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Mech Warrior (s15 Legend)

  • Last updated Jul 8, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 5 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 4680
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/10/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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                                Mech Warrior             



 A really good deck for those struggling against the majority of meta decks for s15.  It's kind of self- explanatory to play,but there are some really key tempo plays that exist within the deck to give you the edge against decks that you otherwise have no business defeating long as you know how to utilize all working parts of the deck. "nice pun there huh?"

If this article gets enough +1 rating I will make the guide for you all. What the guide will do is help you all get your legend ranking this season by enabling you to pilot this deck at peak performance levels & include cards and combinations you haven't yet gotten to manipulate or otherwise get use out of in your collections. (which I enjoy just as much as getting you all your wins)

"Good luck everyone"


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I am one of their top coaches along with a long list of other multi-legendary players and deck designers.  Among the coaches most known that you all would best recognize here would be my friend and personal EU Playtester for the legend ladder, Xzirez that finished at the top of the leader boards as Rank 2 Legendary player in all of the EU realm just last season. He streams & has contributed countless +50 meta decks for you all with nearly all these decks all hitting the front page setting our meta & having a huge impact on what we play.

Next we have Dlineman  who also streams & has been on Hearthpwn's tournament players spotlight because he is a member of the professional NA team Ace Breakers is an extremely knowledgeable player all around with a well proven background of tcg's and experience as well as a coach finishing legendary ranking nearly every single season.

Last,but surely not least out of the known players to mention is a professional player,coach & streamer who gets legend on all 3 realms every single season since the beginning of Hearthstone and even capable of top 100 legendary raking in all realms simultaneously as well as a professional in Starcraft-2 from team XI-Gaming I give you EU's own Nightgarden. (Quite possibly the hardest grinder of all players)?!

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                          Pro Streamers/Coaches


Voltarin             http://www.twitch.tv/epicvoltarin

Xzirez                  http://www.twitch.tv/vbsof

Dlineman         http://www.twitch.tv/dlineman7

Nightgarden   http://www.twitch.tv/nightgardentv



Inspiration - Couldn't stand to see only 2 types of Warrior archetypes running around ladder play thats viable during the climb & wanted to punish people to the extreme for mulliganing against the other 2 types that currently exist while also being able to punish fellow Warriors in the meta playing the norm for Warrior  "Mission Accomplished".


                        Hearthstone Breakdown


                             Hearthstone = 25% RNG or Luck

                             Hearthstone = 25% Skill or Deck Piloting

                             Hearthstone = 50% Deck Creation

                             Total =100%

      By this formula (which is a true one by the way). You can easily see that in this game building yields the greatest  success  rate over skill and yes even over RNGsus. (It's true).

  The formula is simply to be figured like this RNG means the good RNG of your opponent in addition it also means the bad RNG of the game screwing you over. (It counts as both). Anyhow weighing in at 25% it is combated by your  Skill & Deck Piloting completely equalizing the field zeroing each other out. So what matters now in this equation to bring you back into a postiive light is simply your  Deck Creation skills vs. your opponents Deck Creation abilities. and thus you have the theory explained as a whole.

 I know there are going to be some games even when building well that RNGsus is going to completely outshine your deck, but do not let this discourage you as a player for this is simply a fluke. The only thing that matters is "consistency". If something is not consistent simply ignore it and pretend it did not happen just keep a mental note of it for assessment in your later games when teching against it.

"I hope this enlightened a lot of minds today" Giving up my theories as a verteran builder to the public in exchange for a less stagnant meta and a more promising result from the players themselves and the future of this game = "worth it"


Introduction-With this particular deck and pretty much any deck that exists there is a hidden rule that is present when looking at any deck and I will share that with you all now & enlighten you to the mind of the thought process of a veteran deck architect of tcg's.  While playtesting with Xzirez like always a couple months back designing my past deck http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/101653-machine-hunter we stumbled upon a very important fact when deck designing and that fact is this.  Ask yourself this question next time you design a deck. "How many cards in my deck have to be changed for the deck to actually be affected to the point to where it is no longer a re-vamp of my deck,but something totally new"


                            ~*7-CARD THEORY*~


Well we have that answer. It is explained as what me & Xzirez have labeled the "7-Card Theory" With the answer being 7 obviously, but how?  How did we figure that out??  Well it's simple from the 30 point life total you start with it takes 5 cards on tempo with viable card stats played up the curve with no retaliation to erase 30 life to defeat them. No opponent of course is just going to let you beat on them for 5 consecutive turns straight with zero resistance,but on average the slower decks only made us incorporate 2 more cards to still be able to finish them off and thus you have our theory and it exists silently in all designs,but is never as important to concern in the building process of a deck and in paying attention to it as it is when building a midrange base deck. Just as when playing midrange you can take on the entire field equally designing a midrange deck is very much the same process meaning you can interchange cards in your deck to fit your personal playstyle and adjust accordingly to the meta,

