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Midrange Druid Mayhem [Top 25 Legend]

  • Last updated Jul 13, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 8540
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 7/1/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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If this gets +30, I will write a detailed guide.

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Guess most of you know the general idea of this deck. Cheat the mana curve to play some bigger minions early and try to keep or get board control until you can finish your opponent with the Force of Nature + Savage Roar Combo. So let's go into more details.  

Some basic things that apply to almost every matchup:
You want to have a solid curve. So DON'T use Innervate + Shade of Naxxramas on Turn 1, when your hand contains nothing to do on turn 2 and 3. If you have for example a starting hand: Shade of Naxxramas, Innervate, Azure Drake, Sludge Belcher, The Coin, Ancient of Lore. When you Innervate+Shade of Naxxramas T1 you have to draw into something for T2 and T3, or you do nothing. It's better to plan for T3 Shade of Naxxramas > T4 Coin + 5-Drop > T5 5-Drop or something similar. You can still change the plan and Innervate into Ancient of Lore or play something you draw. But this way you aren't depending on your draws, cause you already have a reasonable curve within your current hand. So always think some turns ahead. Worth mentioning here. I pretty much never use Double Innervate + Dr. Boom or something like that. I wouldn't even keep two Innervates in my starting hand. If they can deal with your Innervated minion you'll have just a few cards left in hand. So you probably just gonna topdeck for a while.

As you are a combo deck, you have to draw into your combo eventually. That's why I think card draw is really important and that's why I'm using two Azure Drakes (also the Spellpower is really nice). Don't forget that Wrath can draw cards as well. I guess I'm using Wrath more often to draw a card then to deal 3 dmg. It's not rare that you're hand is full with cards you can't use or you need to draw combo soon to end the game. In that cases it's often not wrong to use Wrath on one of your own minions. I'm doing this fairly often. Your stealthed Shade won't immediately die cause of 1 less HP, so why not draw the card instead of doing nothing. Just make sure you don't put them into range of common AOEs.

One of the new additions to Combo Druid is the ET and I feel like it's hard to evaluate when you should play him. If I can play something else, I try to be greedy and only play ET when I can get a discount on at least one card like Roar, FoN or Swipe. These cards can extend your combo or in case of Swipe even help to clear the board and still play a minion. Other than that, if he's innervate he can really help to smooth your curve. He acts like a wild growth then.

One of the hardest things to decide is probably when to reveal the Shade. I'm gonna explain this in the matchup-section as I feel like the decision really depends on the matchup.  

Winrates are covering matches from Rank 4 to Legend #25.
Proof Winrate - 61%  

vs Warlock:  

Zoo/Demonzoo (17 Matches - 70% Winrate):
Mulligan: Innervate, Chow, Growth, Wrath, Shade, Keeper, Swipe
Keeper, Wrath and Swipe are more important than the rest of the cards. So if you don't have any of them. You might even think about throwing back a Shade or Innervate.
In the early game you just try to not get overrun. Therefore it's important to have the cards just mentioned. Keeper is the best early game card you have. If you can get him out on T2 with Innervate, T3 with Coin or just on T4 to kill a Knife Juggler or a Flame Imp it can be a really huge tempo swing. Other than that you can silence a Void Terror, Void Caller or an Egg.
Speaking of eggs. When you have a good way to kill the Nerubian that comes out of it, you should think about killing the egg by yourself. That way, the 0-2 body of the egg, doesn't get any value through an Abusive or a PO.
Another important card here is Swipe. It can kill so many minions at once with all the 1-Health Imps etc. I'm always greedy with my Swipes. Therefore I won't use them in T4 on an Imp Gang Boss alone. It's your only AOE and you gonna need it.
To not fall back on board too much you should also not be too greedy with your Shade. Revealing him early to kill a minion and force the opponent to trade another one into it is usually enough value.  

