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[S25] Deathrattle Dragon Shaman - Praise the Dr...

  • Last updated Jun 17, 2016 (Old Gods)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Control Shaman
  • Crafting Cost: 10640
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/18/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Hi guys,

this is my Dragon Shaman! You can find the previous updates in spoiler and the most recent updates in bolded.

Previous updates:

First of all, thank you all for your interest. Honestly, I am pretty overwhelmed because I never would have thought that there would be so many to be into that deck, considering that last time the feedback was by far not as good as it was time.  I always try to make new decks to contest against the meta and I´m glad if it helps you. So let´s get to the details!


I´m still overwhelmed by your (positive and negative) feedback, thanks again. But I have the feeling that I do need to clarify some things.

1. This deck is not consistent. It´s probably a Tier 3 deck. I made it some days ago, so far played about 100 games with 62 - 38 from rank 7 to rank 3 and have a lot of fun. In between, I fell back to rank 5 and then back to ran 3. That means, I have an above average winrate on higher ranks, nothing more. If you are looking for a proven, consistent and easy to play deck that is played by a huge chunk of the mainstream, you will not be happy here. If you like Shamans, but not my deck in particular, try Mech or Midrange Shaman.

2. Some people wrote how this deck doesnt stand a chance against aggressive decks. I have to disagree. I have a 60% winrate against aggro decks (Pala/Zoo/Hunter/Mage) and not even teched much more than what you see in the decklist. Against Hunters, it´s actually even easy. Zoo is an issue, but you can tech accordingly if you face a lot of them (Rockbiter/MCT/Owl). If every second game is a Zoo, you should switch the deck though.

3.  I won 20 of my first 25 games when I reached rank 3 and then made the decklist. So for me it deserved the name "Meta Crusher" at that time, but that was obviously my meta. If you play against many tempo mages and zoos, this deck might have a hard time. But I am not forcing anyone to play the deck, just please dont´spam things like "this deck is crap".

To everyone else, I hope you have fun and success with the deck :)

Third Update:

Hey guys, 

after having seen the new Shaman cards, I was actually inclined to wait for TGT until I adjust the deck because it looks like Shaman is getting a lot of love. Yet, in the last couple of days I tested a bit around and yesterday, I was finally so satisfied with the result that I wanted to share with you my changes.

So what did I do? I replaced both Ferals, Recom, one Corrupter and Nefarian for 2x Haunted Creepers, 2x Piloted Shredders and Chromaggus. 

-2 Feral Spirit / + Haunted Creeper:I concluded that the Creepers helped much more against aggro than the Feral Spirits. since they are a very good 2-drop and synergize with the Flametongue totem and Argus. Furthermore, it helps to play on curve on turn 4 with Piloted/Argus/Technician/Hungry because I can contest the board early and dont necessarily have to play Ferals on Turn 3. Haunted will be probably replaced by the Totem Golem soon, but until then, I am more than happy to run the Creepers.

-1 Recombobulator: Recombobulator is a great card and I am sure that in a slower meta, it shines in this deck. But right now, there are just too many fast decks around and it was tough for me to play it in a spot where I wasnt losing tempo or already being behind.

-1 Blackwing Corruptor: This was actually a bit tough, but two Corruptors seemed a bit too clunky, since it forced me to have activators on hand or lose value by playing them without the battlecry. Also with so many five drops (Azure, Loatheb, Harrison, Corruptor), my hand was to sticky and I wanted to have more reliable options.

-1Nefarian: Nefarian is a great card, but often I felt that the outcome was not very helpful and it was usually dealth with pretty quickly.

 +1 Chromaggusis BGH safe, can be played on curve on turn 8 and is great overall since it forces the enemy to kill it or deal with more threats. It´s definitely a downside that you dont have options to trigger the effect on the turn Chromaggus comes into play, but that´s a risk I´m willing to take.

+2 Piloted Shredder: Amazing 4 drop and also helps to fill the gap between Turn 3 and 5. Often, I had nothing to play on turn 4 bedides the Hungry Dragon, now I have the Shredder which helpes generate a lot of tempo and doesnt have a downside. 

Overall I feel the deck is much more better suited against aggro and didnt lose any of its power against midrange/control decks. I hope you like the changes and i´d love to hear your feedback!

September Update:

Hi guys, its me again! It was obvious that this deck would change after the release of TGT and after having played 25 games with the new deck, I´m confident to say that this version is much stronger than the other one. TGT gave Dragon Shaman a HUGE Boost with Totem Golem, Twilight Guardian, Healing Wave and Chillmaw! Yesterday, I won 20 out of 25 games (from Rank 3 to Rank 1), but I presume its because people are trying new decks. But even against the "old" decks, I definitely felt like the deck was so much stronger than before. Since I do run much more dragons now, I also included Rend because I felt like the meta slowed down drastically. I hope you like this version!

