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h0z's New Fatigue Druid counter aggro decks

  • Last updated Jun 25, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 4980
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/22/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Hello, this is a new fatigue druid deck updated from old fatigue decks from months ago. It counters all aggro decks and can beat most control decks unless your draws are very bad. The goal of this deck is to burn through your opponent's entire deck and killing them by fatigue while you survive with healing.

With this deck you must look at each matchup differently. Sometimes you may want to mill their cards aggressively, other times you may want to control the game more and slowly wear them down. It all depends on the state of the board and the deck you are facing. Generally if you are being aggro'd down, you do not want to spend your mana on cards that do not defend you against their aggression, pretty much common sense.

General tips:

If they produce an acolyte of pain, try your hardest to make sure it gets all three draws out of it because that speeds up the process of them going into fatigue.

The best cards to use pandas on are (in this order): coldlight oracle, healbot, grove tender, and deathlord (when deathlord is on low health to reset it).

If you are against an aggro deck and you are starting to get very low, if you have another way to clear their minions you should do that instead of using baron geddon as if they choose to keep it up you lose two health every turn and that could mean your death.

 vs. shamans keep mana tide totem up as long as you can, it will make you win the game easily.


2x Naturalize: Pretty self explanatory. 1 mana instant removal + mills your opponent which is ultra value for this deck.

1x Wrath: Early game removal or can be used for card draw if your hand is stale. Useful for removing piloted shredders or early aggro minions like whirling zap-o-matic (f*ck you aggro shamans).

2x Youthful Brewmaster: Since druids do not have shadow step like rogue does, we must use brew masters to return priority battlecry cards back into our hand after playing them such as coldlight oracle, grove tenders, or king mukla.

2x Healing Touch: 3 mana for 8 health is good value for this deck. Normally you want to use this on your face when you can, but if you can heal a deathlord to make him stay alive an extra turn or two that is ok also.

2x Coldlight Oracle: The best mill card in the game, auto-include in any type of mill/fatigue deck. You should aim to use brewmasters on this card to get the best value out of it.

2x Dancing Swords: A 4/4 body that draws a card for your opponent is amazing for this deck. Normally drawing your opponent a card is a bad thing which is why it gets an extra attack stat for only 3 mana, but in this case the deathrattle benefits this deck which makes it an amazing 3 drop for this deck.

2x Deathlord: A big early game taunt body to stop aggro decks. Also takes a card out of your opponent's deck on death which benefits our deck also. It may be risky to play this card in a control matchup early on if you do not have a naturalize in your hand because you could draw out a big card for them and lose the game from that. In aggro matchups it is safe to play early without an answer in your hand since most likely it will bring out a crap card you can kill with hero power.

2x Grove Tender: Always use the card draw option for this card. It mills your opponent and gives you card draw with a 2/4 body on the field. Good value for this deck.

1x King Mukla: 5/5 for 3 mana and fills up your opponent's hand is perfect for this deck. You can either use him early to maintain control of the board by placing a 5/5 on turn 2 with coin or turn 3 or use him to mill. You could also play this card when they have 9 or 10 cards already in hand so they do not get the full benefit of the battlecry.

2x Poison Seeds: This card is the only form of AoE board clear we have, so you want to use this when you cannot answer your opponent's board. Also this combo's well with starfall on turn 9 for a full board clear even if your opponent has deathrattles like haunted creeper, savannah highmane, piloted shredder, or sludge belcher. You want to keep this card until you can combo with starfall.

2x Swipe: Strong mid-game removal and you can use it on face against aggro decks like hunter or paladin which run many 1 health minions.

2x Sludge Belcher: Amazing anti-aggro card that allows you to stay alive longer to draw into heal cards.

1x Abomination: This is an amazing turn 5 if you're behind on board and need to clear aggro minions.

2x Starfall: Our board clear card which can combo with poison seeds as seen above. Rarely you will use this for 5 damage on a single target, but if you are in a situation that it needs to be done then you can use it for big removal although it is not very mana efficient.

2x Antique Healbot: 8 health heal to stop aggro decks and stay alive during control matchups. You can use pandas to return these to your hand if you are struggling for health although it is normally better to use panda on your mill cards.

1x Baron Geddon: On turns past 6, you will normally not have a whole lot on the board so it is good to play this on turn 7 if you can. It is too good not to include in this deck because he is OP for controlling the board and countering aggro minions with 2 health or less.

1x Tree of Life: Why not include 2? Well, this card is very good in certain situations. The problem is that you spend your entire turn using it. Normally you want to use this when you are as low health as possible, preferably below 10. This is a last resort card if you can't survive any other way and buys you a turn or two to draw into something that can stabilize you.

 1x Clockwork Giant: Since this deck is not the same as mill rogue where you are always aggressively milling them for cards, we have other win conditions and this is one of them. Normally they will have 6+ cards in their hand if you can make them draw fairly often, so having this as a 6 mana or less drop is good for the mid game. If you can pop this out at 2 mana it is insane value and you will most likely out tempo them and win the game without even fatiguing them. This card also makes the handlock matchup a lot easier on us which can often swing the match in our favor early on.



Tree of Life or Clockwork Giant could be replaced with Force of Nature's if you don't have them or want to switch them out.

Baron Geddon could be replaced with Alexstrasza or Deathwing (thanks to SwagpanterNL for the suggestion of deathwing).

King Mukla can be replaced with a taunt like Sen'jin Shieldmasta or a 2nd Abomination.



vs. Aggro: wrath, dancing swords, deathlord, swipe, healbot, abomination, Sludge Belcher

vs. Control: coldlight oracle, dancing swords, grove tender, naturalize

The hardest matchup to beat with this deck is zoo warlock since he has minions that get buffed beyond your clear and they are very sticky such as imp gang boss, void caller, void walker etc. Patron warrior can also be a little hard for this deck to beat because it is hard to clear patrons unless you have the 9 mana poison seed/starfall combo ready for it.

Against any aggro decks other than zoolock you should destroy them. Face hunter, aggro paladin, aggro shaman, and tempo mage are all easy matchups and will be free stars for your climb. Freeze mage is also a very easy matchup. Wait for them to Alexstrasza you and then heal to full health with tree of life, healbots, or healing touch and you are almost guaranteed to win if you saved one naturalize for their Archmage Antonidas.

Even matchups are normally control ones such has handlock, control warrior, midrange hunter, and midrange paladin. They will normally go in your favor unless you get very unlucky with deathlords, however you should try to play around that by only using him when you have naturalize which most of the time results in a big minion of theirs being removed early on.

Please comment on your thoughts of this deck and your experience playing it. Also leave any suggestions you have, thank you!