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[S15] It's Light (New Style Control Priest)

  • Last updated Jun 22, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 12 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 6780
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/16/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Hello, ever since the release of BRM Priest has been tossed up in the air and lots of different deck directions have been tried. With all of this happening I have been doing testing of my own and watching as what works and what doesn't, keeping these in mind I have added my favorite elements of Priest into a deck that surprises opponents and does well against lots of what is poplar making it a fun and effective deck. With that being said lets get into the deck.

The deck itself is based around the Lightbomb Priest which I find the power of Lightbomb to be insane, it can deal with a board full of Patrons or a board full of buffed silver hand knights and is one of the only cards that could efficiently deal with a board of Giants making this card a very powerful tool for us. That being said I have made some changes to bring a more consistent version of the original deck.

On to card explanations

I will skip over some of the cards that are in every Priest deck because most players will just skip past those explanations seeing as those cards are very popular and have their obvious purposes.

Shadow Word: Pain : One copy of this deals with many annoying minions such as Grim patron,sludge belcher,Imp gang boss,Flame walker and many more also with Shrinkmeister you can remove pesky 4-5 attack minions if you have to making this a card that can make a huge impact for 2 mana.

Shrinkmeister : As a one of this card can make a huge impact some games, comboing so well with Shadow madness, SW: Pain and Cabal you can make some game changing plays but don't be afraid to use the active to make a value trade to help control aggro either because playing this to keep your minion already on the board,remove his and get a 3/2 can really help when trying to fend off aggressive decks.

Velen's Chosen : Really powerful card to buff our many minions, some games you just win because you curved out your minions well and just put the game out of hand with this card. Spell damage is great for Holy nova but keep it in mind when using Lightbomb because +1 spell damage will make lightbomb do damage equal to the minions attacks +1.

Acolyte of Pain : This is a fairly recent innovation to Priest decks but it actually works so much better then Thoughtsteal I mean do you want your own cards that work well together or do you want to get random cards from your opponent that may be useless? I think the choice is obvious don't get me wrong TS is a great card but Acolyte is more practical. That being said this deck has probably the best synergies with Acolyte. Heals helps us get crazy draws, PW: Shield helps it trade more, same for velens and the buff from dark cultist, also light bomb when used with acolyte on the board is a free draw. Overall very impressive card for drawing when Northshire cant be comboed well don't knock it until you try it.

Dark Cultist : Good old cultist has been cut a lot recently but it is so good especially in a very minion heavy deck like this. I think it is more consistent then using Deathlord considering we have belchers for taunt. Another good thing is this card often gets silenced making your minions buffed with Velens chosen and cards like acolyte and northshire shine even more.

Piloted Shredder : We need a 4 drop and since we don't play circle or light of naruu this card is probably king of the 4 mana slot. I will be testing the power of Dragonkin Sorcerer in the deck though to see if it is better but for not shredder is the best choice.

Harrison Jones : Lots of weapon classes around and this card does just the trick while offering another way to draw cards.

Sludge Belcher : For some reason Priests were cutting this card but there is a reason why pretty much every non aggro deck uses one or two copies of this card, it is very strong and consistent, something that Deathlord isn't while it can stop games against aggro lots of times they have a silence and drawing your enemy control player a free Ysera is never good.

Lightbomb : The base/core of this deck, really powerful card and is what helps us beat lots of the powerful decks in the meta because they rely on getting a crazy board but good thing Lightbomb takes care of that no problem. Also good for us we have plenty of card draw meaning you usually have one handy for when you need it.

Ysera : We don't play into  BGH so Ysera is perfect having a tough body that makes many trades that we can heal up and the dream cards offer us some really nice options.

Mind Control : This deck has plenty of tools to deal with aggro but this is our secret weapon to some times insta win the game against control decks. Many people are playing Ysera making MC game changing when stealing that. Also Warlocks use Malygos in their dragon combo deck and MC deals with that no problem. Even if you not stealing 4/12 dragons you still can take powerful cards and change the game in your favor.



I'll add some replacements for some of the cards here to help out those who may be missing something but don't be afraid to ask in the comments if I didn't list the card you are curious about.