How many cards can you change without it becoming an aggro-based deck if you was to put in all small minions? How about a control-based deck if you was to replace cards in your deck for all high cast removal spells and minions ? Well I think you all know the answer to that now don't you?   Now that you have all gotten a lot smarter in deck building I expect to see you all turn out a lot more exciting decks for the community and less only 2 viable meta decks per class which is sad and makes for a real boring and stagnant ladder climb for everyone. For divulging our secret this is all I ask of you in return. Now let the innovation begin! "You are welcome".

Also from now on when you see deck designers claim they have "A new deck" ,but haven't changed 7 cards from someone elses build that previously existed then it is only a re-vamp of the past and not at all a new deck. It is important to have the community be able to recognize the bullshitters from the true skilled deck designers. Enlightenment is the true key to growth. Knowledge is power & I am sick & tired of designers getting credit by changing 1-3 cards in a deck that previously existed and claiming it as their own just because a new set came out. (Like seriously design something on your own damn guy is my thoughts)  I am sure it is the thoughts of many others as well I just have the balls enough to say so. It is sad because it inhibits innovation for this game we love so much & anything that inhibits innovation as a senior deck designer is my enemy. "Step it up architects".

From a deck builders point of view there is only one way to excuse yourself from the above in which I have stated & since past builds of mech Warrior have existed since the rise of GvG I will practice what I preach and in all of my deck slots I will not only provide you with why I selected a certain card in each slot,but also tell if it is indeed one of the interchangeable 7 cards you can change to fit your own personal playstyle or tech against a certain deck with. In addition include my personal suggestions which are the best replacements for each card in every slot,how many and why? "

Pay attention fellow builders this is how a proper tech is suppose to be you might just learn something".

Now as I was saying decks aren't meant to be a "perfect 30 cards" & no one understands that in the design more than someone with a strong Magic the Gathering background. Being a past player on the pro tour in my prime I can tell you it sticks out like a sore thumb that we need sideboards! I mean my god we are forced to use up actual deck slot space in our normal build just to accomodate this fact and take away room for what we want to do with our decks?!  Believe me I hear your cries I am a player too myself as well as a deck tech meta maker and it pisses me off to no end. 

Blizzard Entertainment you have it all wrong Magic has it right as no player should be forced to take away from their deck idea to accomodate for teching that is just absurd. "Hopefully one day you will get it right & learn how to properly fix your game". (for our sake at least)?  This fact hurts us even more so than it would even in Magic because unlike Magic we as Hearthstone players only have 30 slots to tinker around with for our decks while most other tcg's have 40-60 card slots allowed in theirs.




As the tournament scene becomes more & more popular and as more and more sets get released what then?  Still be able to choose between 1-4 finishers at max in a control deck while never cycling out the old ones making our options limitless yet still only have 4 freaking slots at maximum?! "How significantly boring" ,to say the least. 

This rant was also significant because now you all know the reason we have to subsidize space in our decks main skeleton just to tech and do so with the least amount of cards allowed in any tcg to build a deck from. Mark my words it will be the main trouble in the future for our game and Blizzard Entertainment better get off their ass and do something fast about it because what I am talking about here is real & over time will ruin our beloved game because who wants to play a game with limitless legendary minions to pick from,but never be able to play anymore than roughly 4?!!.

I want to bring the entire Hearthstone commmunity up to speed from the designers point of view the tribulations we will be enduring in the near future and why we have to design our decks the way we do while I am on the front page for all to see. "It's unfair I tell ya"  (almost as unfair as only giving us 1 deck slot per class"  "yuck" !    "Power to the players! We pay far too much to be screwed over by this kind of thing. Free to play sure,but how many people have you basically hooked so hard on the "pack opening process" to where that 1 person has paid for literally 25 free to player persons playing the game? & Hooked them so hard that they basically need a 12 step support group to get off from. Trust me I have seen and heard some real horror stories (and from this very site even on forum posts and it disgusts me). "We don't like your  RNG we like & respect actual SKILL. We don't like your endless CARDBACKS . We want our damn DECK SLOTSSIDEBOARDS (or at least increased DECK SIZE  at the very least & we want it now!  Lastly We don't want to have to pay for SKINS  of our favorite heroes for only cosmetic value when it should be free to do that as it adds no value to the game play functionality of a match besides maybe intimidation?"

