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  • Last updated Jul 1, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 4740
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/23/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Welcome to the deck write up for Balladin aka the Traphouse Paladin


Where it all started...

Drunk on a weekend night. Played against a Paladin in arena who ran a boatload of secrets.
I rage quit to retire my run after a landslide loss to a seemingly troll ass deck.
Some say he is still spamming Well Met! 

Seriously though... F*** that guy


EZPZ Lemon Squeezy (Easiest Match-ups)



Hunters will try to rush you down from 30 to 0 ASAP.

Few cards that severely foil this plan early on:
Noble SacrificeCoghammerKezan Mystic.
(Face Hunters this is where you die)


Abundance of divine shield makes trading easy in the mid game.
Argent Protector to refresh those on your buffed (Avenge) or taunt minions (Sludge Belcher).


There are zombie taunts that come back to life with Redemption.
And we can agree that Tirion Fordring is bae.
(Hybrid and Midrange Hunters this is where you die)


Mech Mage/Tempo Mage

Goal of Mech Mage is to try and stack as many minions as possible with Mechwarper and pretend that they are Face Hunters while doing that.


Play these cards in conjunction with others and the machines seems to think you are Morpheus:
Noble Sacrifice, Shielded Minibot, CoghammerKezan MysticTruesilver Champion.


Meanwhile the Tempo Mage is in a corner recreating the scenes from How to Train Your Dragon with his silly Mana Wyrm.


They will try to cast their cute little spells in combination with Flamewaker
which you can cut down with Truesilver Champion the very next turn.


"You win this one."

But I'm not a rapper.



While tapping into higher mana, the Handlock's hand is like a casino vault on fight night
And Divine Favor is Ocean's Eleven.


It's almost like throwing down Harrison Jones on a Lord Jaraxxus.


Redemption, CoghammerArgent Protector are few cards that prevent full board clear.

Cleat taunts with weapons, divine shield , Argent Commander if needed.


Make them attack you with their Mountain Giant into Noble Sacrifice.


Continue hitting face like Tyson then drop a Repentance at the right moment.

That 1 hp Molten Giant go down from a jab like Kimbo Slice, Fam.


Mill Rogue 

Spam Well Met! Until they concede.


I just beat you with one hand ;)



Aimbot Maphack Gameshark (Hardest Match-ups)


Patron Warriors

The Combo Warrior, also known as Patron Warrior, is a Warrior hellbent on drawing.

If you want to win this match-up, the number one goal is to prevent card draw.

One can do this in one of two ways:
1. Rush down the hp bar to dangerous levels.
2. Smart board control (Example: Truesilver Champion to hit Grim Patron, Warsong Commander, Acolyte of Pain)


You have to play the villain.

Stop Pikachu from collecting all them Rare Candies and Gym Badges, before its too late.

Prevent Yugi from gathering all 5 pieces of Exodia.


Everyone get in here :3 


 Control Warrior

Big heavy hitting minions... Check

Ways to gain 18686176asdf08191337541 armor... Check


The modern day Control Warrior from season 15 is Drake.

Because of our friendly neighborhood slut aka Face Hunter and her bitch ass friends Mech Mage and Zoo, this guy has major trust issues.


This is the era of double Brawl which cuts thru divine shield and does not proc Redemption; and there's Baron Geddon.


Execute and Shield Slam means that the Warrior can remove big threats such as Tirion Fordring with reletive ease.


And there is not a simple way for us to deal with the damage we take from Alexstrasza, Ragnaros the Firelord and Grommash Hellscream.


Wow that is a lot of Legendaries and Defenses... Rich dude afraid of getting hurt?

That's Drizzy Drake.


Taunt Control Tank Druid

One card literally shits on everything we've accomplished in the last 20 mins while this Druid roped every turn. Tree of Life.


This sick bastard runs two of those.

A Tank Druid is the type of person who throws a basket of puppies into traffic.


There's a 98% chance that he will add you afterwards and send you a Rick Roll link you don't want to click on.


Good Cards to Keep

















Noble Sacrifice, Shielded MinibotAvengeMad Scientist

Divine Favor, might as well in case its Handlock








User: Valouras experiments with Secretkeeper in an Aggro version of this deck




"I don't have Tirion Fordring what card is a good replacement?"

Tirion Fordring is that late game carry card that closes games.

It is untargetable by Big Game Hunter, provides a good late game body versus damage threats (6/6 Taunt/Divine Shield), and gives you a Ashbringer when popped.

Arguably this may be the best class legendary in all of Heartstone.


Maybe (a late game closer minion that has an attack lower than 7) Kel'Thuzad or Sneed's Old Shredder, it has to be a minion that doesn't give value to the opponent's Big Game Hunter (which is super common in this meta).


If you can't afford a legendary at the moment, a Piloted Sky GolemRedemption combo could put in work.