  • Harrison Jones : If you don't own harrison my first  recommendation would be Loatheb because his effect is powerful and he is a strong body at the same mana cost. If you really want the weapon removal though don't be afraid to use Acidic Swamp Ooze as 3/2 for 2 is good stats and the effect is super powerful.
  • Lightbomb : If you are missing both copies of the card I would say hold off on playing the deck until you can craft at least 1 but if you are missing one copy of LB replace it with Holy Nova until you can afford a second
  • Sylvanas Windrunner : If you are missing Sylv don't worry too much because we still have a steal with Mind control. I would say Emperor Thaurissan would be a good replacement for a 6 mana card with a powerful effect.
  •  Ysera : This spot is pretty versatile Nefarian [/card] has a more vulnerable body but his effect is strong too, [card]Ragnaros the Firelord can work if you like him, Chromaggus [/card] doesn't play into BGH and can be comboed to draw some cards on the same turn, You could even throw in [card]Dr. Boom if you wanted to just pick what suits you.



Ill go over how this deck plays against every class and add a deck or two that you may see from the mentioned class.


Probably will be Midrange Druid which is about 50/50 because you can start off the game with a good start and over power him before he can really take over and some times he gets the crazy ramp start and wins because of that. That being said though Lightbomb deals with lots of his cards well especially Shades of Naxx that he may be sitting on, we can steal Druid of the claws with shrink/cabal and most of their threats can be taken care of by our spells, just be really careful of the combo when nearing half HP.


Hunters will mostly be Midrange or Face but you play pretty much the same way. When against hunter be as aggressive as possible to maintain board control because once you win the board they have a hard way of getting back and you can start healing up to make sure you don't die to Kill commands and other nonsense. I wish it was this easy though as it doesn't always plan out like this, it usually comes down to if he draws what he needs on time but this deck does do well against hunter if played properly.


Mage will almost always be Tempo/Flamewaker Mage right now. This deck is really dependent on starting hand/top decks but assuming average hands for both players, once we take over the board it is usually pretty easy to win because usually the Mage runs out of steam quickly and we have really good answers to stuff like Cabal on Flamewaker and holy nova deals with lots of the little things they put and Lightbomb can take out the big stuff. When you have control of the board if you are low try to top off your HP with hero power to make sure you don't get anything stupid such as double fireball to kill you.


Probably will be Midrange Paladin, which is a pretty decent matchup for us if played correctly lightbomb deals with just about any board they can put out and Harrison kills their weapons and Mind control deals with the famous Tirion so well. Keep the equality/consecration combo in mind when you have a big board building up and try to maintain pressure while keeping their stuff off the board, don't be afraid to wipe the board with  holy nova if they played muster/hero power to get 4 dudes because it will save you from having to lightbomb. Acolyte also does really good against pally because they have to hard remove which is hard for them and  if they don't then you get free draws off their hero power.


Its pretty hard to say what an enemy Priest will be playing because they are rare and there is no set deck for us atm. That being said keep in mind that they have strong board clears and be very careful of Mind control and other stealing mechanisms .


Rogue isn't super popular which is good because their main deck Oil Rogue is pretty hard for us. Their burst potential is crazy and we are sometimes a sitting duck for them. Sometimes though a really good start can win out the game because they may have a hard time dealing with it. Keep harrison for a good time to get some value off of him and maybe you can win the game if you do.


Most Shamans play Midrange which is a pretty easy matchup for us usually as we can steal so many of their minions and clear their board very well. The ones that do play the Mech aggro shaman though treat it like a hunter game, if you get board control its probably game but some games will be impossible due to a godly start.


Its hard to say what Warlock will be playing nowadays, they have 3 main decks that are very different but all really strong. Against Zoo we can deal with their minions pretty well, cabal steal imp gang boss and our board clears can take out most of the stuff they put out so a good matchup for us usually. Against Handlock we can get a good start and overpower them and if we go into the late game we have lots of option to deal with their giants and other minions, play the matchup carefully and think about what may be coming. Last is the new Malygoslock which im honestly not too familiar with because I haven't played against it a ton. We can deal with some of their minions well but we need to be careful of our HP to not get killed, try to save Mind control for Malygos because stealing him can be really good.


Warrior will be either Control or Patron. Against Patron, pressure them so that you may kill them before they get some combos off but usually you cant so be prepared to deal with Deathsbite with harrison and lightbomb kills boards of Patrons really well, luckily for us very few of our minions will let them feed off of for more patrons and we have very good ways to kill a board of Patrons, the only real threat we have is getting comboed for very high amounts of HP in one turn that we cant deal with but thats how the deck rolls so we cant avoid it some times.

For Control Warrior we have a fairly good matchup against them, we have lots of ways to deal wit their threats and we have plenty of threats of our own making it a good matchup for us if played well, take it slow and think ahead of what may be coming. Be careful of going into fatigue also because that can happen if you draw too much.




 Thanks for checking out the deck, leave any comments/questions you have in the comments and ill answer as soon as I can. If you like the deck leave a +1 to let me know how im doing, as always thanks and have fun playing some HS!