~Voice of the players 2015~

The real pushers of the millenium = Blizzard Entertainment"


                          *Disclaimer Before Proceeding *


 "This is a guide not a specific deck to copy card per card from the list I have provided and go run off into ladder play oh no. I demand more from our Hearthstone community than a bunch of netdecking sheep that only encourage 1-2 archetypes per class to be born into our meta each few seasons.

With this article I intend to strengthen the minds of anyone who reads it,put them into the drivers seat of the competitive deckbuilding process & explain of my theories that I arm you with to enable "YOU" the player to not only pilot,but build a legend ladder capable midrange deck through trial and error that will produce results" & make you a better player no matter your skill level just from having read it.

The designed deck example you see before you is a tech to get past the archetype of the Grim Patron Warrior meta deck. At one time this was all I seen this season no matter where I was on the ladder.     

                                  "Best of luck to you all!   ~Voltarin~      



                            Warrior Cards


Execute Replaceable = Yes # to have in deck = (1)

Anymore is bad and follows a control-based build.

Ironbeak Owl works best as the replacement slot as it best deals with Sludge Belcher. Do this if you intend a more aggro-approach to your build when you notice a more control-based meta for the "swarm method" where they can't handle your fast-paced onslaught faster than they are able to pad their life total or aoe your minions down.

Warbot Replaceable = Yes # to have in deck (0-2)

Replace with something more midrange than aggro-based or provides some kind of action like a battle cry for example (some kind of 2 for 1 effect)? Otherwise you lose value with your choice over the Warbot.

Upon discssion and in playtesting Xzirez preference is dropping 1 of these for the 2nd Screwjank Clunker & said this change alone gave the deck more reach and an entire extra turn of survivability against mirror midrange decks and control decks if you start to fall behind it saves you and increased his overall winrate ratio 10% with just this one change. Try it out by all means!  :D  

Fiery War Axe Replaceable = No # to have in deck (2)

"It's not called win-axe for nothing?" Don't touch this one unless you want your winrate ratio % to shrink. (auto include)

Battle Rage Replaceable = Yes # to have in deck (2 or 0)

Never only have 1 of these in your deck because this is our draw engine. As the draw engine of this deck if you drop one you have to drop the whole scheme and resort to either lowering your curve signficantly and finding a spot for Jeeves. Or use Acolyte of Pain x 2 and also squeeze in cantripping damage effects.

(Be wary though that with doing this change we are once again weakened against Grim Patron cancer which is the reason I changed the scheme in the deck to what it is because it was all I was meeting on ladder at one point and that one change makes you strong against the deck if you can first bait out at least 1 of their damn Execute first before playing your Injured Blademaster so it is safe, but is extremely good against the Grim Patron itself so I just teched against it with this particular build. So just check your decktracker and record always what you have been facing most to make the right call for this while laddering.

Rampage Replaceable = Yes # to have in deck (0-1)

This card was just being used in conjunction with the synergy of your Death's Bite death rattle effect for significant trading or to finish the opponent off with a spell effect that really messes up their match letting them thing they are going to live another turn but this card says otherswise. Also it is a nice battle trick once in awhile to save the life of a minion about to be pinged off by a Mage's Fireblast

The card is totally replaceable though and just a matter of player preference so go wild guys. Innovation!   :D

Shield Block Replaceable =  Yes  # to have in deck (0-1)

 *(Most replaceable card in deck)*

(Really a meta call dependent upon the # of Face Hunter cancer SMorc you are facing for when this spell is played it's usually the final nail in their coffin, but in most cases this deck seems to hold its own quite well (Probably one of the best decks you can even play against it tbh)? 

So that is what makes Shield Block so replaceable. What to replace it with is pretty much anything? Think of it in like in bingo. (This slot is your one "free space") Use it to throw in your tech cards against whatever recurring meta decks you are facing. If you would like to stay on curve the best thing you can put in this slot is probably a Hobgoblin as we run 7  1 attack minions to activate it which can be quite troublesome for any opponent. (Especially if you have left a board previous to your newly buffed minion from it because now they have 2 high priority minions in which to deal with immediately + 1 random minion and only a powerful aoe spell or all out board exchange can recover them from this spot and in most cases both favor you.

Death's Bite Replaceable = Yes #2 have in deck (1-2)

Always play 1 of these at all times although 2 is recommended because of the synergy the deathrattle provides with both your Execute & also your Battle Rage (assuming you have a board)?