"How do I play against zoo?"

Sea Giant Zoo Warlock may be one of the easier match-ups.

The abundance of divine shields and secrets make mid game trading effective while maintaining board control.


Although Imp Gang Boss is op versus most classes, dropping Truesilver Champion on turn 4 almost guarantee's that the game is won.


Just have to make sure to play around Hellfire.

And not to flood the board to make way for Sea Giants.


Demon Zoo Warlock, however is an interesting match-up.

Voidcaller into Mal'Ganis or Doomguard is a potent combo if one can be lucky enough to draw those by turn 4 while maintaining board control versus this deck.


Even when losing, if you are able to withstand the onslaught until turn 6 or 7: where Sunwalkers and Sludge Belchers can come down on the board with secrets, it is all down hill from there. :)

That turn 8 Tirion Fordring is also a fantastic game closer.


This deck is favored versus Zoo, although RNGsus can turn the tides.


"How many times did you test this deck before posting it here?"

I think there were 5-6 versions of this deck before settling on this one (The most consistent 80% winrate on ladder).


The first deck started with all 5 Paladin secrets being used, a total of 10 secrets.

That version lacked the minions for end game finishing power:

A role later filled by Argent Commander.


The previous set up to the one posted here ran an Equality instead of Repentance for the combo board clear.

This version also featured a Piloted Shredder instead of Kezan Mystic


I started to see that running Equality helped my opponents by reducing the health of my own minions to 1 when I was already winning the board (no real need for absolute board clear)


With the meta filled with Mages and Hunters, Kezan Mystic was an obvious choice.


I play tested for about a month to ensure consistency before posting here.


"What is your favorite class?"

I love playing Control Warrior: Golden Ragnaros the Firelord and Alexstrasza

but too many aggro decks are out there right now.


One of my all time favorite decks is:

It's an OG tempo Mage deck by H2K Pesty.


Love playing Shaman but they are not in a good spot in season 15.


"Can you go more in depth about Face Hunter?"

Versus Face Hunters, don't be afraid to race them for face. Your kit offers you plenty of damage.

Hit face with Truesilver Champion whenever you can for the extra sustain.

Once the Sludge Belchers and Sunwalkers start coming down all the Hunter has to fall back on is Kill Command.


Try to play around Knife Juggler and Unleash the Hounds and remember not to over-flood the board

Huffer is op though :3


"What are your thoughts on Blood Knight?" 

Blood Knight could be a potent damage threat.

I would still place higher value on the taunts with divine shields in the mid to late game.

(Due to Aggro Decks being more common in this Meta)


Also a Blood Knight with stats higher than 7/7 gives value to the opponent's Big Game Hunter which is supposed to be a dead card vs this deck.


"Can I run Dr. Boom?"

Dr. Boom is a powerful card that I recommend against on this deck.

Players will often run Big Game Hunter in this meta with the sole purpose of countering Dr. Boom and other big minions with 7+ Attack.

Also some decks run double Big Game Hunter.


Not running minions with 7+ Attack ensures that those Big Game Hunters are dead cards (4/2 with no Passive, Battlecry, Deathrattle)

This takes away value from your opponent's deck.


"What about Secretkeeper?"

Secretkeeper is an amazing early game focus card.

The snowball potential is absolutely insane.


If you want to add a Secretkeeper to your deck, I would replace an Argent Protector in it's place.

However, it is important to recognize that Secretkeeper is a dead card if you don't draw it in your first few hands.

It is especially dead if drawn in late game (card valued at 1 mana with 1/2)

I prefer the Argent Protector as it is a more consistent card in all stages of the game.


"Isn't Priest a hard match up?" 

Priest is an even match up (not a hard match up) due to the fact that RNG can play a significant role.

Depending on which secrets you can play on your first few turns, the game can go very differently.


A turn 3 Injured Blademaster into Circle of Healing can be a devastating play because it has a large body for a low mana cost (4/7 for 3 mana).


However, Deathlord, which is a card that many Priests run in season 15, is often times a double edge sword.

If you have a Truesilver Champion in your hand, there is a good chance Deathlord can be cut down for a taunt, a turn 4 Sunwalker guarantees the win.


Remember not to overextend to prevent Holy Nova and Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing from getting full value.


Cabal Shadow Priest can be annoying but by the time it comes down, there are plenty of options to deal with that because you will have 6+ mana.


Lastly, try to bait out Shadow Word: Death with Avenge buffed minions to make way for Tirion Fordring on turn 8.

Most "anti-aggro" Priests run just one Shadow Word: Death.





Added a gameplay section. Post or send me your gameplay videos to be featured :)

FAQ will continue!

Post you rank achievement to gain recognition!


We made it boys

Thank you all for the support


I am by no means a professional writer thank you for bearing with me to the bottom of the page :)