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[Season 15] Midrange Demonlock

  • Last updated Jun 11, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 20 Minions
  • 10 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7920
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 6/1/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Midrange Demonlock


I play a lot of warlock. It's by far my favorite class in the game because of the hero power which makes every deck very consistent. So, how did I come up with this deck? Firstly, I have to give credit to SilentStorm who came up with the base version of this deck a few months ago. Since then, BRM was released and with it 3 very important cards, Emperor Thaurissan, Imp Gang Boss and Demonwrath. Those cards made the deck much more consistent since the deck's biggest flaw was lacking any real 3 drops. As for the concept, I tried to combine the zoolock's early game power with a few mid game and late game cards which help swing games back in your favor in case you lose board control.

Odd Card Choices:

Bloodmage Thalnos: Works very well with pretty much every spell in the deck and it gives you card draw which is always good even in warlock. Don't forget that spellpower does affect shadowflame.

Demonwrath: The fact that it costs 3 mana is very important. For example, you can go turn 1 nerubian egg, turn 2 nerubian egg into turn 3 demonwrath against a hunter and you win the game on the spot. Hellfire or shadowflame would be too slow in that case so you would lose the game. It has one weakness though, it does almost nothing against zoo which is why there is still a copy of hellfire and shadowflame in the deck.

Antique Healbot: Helps stabilize against aggro. Having 2 copies also wins you games against freeze mage along with Loatheb and Mal'Ganis.

Bane of Doom: If you take a look at the pool of demons you will notice that there is a 50/50 chance of you getting something that costs 5+ mana which is very good. It's best to play it when you are ahead though in case you get something like a 1 drop. Can be used as a desperation play when you are behind, just pray to RNGesus that you'll get Mal'Ganis. Don't forget that you can use it on the enemy hero's face for lethal.

Abusive Sergeant: Sinergy with Big Game Hunter, Nerubian Egg and Shadowflame.

Matchups and Mulligans:

  • Druid: 60% winrate, You are favored mostly due to the huge tempo that voidcaller grants you along with strong early game minions and strong follow ups. Mulligan for Voidcaller, Imp Gang Boss, Nerubian Egg + activators.
  • Midrange Paladin: 65% winrate. The old version of demonlock was actually quite bad against paladin but now with cards like imp gang boss and demonwrath they are much easier to defeat. Mulligan for demonwrath/hellfire (dont keep both), nerubian egg + activators,  imp gang boss, voidcaller.
  • Freeze Mage: 60% winrate. Try to put your opponent into very awkward situations. Play things like nerubian egg before the AoE turns (6/7). Loatheb is only worth playing before turn 7 and after Alexstrasza. Always hold antique healbot in order to play it after Alexstrasza. You could also save the Sylvanas Power Overwhelming combo for his Archmage Antonidas. Mulligan for owl and early game pressure. You can keep Thaurissan too if you know that it's going to be freeze mage.
  • Control Warrior: 80% winrate. This is pretty much exactly the same deck value wise but you can cheat and the warrior can't, instead he will just run out of cards. Tap as much as possible and beware of his finishing combos. 15 health should always be safe if his board is empty. Keep darkbomb, voidcaller, egg + activators and make sure not to play too much into brawl.
  • Patron Warrior: 80% winrate. Your AoE should be enough to win you the game. You also have healing and taunts to keep him from hitting the face too much. Try not to have too many 2 or less attack minions. Keep hellfire/bloodmage thalnos + demonwrath along with early game minions. Emperor Thaurissan is also ok to keep.
  • Mech Mage: 70% winrate. This deck basically started out as the counter to mech mage back when it was new and popular so it's obviously very good against it because your minions and spells are just better. Make sure to kill the mechs in order to deny mech sinergy. Keep egg, owl, darkbomb, voidcaller, imp gang boss.
  • Tempo Mage: 65% Winrate. As long as you have a good early game and a healbot for later on you should be able to win the game easily. Tempo mages lack card draw so try to take advantage of that. Keep egg and try to use it to proc mirror entity, owl, darkbomb, imp-losion, voidcaller, imp gang boss.
  • Priest: 75% Winrate. Priest will just get out tempo'd very hard by this deck. They are just way too slow to keep up with every threat you have. Keep darkbomb, imp gang boss, egg + activators, void caller + demons. It's okay to keep Emperor Thaurissan or big demons if you already have voidcaller. Make sure to save the ironbeak owl for his Sylvanas.
  • Hunter: 40% winrate. This is not a very good match up. You basically need a perfect early game along with heals in order to win the game. Mulligan for mortal coil, imp gang boss, egg + activators, demonwrath.
  • Handlock: 45% winrate. This matchup is a bit odd. Sometimes you just stomp them if you have the answers to their threats but you do get stomped as well quite a few times. Keep Big Game Hunter, Ironbeak Owl, Voidcaller, Egg + activators.
  • Zoo: 50% winrate. If you win the early game battle, you will definitely win the whole game because you also have AoE and they don't. The problem is that demonwrath is pretty much dead in this match up and that sometimes they can pressure you too much and you won't have an answer. Keep Imp Gang Boss, Mortal Coil, Nerubian Egg + Activators, Hellfire.
  • Rogue: This matchup is all about the rogue's blade flurry and him not having sap for whatever comes out of your voidcallers. If you manage to pressure him enough so he will have to use a sub par blade flurry you are probably going to win since you can easily outlast a rogue. A cool combo is turn 4 voidcaller and on turn 5 you trade into his shredder and get mal'ganis or doomguard, then you play loatheb and win on the spot. Mulligan for voidcaller + demons, loatheb, egg + activators and darkbomb.


  • June 9th:

Removed Defender of Argus, added Piloted Shredder. Reason: ending up with double defender of argus in starting hand is pretty tragic and i felt like the deck needed another 4 drop which you can actually play on turn 4.

If you need more help, feel free to add me. Cipri#2295 (EU)