Acceptable replacements if you want to stay on curve would be Screwjank Clunker or Jeeves if you dropped the card draw engine scheme in the original skeleton. This would be where one of the Jeeves gets added in for certain. The last possible things on curve thing you could try would be Arcane Nullifier X-21 to pad your imporant minions against aggro decks and have a board available for buffing against the spell classes. Kezan Mystic for the pure fun of it for extra hate against secret classes namely Mage & Hunter since most Paladin decks on ladder utilize secrets in their builds. Mechanical Yeti can be okay here to provide more reach since it almost always 2 for 1 with the opponent which is good for having something always around for buffing purposes + the spare part is always nice too & being a midrange deck against a control deck you can make better use of them msot of the time so this is a viable path you can take. Lastly if you dropped the curve and appealed to a really aggro-based version you could see what Enhance-o Mechano could do for you. We never experimented with it in tested,but I do encourage innovation so I'd love to hear from some ppl that choose this route after the effect of trying it!   :D

Screwjank Clunker Replaceable = No # to have in deck (1-2)

As it suggests this is the card that defines us as midrange in our Warrior class cards people so to take away from this would be hindering our very achetype so always leave at least 1 copy in the deck and very strongly consider even possibly finding some room for the other one if able? As Xzirez  suggested earlier in the guide.  10% win ratio increase in 1 card is nothing to take lightly so deff give this a try in your building trial & error before you say the deck & its midrange playstyle isn't for you.

Iron Juggernaut Replaceable = Both Yes & No

Replaceable,but with the strong fact to take into consideration that no other card in the game rewards a midrange deck for surviving turns like this card can. In games that you are losing from being A.o.E board cleared to death & find yourself in card-starved top deck mode this card has the ability to turn it all around instantly for you. If this cards static ability Burrowing Mine goes off it can either win you the game on the spot or a topdeck draw into a random game-saving Death's Bite or Fiery War Axe in assitance will mostly finish any opponent. It provides instant damage that has saved me many a matches during playtesting. By this time on the curve your opponent is generally low on life so this card fills in the reach gap quite nicely.  Should they draw the Burrowing Mine even if they weren't low before they are now.

 Replacements if you are still going with the same flow as my example,but do not own Iron Juggernaut then Sneed's Old Shredder would be best to sub in. If you do not own it since it is a legendary as well you can go for Piloted Sky Golem which also keeps the mech synerygy alive plus provides you with yet another minion from its death rattle effect and comes with a huge attack stat for emergency trading or polishing off the opponents life total.

If you don't own that then even a Loatheb would be a decent replacement because combined with a decent board preventing your opponents last ditch effort survival heal or aoe spell is sometimes critical and this could be the final shutdown tool for your deck.

He improves match ups against spell dependent defensive decks and when paired with lower curve minions. Lastly you can swap out the Iron Juggernaut for something else other than what was already said that you may need on your build provided your strategy is a more aggro-based one than here in this particular guide.

Shieldmaiden Replaceable= Yes # to have in deck (0-1)

This one was a meta call because of the high-aggro environment. If this environment feels slower to you at any time you may easily drop this for any desired card you may want to fit into your deck. Stay with being around the curve cost if sticking to a deck more like the one previewed on this guide.

Loatheb would be an optimal replacement in some spots & even a Sylvanas Windrunner or a Piloted Sky Golem. You might be able to be extra greedy and try and run a Sneed's Old Shredder if you wish for mech synergy,but it was never tested on ladder play so if you do let me know?  

If you have lowered your curve there is endless stuff of things you may try?  (Pretty much another free-space" for you to tinker with to your personal liking.

Even considering you chose to lower your curve Loatheb lends a strong aid to those fast minions trying to fininsh off an opponent so even knowing you have lowered your curve he would still be okay at the top of your curve for competitive play.


                                Neutral Cards





Cogmaster Replaceable - No # to have in deck (2)

If we abandon this card we lose quite a bit of our mech synergy value so it's a bad idea to stray from cutting any of these from our deck.

Annoy-o-Tron Replaceable-Yes #to have in our deck (1-2)

This card right here is our anti-aggro card. A real all star in our Hunter,Rogue,Paladin and even mirror Warrior match ups. Cutting 1 of him is indeed possible,but since this card is so good in so many match ups because of the super fast meta we are in. Cutting 1 isn't advised unless you notice slown down pace in your opponents decks from the history of using your deck tracker. Best advice is to look over match history and make an educated guess and if you do cut this guy make sure it is at least for another mech of some kind to keep the synergy alive in your deck.

