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Patron top 20 eu [Thornstaff]

  • Last updated Jun 9, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 18 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • 4 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3940
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/7/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Hello i just managed to make the climb today, sunday the 7th of june, with this extremely op patron deck. The deck brought me straight up to 19 legend, due to my huge winstreak.


We all know the patron deck is a solid deck which relies on either otk combo or a huge board filled with patrons in order to win, in my opinion nothing counters patron which is the beauty of deck.

Tech Choices:

Big game hunter where is this op card?

I nearly run Big game hunter x2 in all my decks but generally I didn’t meet that many handlocks on my climb so I removed it. BGH can be good to tech in if you are finding yourself in trouble versus decks with huge amounts of high attack minions, I prefer more ways to trigger my combo over this card due to how the meta is at currently moment.

2 Loot hoarders?

A good way to cycle through ur deck for low mana cost, synergies well together with warsong commander and good at killing everything with 2 hp, be aware he don’t like knife jugglers! The 2 mana cost also provides huge utility, compared to the more expensive Gnomish inventor. He’s also good cause he can helps you win board early game!

1 Dread corsair!

In general I like dread corsair a 3/3 taunt for 1 or 0 mana is a very huge tempo swing especially versus an aggro deck, where it either baits out a silence or takes the charge dmg from a wolfrider or arcane golem. This card also synergies very well with combo, sometimes it provides just enough dmg for lethal and at the same time it can buff ur frothing berserkers if it takes dmg from ur whirlwind.

2 Cruel taskmasters?

I like my patron deck to have as many ways to trigger patron combo as possible. You can often be set in a situation as patron warrior where u need 1 dmg but don’t want to use ur inner rage on clearing a leper gnome, then cruel taskmaster is a perfect answer to every t1 a hunter can provide. If u coin out cruel taskmaster then it will also prevent ur enemy from throw down a knife juggler turn 2.

Can also be used together with grom and to trigger executes!


Aggro matchup:

Versus aggro you will always want to keep Fiery war axe, cruel taskmaster, armorsmith, frothing berserker, (whirlwind if playing against aggro with lots of low health minions). You will also want to keep dread corsair if u got a weapon, keep deathsbite if u got dread corsair and loot hoarder is always a keep aswell. If ur opponent is hunter then u can keep acolyte if ur hand is good enough.

Control matchup:

This mulligan is pretty straight forward if your enemy is a fast control deck you will always no matter what try to mulligan for weapons and card draw. If ur enemies deck is a slow control, then you should only keep card draw and executes.

In some cases u can also get in a situation where u want to keep patron, for example if u play versus a deck who got a hard time clearing patrons and u got a perfect setup for making 4 patrons or more at round 5-6.


Aggro matchups:

In this matchup u want to fight for board and if u think you got enough dmg then u should try to race a frothing berserker got a huge potential to win a race very fast if left untouched by ur opponent. If u loose too much tempo using ur minions to trade, then you will need ur weapons to trade.

Control matchups:

Here you want to get ur card draw out as fast as possible, think of ways to activate battle rage to draw as many cards as possible. You should go for the board early game and late game have drawn enough to setup an otk combo or an unkillable patron army. It’s rarely smart to play acolyte without dealing dmg to it, since u usually want to draw 2 cards from this minion and if ur enemy clear it or silence it, then you will usually have a hard time finding the cards u need for ur combo.