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[LEGEND][Guide] Midrange Hunter

  • Last updated Aug 16, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • 2 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 2880
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/15/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Hey guys, this is the deck I reached Legend with this season (so fast!). A full guide will be added, if this deck reaches 20 Likes  ;)  If  you want you can check me out on


Lets reach Legend (1) witch this deck!!

THX for all the support guys :D I am really happy to see that you like the deck and maybe you like the guide also :D

Full Guide:

Against Zoolock: Keep weapon, scientist, juggler, spiders, animal companion (if you dont have weapon already) webspinner doesnt do anything most of the time. 60% win

first turn mostly nothing, or with coin you can go spiders. if you play spiders he will most likely play juggler, be prepared. turn 2 scientist, turn 3: your scientist is maybe dead- your 1st secret is out, just play companion for more pressure. if necessary take weapon and clear important minions like juggler or dire wolf. one of the best combos here: juggler plus unleash. this wins you games. try to play your minions on curve, so you have a constant flow of mana-effective creatures and enough cards in hand. owl those voidcallers, the are nasty. be aware of egg combos!

Against Handlock: Keep webspinner, scientist, companion, shredder. 53% win

You need to pressure the handlock hard from the beginning on. if he plays drake or giant on turn 4 you also could run your scientist into it, just to get that trap on. even if its snakes, your opponent will think its freezing. use your owl and hunters mark only for finish to get through the taunts. Use your skill commands to wreck the handlord hard. You will most likely lose, if he gets 2 healbots :( Be fast! And always be aware of shadowflames or hellfires!

Against Freeze Mage: Keep webspinner, scientist, companion, weapon(!), owl. 55% win

You need to play a minion every turn. be aware of doomsayer - frostnova! you need to kill that doomsayer. always have a weapon equipped so you can deal the damage to the doomsayer- and kill it with kill command. you can silence the second doomsayer. be aware of flamestrike. before you kill him. play loatheb to kick his ass, so he cant play his spells efficiently.

Against Tempo Mage: Mulligan like zoolock + quickshot, but it's definately one of the worser matchups. 45% win

Keep the weapon or qucikshot to control parts of his board early on (sorcerer and many wyrm).

Against Paladin: Keep spiders! juggler and scientist. 30% win

 juggler and unleash are you MVP's in this game. but we are not a favorite...save owl for tirion (pally legendary) win the early game, which is not easy to do...

Against Shaman: Mulligan Like Zoo. 65% win

be aware of +2atk totem! always control the board

Against Facehunter: Mulligan like Zoolock. 58% win

control the board early on and win the game! then set up threats, play belcher and houndmaster- win! if there is an exposive trap and you are about to play dr. boom- what to do? attack! your bombs only create unleash the hounds targets, so kill them ;)

Against Priest: Mulligan like Handlock. 35% win

Priests are a pain in the ass. Try to kill off that northshire clerk, which gives him card draws as soon as possible, thats how you win. maybe. 

Druid: Mulligan like Handlock. 60% win

play your minions on curve and control the board with your amazing freezing trap, owl and hunters mark. If he steals your freezing with kezan, counter that with your unleash the hounds. Generally a good matchup.

Mirror Midrange Hunter: Mulligan like Face Hunter. 50% win

you need to get that early grab of the board, thats how you win, whoever gets their secrety out first, has an overall edge over the other player. dont overextend, it could backfire due to juggler unleash. if he overextends, thats what you do.

Rogue: Mulligan like Handlock. 50% win

try to pressure the board as soon as possible with your on curve minions and be aware of board clears! Loatheb is MVP here!! !!Rogue has nast board clears, be aware of that!

Control Warrior: Mulligan like Handlock. 60% win

please kill off their 2 mana shield giver... go full pressure with an owl play, when he plays belcher.  kill the second belcher with hunters mark. be aware of brawl! dont bounce shield maiden with your freezing! loatheb again a very good card to protect your board from cleans.

Combo Warrior: Mulligan like Handlock. 50% win

this can result in extremely fun games- wow. you have yo much time until turn magical turn 8. that when they can play their combo. until then, always deny acolytes draws and build a board. build a fat board. normally they dont run brawl. dont make a fat board full of 1/1. they die to everything, like deaths bite or whirlwind, revenge...develop your early threats on curve and pressure hard! You might not even play Dr. Boom, because boombots can f*ck you over bigtime on turn 8. be aware of that. after the warrior used his 2 execurtes, he should be out of removals, kill him :)




Have fun, crushing the Ladder,

Greetings, Daniraptor

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