Mechwarper Replaceable = No # to have in deck (2)

This is the main card in your deck that defines your deck as MECH if you was to cut any of these it throwns the entire rhythm of your deck all out of whack. Hands off this one entirely no room to get creative here.

Micro Machine Replaceable = Yes # to have in deck (0-2)

This card right here is one that is totally flavor and player preference & with our 2 drop slot being the dominative spot at 10 cards and maxed out we can easily afford to take away from it so enjoy your tinkering skills just remember that it is a mech and the more mechs you take away the less synergy your deck will have.

Injured Blademaster Replaceable = Yes # to have in deck (0-2)

This one provides us a strong resilience to the Priest class for its 4 attack stats and a gimmicky way to still have a draw engine against our brother Warrior deck the Grim Patron Warrior. Usually as a draw engine in Warrior we utilize the Acolyte of Pain or if we have a low enough curve to get more use out of it than our opponents and with us being mech we may also utilize Jeeves for this task. But take a closer look at this concept. What do you see wrong with this picture? "A FIGHT? COUNT ME IN!  "EVERYONE GET IN HERE" ! !

That's right the most popular deck on ladder to legend atm is none other than the Grim Patron Warrior and if you utilize our normal draw schemes it weakens us to this fact in a real severe way and that's the reason the deck is posted on this page with Injured Blademaster because it is tech against that specific deck & this deck is EVERYWHERE on ladder atm you can't escape it.  If you wish to replace them for the other drawing mechanisms we can incorporate thats fine and even improves a lot of your match ups,but when you run head first into this deck don't say I didn't warn ya :P 

Spider Tank Replaceable = Yes # to put in deck (0-2)

Although replaceable x2 when you do always keep your curve and your mech count in mind when making a substitution for this card. You don't have to always replace it with another mech or even a minion, but it is recommended.

Piloted Shredder Replaceable = No # to put in deck (2)

This card is so strong even non-mech decks are running it with 2 copies so the fact that we are mech and this is the deck it was orginally intended for it would be crazy not to run 2 copies of it ourselves?

Junkbot Replaceable = Yes # to put in deck (0-1)

This card is nice because it is the one and only card in our deck that rewards us for exchanging our board. If we feel we have over-extended and the opponent has an AOE in hand to wipe us we now have a way out of that where before it was just get damage in when you can and then be left with nothing. Since he grows the opponent has to simply choose between the AOE effect spell or only dealing with him (which is nice) Giving the opponent lots of uneasy turns applying pressure is exactly the game we want to enable us our victories. That is our goal with this deck. All the way up the entire curve of this deck apply endless pressure to both board and face till death.

Although such a good card he is as stated above interchangeable to your preference so do as you like but once again keep the mech count and  mana curve always in the back of your mind whenever you make a change to your deck effecting those two variables.

Dr. Boom Replaceable = Dependent upon build

Dependent upon build means simply this. The higher your curve design and build with your midrange strategy the more he matters in your deck as one of your only 2 finishers. Hell against control sometimes it's all you can do to kill the opponent by using a Death's Bite death rattle into your Boom Bots and pray it defeats them. Also Dr. Boom provides a really nice damage complimentary to Iron Juggernaut while also providing some really cool and useful late-game synergy with Junkbot.  "Just plop him down exchange the bots and watch him grow"  :D

Replacements: If you simply don't own Dr. Boom because you are a free 2 play player and haven't yet pulled him nor have the dust for him check your collection then for Sneed's Old Shredder as a good replacement for him as it is probably your next strongest synergy with this specific list. If you don't own him go for a Piloted Sky Golem Still don't own any of them try for one of these as a last resort Kel'Thuzad,Sylvanas Windrunner,Loatheb,Troggzor the Earthinator,Ragnaros the Firelord or even Force-Tank MAX (Everyone has got to own that by now f2p or not,right)?

Also he falls into the dependent catagory because if you just choose to lower your curve and do a more aggroesque type midrange deck you dont need him at all. and if that is the case just pick something in which you best would like to try out for that build.



                                       Game Play



"With all the  recent incoming posts to my comments section of this guide I have to reply to and endless emails I have received & new TAW member applicants pouring in due to the success rate of  my deck tech here I have not yet gotten around to youtubing any performance videos on the deck for you, all.  However I noticed in my comments that, Khristophesaurus already did a really remarkable job with never misplaying my deck so I will make my life easier by not having to make one in exchange for you all visiting his page liking it and subscribing to him cause he really did do a nice job with the deck!"  

In addition to this I will also ask the coaches/pro players/ streamers featured in the article if they will use the deck for you all in ther up & coming streams.   Thank you everyone!         


                                       Game Play