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Powerball: Winning the Spell Lottery

  • Last updated Jul 8, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 2 Minions
  • 28 Spells
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With this deck you're doing what most people are doing, you're trying to play a heap of spell and just the right minions to turn the game around. Here we've chosen to play just 1 minion, Wild Pyromancer, this is because this deck is a touch on the slow side and one of the way to get back in it is to have a good Wild Pyro turn in the early game with Innervate or in the Midgame.

We run a few unconventional cards like Dark Wispers, Poison Seeds, and Soul of the Forest. Soul of the Forest is one of the best cards IMO since it always buffs something now. Obviously Druid is one of the classes has a spell that makes a minion, Power of the Wild, but that minion also happens to be very versatile because of the Choose 1. Innervate is the most out of place, but its mostly their to set up combo turns, not just to jump out an early spell. The most cut-able card is Tree of Life, but since it also going to always get you the best possible minion and likely enough time to do something with it I think 2 is fine. You're no really looking to just overrun your opponent even though you can indeed do that. All the brawl decks fight for the board pretty well, and generally you'll end up behind early and have to come back, but you can have such explosive late game turns that its not that hard. 

Obviously like all brawls there is a lot of RNG, so if the deck isn't working for you I'm sorry but I've won 5 of 7 games to get my daily done and figured I'd post this.