreover, fully board control is the main goal of this deck, but Force of Nature could provide us only a little value to aim the goal.


Why no Dr. Boom and Ragnaros the Firelord?

Big Game Hunter is very common in current meta, so I don’t put any target to BGH. In this way, we can easily pin down your opponents’ BGH on hand and make benefits, since Dr. Boom and Ragnaros the Firelord are standard cards to any other Druid decks.


Win Conditions:

The core of this deck is to control the board before we go face. It is obvious that we don’t have strong combos, but it’s not a bad news at all:

Against Aggro

We expect efficient trades and taunts. All aggro decks have to deal with a problem – cards drawing. At the turn they start to draw cards, we give a hard counter-strike or escape from lethal situation. Available combos, for example, like Druid of the Claw + Savage Roar or Cenarius's +2/+2, are good choices to finish your opponent first.

Against Midrange 

To against midrange deck like midrange Druid, oil Rouge, Quartermaster Paladin, we need to know your opponents’ weakness to answer, to trap, or to gamble. I will explain it later class by class.

Against Control

Top priority to against control deck is to restrain their drawing ability. You have ways to stop them. (ofc, except handlock lol)

This deck is not strong enough to against control Priest and handlock in late game, so we have to play more aggressively. Surprisingly, this deck can beat control warrior if you play it well, so try to play stably to against in such easy match-ups. Following guides will give you some tips on it.



Match-up and Mulliganing Tips:


Go first: Wild Growth>Innervate>Shade of Naxxramas

Go with coin: Wild Growth>Innervate=Shade of Naxxramas>Piloted Shredder


Mostly midrange Druid, 60% win rate. Try to avoid Keeper of the Grove silence on your Ancient of War. Use your Ancient of War and Kel'Thuzad to give your opponent pressure.


Go first: Innervate>Wrath>Wild Growth

Go with coin: Innervate>Wrath>Wild Growth>Keeper of the Grove>Sludge Belcher


Easy match-up, 70% win rate. Build your taunts before turn6, and avoid being lethal by using Ancient of Lore. You can finish your opponent with Cenarius's +2/+2.


Go first: Innervate=Wild Growth>Wrath=Mind Control Tech

Go with coin: Innervate=Wild Growth>Wrath=Mind Control Tech=Swipe


Use your Swipe well. Make sure you can maximize the value of Mind Control Tech in your turn.


Go first: Wild Growth>Innervate

Go with coin: Wild Growth=Innervate>Shade of Naxxramas


Easy match-up.

Quartermaster Paladin: Try to use your face to earn board advantages, and finish your opponent by fully board control + Savage Roar. Always keep one Keeper of the Grove for Tirion Fordring.

Aggro Paladin: Try not to draw in mid game, and use your Keeper of the Grove well to remove threats.


Go first: Wild Growth >Piloted Shredder=Shade of Naxxramas

Go with coin: Wild Growth>Innervate=Shade of Naxxramas>Piloted Shredder


Difficult match-up. This deck takes advantages of that Priests are almost extinct in Asia-server. Because we put none of the Force of Nature, which is weakness of Priests, Priests are easy to control the board, especial those bring Lightbomb x2. Try to be as aggressive as you can. For example, a 10/5 Ancient of War would be good a gambling for you.


Go first: Wild Growth=Innervate

Go with coin: Wild Growth=Innervate>Piloted Shredder=Shade of Naxxramas

Difficult match-up. Our high-cost minions make benefits for Rouge’s Sap. Don’t save your Shade of Naxxramas on board for a long time, because stealing tempo is the top priority in this match-up. Try to bait their Sap out, and place Ancient of War for victory.


Go first: Wild Growth=Innervate=Zombie Chow

Go with coin:Wild Growth=Innervate>Shade of Naxxramas=Piloted Shredder


To against midrange Shaman, board advantage is the key to success. Try to control the board by any cost. Kel'Thuzad could be really useful in this match-up.

To against mech Shaman, it is pretty much alike to against Hunter.

 Warlock (handlock)

Go first: Wild Growth=Innervate=Big Game Hunter

Go with coin: Wild Growth=Innervate=Big Game Hunter>Keeper of the Grove>Piloted Shredder


Difficult match-up. Try to play as aggressive as you can. Use your Keeper of the Grove, Big Game Hunter and Piloted Shredder well in the early game and finish your opponent in the midrange. If you have to play in the late game, prepare your Mind Control Tech for the turn when both of the Molten Giant come out.

 Warlock (zoolock)

Go first: Wild Growth=Innervate=Wrath>Mind Control Tech

Go with coin: Wild Growth=Innervate=Wrath=Shade of Naxxramas>Mind Control Tech


50~60% win rate. If you run this deck with Bloodmage Thalnos, zoolock would be easy for you. Keep your Swipe to against Imp-losion. The key to victory is still Ancient of War. Since there are some deathrattle cards in this deck, your opponents’ Ironbeak Owl can hardly silence on Ancient of War. You can’t be too careful to place Ancient of War before none of the Ironbeak Owl has come out.

 Warrior (control)

Go first: Wild Growth>Innervate=Shade of Naxxramas>Piloted Shredder>Harrison Jones

Go with coin: Wild Growth=Innervate>Shade of Naxxramas>Piloted Shredder=Harrison Jones


Easy match-up. Since midrange Druid can press on control Warrior easily, this deck works as well. Kel'Thuzad would be important card in this match-up, because this cards would leads your opponent to Brawl inaccurately. A control Warrior can hardly fight back without Ysera, so always get prepared for the incoming Ysera.

 Warrior (patron)

Go first: Wild Growth=Innervate>Shade of Naxxramas=Harrison Jones

Go with coin: Wild Growth=Innervate>Shade of Naxxramas=Harrison Jones


It is obvious why I put Harrison Jones in this deck. Even though, I think againsting patron Warrior is a fifty-fifty match-up. The key to defeat patron Warriors is to disguise them that we are midrange Druid. In this way, we can force them to Execute our 4-6 drops, and build taunts with Ancient of War, which leads us to victory.



Thanks for your watching  :)

Likes if you like this guide.


If you have any question:

Feel free to leave comments below. I will try my best to answer your question!

Or go Twitch to watch my stream: http://www.twitch.tv/vecanL




Good luck!


Edit 2015/7/24

Here's my gameplay video this morning

Oil Rogue

Mech Shaman

Hybrid Hunter

Grim Patron Warrior

Echo Giant Mage

Face Paldin

Tempo Mage

Mid-Range Druid

Face Hunter