Handlock (12 Matches - 83% Winrate):
Mulligan: Innervate, Chow, Growth, Shade, BGH, Keeper, ET(mostly with Coin)
Against Handlock you just wanna curve out well and play one big minion after another. They don't have a good way to clear your board other then Shadowflames. So make sure you don't give them a good one. Therefore play around Moltens. Try to keep them on just as much health that a Molten + Shadowflame can't be played. Playing around Moltens is probably the most important thing here. But it doesn't mean you should never attack their face. You have to bring them into combo range. So always thing about how much damage you can deal next turn and how many taunts you can pass.
ET is a card that helps you win this game even faster. You usually have to pass some taunts before you can kill them. ET allows to use Combo or Roars plus Keeper to silence a Taunt or Swipe to kill one.
Early shades are also important as they can grow to kill a big minion. There is no need to reveal a Shade early. Just keep him growing for combo, or to kill a Giant or high health Drake. Of course if you expect a Shadowflame that you can't dodge you should attack before he does nothing.  

vs Mage:  

Freeze (5 Matches - 80% Winrate):
Mulligan: Innervate, Growth, Wrath, Shade, Keeper, Ragnaros
Ragnaros is the single best card you have against Freeze Mage. He can win the game alone, as he's immune to freeze. Other then that, always keep your Keeper for Doomsayer unless you have another way to kill him.
This matchup is fairly easy. Just play one Minion after another. Don't bother about their minions too much. You can usually just go face. And most of the times it's better to not kill a mad scientist anyways, as they have the chance to draw into the secrets first. The only minion really worth killing is Acolyte, so they don't get more than one draw, and sometimes Thalnos. But more than often the spellpower doesn't matter anyways. So don't attack with a 5 Attack Lore into a Thalnos if not needed.
It's important to get as much damage in as you can. So using Roar just to push for a lot damage before they freeze your whole board isn't the worst to do.
Once you got in range to pop the Iceblock, make sure to keep something in hand that can deal damage even when your board and face is frozen. Like Druid of the Claw, Swipe, etc.
To survive all their damage you will more often use Lores to heal then to draw and you should also try to Hero power as often as you can. This one Armor might not look like much, but it's an Alexstrasza protection and can sometimes be a difference.
Don't reveal shades early. You can let them grow until they can't just ping + Blizzard/Flamestrike them.  

Tempo/Mech (17 Matches - 41% Winrate):
Mulligan: Innervate, Chow, Growth, Wrath, Shade, Keeper
This is probably my worst matchup. When I win, it usually comes down to playing a survival game until they run out of cards. But if they draw well, you can't deal with their board efficiently as their minions usually have around 3-4 HP and Swipe isn't a help here at all. I would never play Chow on T1 against Mage. Mirror Entity is far too annoying. I usually keep the Chow until they play a secret.
Shade will get revealed rather early to prevent some damage. Just like against Zoo.  

vs Warrior:  

Patron (20 Matches - 75% Winrate):
Mulligan: Innervate, Growth, Wrath, Shade, Shredder, Keeper, ET(with coin)
You want to force them to use their cards clearing your board. Try to play minions that don't die to a weapon without doing something. Shredder is perfect here, as he leaves something on board. Therefore you can often charge your DotC into a minion. If he uses his Deathbite on a 4-3 DotC that already killed an Armorsmith for example, that's great.
To make them run out of cards, you should always deny draws as good as you can. Silencing an Acolyte of Pain is pretty much always a good idea. Also don't give them easy executes. Example: You have a minion on board and he didn't kill it and only played an Acolyte.
It's probably better to Wrath the Acolyte than attacking it. So he needs something else to activate the execute. Like a Whirlwind that he would have liked to use with Patrons. Patrons are your biggest fear though. You need to play around them as you can't really deal with a lot of Patrons. This means, don't play a Keeper T7. You know the next turn could be Warsong + Patron.
Their biggest fear is your combo. They only have 2 Taunts in their deck (sometimes 4 with Ghouls), which all only have 3 HP.
Your Shades can usually grow until combo or to kill something big. There is not a single card in their deck, that can kill a stealthed Shade.  