November-Update: Hi guys, after having played a couple of other things lately, I changed my Dragon Shaman for this month. I really think Mistcaller is a good fit and adjusted the deck. It feels definitely more consistent and stronger now. Also I feel like the early is stable enough to replace the Earth Shocks with slower cards, but I will test it for a longer period and tell you how it worked! I already tried to update the Gameplay/Mulligan-Guide, I hope you like it. Also I changed the name, because I felt its silly to still call my deck "Meta Crusher" with a winrate of 60%.

My overall aim for November is to hit legend with this deck, so lets see if I can do it ;)


 January 2106-Update: Hi guys, new update for you! As some of you know, I tried to reach legend with the Dragon Shaman, but in the end went for Raptor Rogue instead and did it with that instead. But this time, I really want to reach legend with the Shaman, I adjusted my deck again and this time did a lot of changes. LoE braught us Tunnel Trogg and Brann, both are very helpful! Especially if you can play on curve with Trogg/Totem/Feral, you will be able to fight for the board very easily until you drop your midgame minions. So far this version is doing really great and I am very happy with the overall results. I will update the other sections very soon, but until then, I hope you like the deck! As always, feedback is very much welcome.

 Update: Mulligan and all the other sections are updated!


 May 2016-Update: Hi guys, new update for you! Some of you asked me if I could update the deck to make it suitable for Standard. After a lot of trial and error, I think I found a version that is balanced enough to work vs aggro as well as control and most of all - is a lot of fun to play! Dont be surprised after a first look because of the steep curve - it still works ;)

So WOTG brought us a couple of nice cards and the two I love the most are Nzoth and Hallazeal. Nzoth is overall in my opinion the best Old God and Hallazeal is just insane for any Control Shaman. So I tried to to build my deck around both cards and I am very happy with the result. You should notice though that the deck is not really a midrange-deck anymore - it´s much more of a control-deck and therefore does require you to think ahead a couple of turns and dont waste your resources since you wont have board control until the late game.

Important notice: This deck might frustrate you if you dont draw early enough into board clears, heals etc. So please be careful if you want to grind ladder with it, because it still seems to be a bit inconsistent.

I didnt have the time to completely update the other sections, but I will try to do it asap. 


In general, you want to create as much tempo as possible and not let the opponent take over the board.  Trade effectively, anticipate the plays and save as much hp as possible. You don´t have room for a lot of mistakes since it´s all about value and you will get punished hard for value loss. But you also have a lot of strong cards in your repertoire, so it´s hard for the enemy to deal with your threats once you get going ;-)

It´s also really important to play on curve. Keep that in mind when you mulligan.

Great would be a smooth transition between Trogg- Golem/Scarab- Totem/Feral/Technician- Twilight Guardian - Azure/Corrupter/ - late game. The sooner as you can play Mistcaller, the better! He has a weak body, but will generate immense value in the following turn. Mistcaller with Brann on Board usually means GG.


Important game spots:

Overload situations: LoE gave us the Tunnel Trogg, which is exactly the 1-Drop Shamans needed. Initially, he is weaker than a Zombie Chow, but definitely has more potential. Especially if you can follow up with a Totem Golem, you will have an incredibly strong turn until you approach your mid game. So try to use the Tunnel Trogg with overload-cards if possible. But also anticipate when using them. Especially the use of Totem Golem after Turn 2 is important, since many of your minions are played on curve and you will sometimes miss that one overload. So wage the cost between playing a Golem on the expense of having a "loss turn" vs. just toteming up and playing a Technician next turn. The same goes for Feral Spirits on Turn 3. Unless you are playing against super aggressive Decks, sometimes it makes sense to not play them when you have a Twilight Guardian on Hand.

Ping value: Extremely important are your "ping" cards, i.e. Blackwing Corrupter and Fire Elemental. They can generate a lot of tempo and make that extra-difference, so use them wisely. Also try to avoid using them on face, if possible always target minions.


Mistcaller: When he was first introduced, I felt he was too slow. But I am playing him right now and I am convinced that he is a great card.It´s sometimes hard to find a good spot to play him, but if you can keep your enemy in check in the early, dont be scared to play him in Turn 6 instead of a Fire Elemental. He will generate so much value afterwards that it is going to be worth it.