Control Warrior (14 Matches - 71% Winrate):
Mulligan: Innervate, Growth, Shade, Shredder, Keeper, ET(with coin)
The best card here is probably the Shade. Except Brawl they can't deal with Shades. You can let them grow until they can kill a Shieldmaiden or something similar big without dying or until you combo. Just be careful with Brawl. From T5 onwards, whenever you have three minions on board. You should expect Brawl. Therefore start attacking with the Shade, even if its only 7 dmg to the face. If you can remove 5 Armor with that attack it's not gonna be too easy for them to kill the Shade.
Other than that many things are similar to the Patron matchup. Play one big minion round after round. Play around Executes and try to force executes on weaker targets, deny draws. And on top of that be aware of Shieldslams, so try to minimize their armor.
ET is pretty good here as he can allow double combo. And you often gonna need double combo to get through all the armor.  

vs Druid:  

Combo (25 Matches - 56% Winrate):
Mulligan: Innervate, Growth, Shade, ET(with coin)
The mirror sadly often comes down to who gets the Growth and who doesn't. So hard-mulligan for it. This means even throwing a Shade back, when you don't have Innervate or Growth.
But if you do have Innervate or Growth, Shade is awesome. You usually let him grow until he kills a Belcher, DotC or Lore, and still has more than 1 HP left. The one with the better curve will usually win. Playing a big minion after another and making favorable trades while still dealing constant damage to the face is the key to win. Keep your taunts healthy and use the minions that hide behind them. Don't bother trading more than one minion into one of their's. Other than Swipe there is no AOE to play around. So before giving up your board to kill a minion, just deal some face damage. If he's afraid of dying to combo. He will start to do unfavorable trades.  

vs Hunter:  

Face (14 Matches - 64% Winrate):
Mulligan: Innervate, Chow, Wrath, Shade, Keeper, Swipe
You don't need Growth against Face Hunter. If you already have a Keeper you should keep Growth I guess. But cards to immediately deal with their minions are much more important.
Again Keeper is the best card you get. It kills a minion and give you a body that probably can kill 1 or even 2 other minions. Don't hesitate to silence a Scientist, Creeper or Leper Gnome if there's no good target to kill. You probably still want the 2-4 body. Swipe is also awesome here. It can kill nearly all their minions.
Ancient of Lore is for heal only here. You pretty much never need 2 more cards. The match will end around T5-9. Keep that in mind. You don't only have to clear all the time. You need to win fast. That's why Swipe is so good. I usually use it to get 4 dmg to the face and kill most of their board at the same time.
If you can kill their first minions and get some on the board by yourself. You can usually win with one or two roars alone. Shade is going to be revealed immediately. He is just there to have an early minion.  

Midrange (14 Matches - 42% Winrate):
Mulligan: Innervate, Chow, Wrath, Shade, Keeper, Shredder, ET(with Coin)
This matchup is pretty much 50-50 for me. Save your Keeper for Highmanes and try to play similar to the way you play against Face Hunter. Clear the board while still dealing constant damage.
You know they have Freezing Traps. Good minions to bounce back are Keepers, as they allow another silence. Other than that remember that the FoN Trees are minions as well.
Don't really feel comfortable about this match, that's why I keep it rather short.  

vs Paladin:  

Midrange (2 Matches - 50% Winrate):
Mulligan: Innervate, Chow, Wrath, Shade, Keeper, Swipe, ET(with Coin)
If you allow the Paladin to build up a board you probably loose. But as long as you can deal with their early game and have a Swipe for the Muster for Battle, they gonna have a hard time clearing your board. If they can clear your board with Equality plus Consecration that's unfortunate but not as bad as it might look. They will spend 6 Mana doing so. As long as you don't commit to the board too much you should be able to build up a board, that's annoying for them to deal with, pretty fast. Just don't let them get easy kills with their Silver Hand Recruits plus Equality. So try to keep their board clear.  

Ok so that's it. I hope I didn't say too many wrong things and you enjoyed reading it. ;)
If you have any questions feel free to use the comments to ask.