Card choices and replacements:



  • Ysera - I love her and wouldn´t want to replace her by any means. But if you don´t have Ysera, you can go for Nefarian. It should be a dragon though, otherwise Guardian/Corrupter might be harder to activate.
  • Healing Wave: I definitely recommend running at least one Wave. I even run two because of the aggressiveness of the meta. It´s amazing against aggro and later on can help you play greedier if you have enough HP as a backup
  • Mistcaller: Hard to find a replacement, but probably Emperror.
  • Jewel Scarab: Initially, I didnt play her. But the Scarab is definitely by far the best in Shaman Decks because they have so many incredible 3-Mana Spells (Feral Spirit, Far Sight, Healing Wave, Hex, Elemental Destruction, Lightning Storm) and I am very glad that I included her now.
  • Brann: Brann is love, Brann is life!! This guy is such a monster in this deck. You have a lot of battlecry-minions (2x Technician, 2x Scarab, 2x Guardian, 2x Azure, 1x Corrupter, 2x Fire Elly, Mistcaller, Neptulon) that it´s hard not to trigger the effect. If he survives the turn he is played, you will be able to pull of really nasty stuff. So try to protect him as much as you can!


This deck is obviously about dragons so there are lots of them in the deck ;-) Originally, I had five dragons (1x Hungry Dragon, 2x Azure, Ysera, Chromaggus ). Sometimes it sucked because I couldnt trigger the Guardian or Corrupter. But that changed with the new dragons!

Twilight Guardian: Twilight Guardian is ABSOLUTELY insane and just what the deck needed. A 4 mana 3/6 taunt, that is also a Dragon, boosts this deck by so much more!

Azure Drake: synergizes with Lightning Storm as well as draws you cards (which is pretty important since you dont have a lot of card draw).

Corrupter: is Fire Elis´s little brother and is insane in generating tempo if you can kill off a minion on turn 5 and drop him.

Chillmaw: I really like him because a) he is a dragon, b) he has possible AOE and c) even if you dont have a dragon on hand, he is still a 6/6 taunt, which isnt too shabby.

Neptulon: Initially, I didnt play him. But I really do love him because he just gives you that extra card draw that you sometimes lack. I often had the feeling that the cards in the deck were super strong by themselves, but I just ran out of steam way too fast. Neptulon solves that problem by giving you four cards. And even though they are most of the times not double Commander and OME, the enemy still has to deal with them.

Ysera: Value monster and your finisher.




Against aggro, mulligan for

  • 2x Tunnel Trogg
  • 1x Zombie Chow
  • 2x Totem Golem
  • 1x Feral Spirit
  • 1x Lightning Storm

If you have both Totem Golem and Storm, mulligan one away, since you dont want both overload cards in your opening hand. 

Against slower decks, mulligan, go for 

  • 2x Tunnel Trogg
  • 2x Scarab
  • 2x Totem Golem
  • 1x Feral Spirit
  • 2x Technician

 If you run into a lot of mages/hunters, also think about adding Kezan. In this case, I would probably remove a Corrupter. In general, try to tech accordingly, you do have cards that are replacable and where you can be rather creative.


Control Decks:

Control Warrior/Priest: Favored. I have a winrate of about 75% against them. Control Warrior is super easy, the new Control Priest a bit tougher. Try to avoid your Ysera getting cabaled/entombed. You have to pressure them so much that they start targeting lower value minions. Then you can win easily. Especially after you used Mistcaller, the Priest will have huge troubles because he cant deal with all your minions effectively.

Handlock/Renolock: Rather bad, often goes to fatigue where they win with Jaraxxus. But if you can kill their minions one by one and mantain board presence, its doable.

Midrange Decks:

Midrange Druid: Good.  I have a winrate of about 60% against it. Just dont let them bring you down to 14 on an open field. But if you anticipate well and try to save your Taunt Minions/Healing Wave  for Turn 9 and after, it´s pretty good. Especially Healing Wave will make a big difference, so use that wisely.

Dragon Priest: 55% winrate so far. Usually is decided over the early and who can control the board in the mid-game.

Secret Pala: Decent, about 50% so far. Usually, the first MC is easy to handle. It only gets rough if he has another MC/Boom Follow-Up. If he doesnt, it´s not hard.

Tempo Mage: Pretty good, 60% winrate so far. If you know he is a Tempo Mage, dont drop Zombie Chow mindlessly. Might be a really good Mirror Entity Target!

Zoo: Decent, about 55% so far. Hard to deal with the sticky board. But it´s still very doable, just dont let them overwhelm you on the board.

Midrange Hunter - 60% winrate.




In the first day, my winrate was excessively high (about 85%, i.e. 15-3). Now it´s much less (32-14), but still at about 70%.

These are my stats from today:

Anyways, thank you so much again guys! I hope you like it and I am always glad about your feedback!