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Mryagut Rogue

  • Last updated May 23, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 13 Minions
  • 17 Spells
  • Deck Type: None
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 6600
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/23/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Hey Guys. I'm Mryagut and a lot of people might already know me. Some people even know me as a "rogue god" and thats why I'm making this guide. I reached #2 EU and #6 NA at the end of march and also hit #1 alot of times with this deck.

My stats of Ranked Play Season 12-14


  1. Backstab This is one of your early game cards and works really well with our SI:7 Agent, Edwin van Cleef, Azure Drake, Thalnos and also with Violet Teacher.. It is a benefit for you if u can use Backstab with your SI:7 Agent,  Edwin VanCleef or Violet Teacher so you are able to get more tempo.

  2. Preparation Preparation is one of your most important cards to get some. You will mostly play Preparation with your Sprint, You can also make Edwin VanCleef bigger. Additionally this card supports Violet Teacher ‘s effect.

  3. Deadly Poison Deadly poison is one of your burst and early game cards. This card is good to keep against every class. It is a dangerous combo with your Si:7 Argent and Edwin VanCleef

  4. Blade Flurry Blade Flurry clears the board, but regulary it only works with Deadly Poison and Tinker's Sharpsword Oil.

  5. Eviscerate Eviscerate is specialised for killing a big minion or bursting your opponent down.

  6. Sap Sap is one of the best tempo cards in this deck. You can sap a big minion to gain even more tempo. At the same time you also want to play a minion to get a better board and start bursting your opponent down.

  7. Thalnos You have a lot of spells with spellpower in this deck. Even your Blade Flurry works with spellpower. On the basis of the card draw of Thalnos you get closer to better cards.Since Thalnos is a 2-mana-card it is reasonable along with Edwin VanCleef and SI:7 Agent.

  8. Fan of Knives Fan of Knives helps you to clear the board and cycle to your good cards. There are alot of 1 health minions that u can easily clear with your Fan of Knives. Together with Preparation and Edwin VanCleef or Violet Teacher you can sometimes get a good board clear and also at the same time the board.

  9. Farseer Your hero will take alot of damage because of the hero power so having heal is not that bad. Sometimes u will even  heal your own minions instead of your hero to have an advantage on the board.

  10. Edwin VanCleef I love this card. A lot of times it is just a 4/4 or 6/6 for 3 mana. That is insane. Sometimes you make a really big Edwin with your Preparation and hope that your opponent can not clear it.

  11. SI:7 Agent This card is the nuts with your Backstab. You can clear a big minion or 2 little minions at the same time. Try to use your SI:7 Agent with your combo and mostly only on minions to benefit with board control.

  12. Tinker's Sharpsword Oil This is mostly a finishing card to burst your opponent down or to clear the board with your Blade Flurry.

  13. Piloted Shredder It is a good and sticky 4-mana-minion. Sticky minions help to dominate the board control.

  14. Violet Teacher You have so many spells in this deck that you almost always will get at least 3 tokens out of your Violet Teacher.

  15. Azure Drake Azure Drakes work perfectly together with spellpower and it also cycles to your strong cards. Once in a while you even get to a card advantage because of your Azure Drake.

  16. Loatheb Almost always after you play Loatheb it will stick on the board. Exactly that's  why it is so good in Rogue. You have a better way to get more face damage and also have the board with it. It often saves you against combos, for example the druid combo on turn 9.

  17. Sludge Belcher Sludge Belcher mostly saves you 7-9 life to your hero. It is also sticky like the Shredder since it has a deathrattle. So you have a easier way to gain the board again.

  18. Sprint Sprint is one of the best ways to refill your hand. You will mostly use it [card]Preparation/card] to not lose too much tempo. It will also happen that you have to risk playing Sprint to get an answer to your opponents board or to kill him.

  19. Dr.Boom Dr.Boom is just unbalanced. That's why it is in this deck. The boom bots help you to get an even better board.



Mulligan:  Violet Teacher, Backstab, Fan of Knives, Si:7 Agent, Preparation

Paladin is a favoured matchup. Try to get the board in the early game. If you don’t get board control just try to remove his minions on the board. Paladins can not burst you down so you have time to get an answer for his board. Also don’t try to use both saps on 4-5 mana minions. You almost always need 1 sap for Tirion. Otherwise you will have a hard time to deal with him.


Mulligan with the coin: Violet Teacher, Shredder, Deadly Poison, Preparation or Backstab

Mulligan without the coin: Violet Teacher,Shredder,Farseer,Si:7 Agent, Preparation or Backstab and sometimes Azure Drake if you already have Preparation or Backstab in your mulligan.

You are slightly favoured in this match up. Try to get alot of minions on the board. Druid doesn’t have a good way to deal with a big board. You need to get tempo out of your spells and at the same time play your own minions. And after you have board control, you can start bursting your opponent down.


Backstab or Preparation, Deadly Poison, Si:7 Agent, Violet Teacher and Farseer if you don't have the coin.

Mech: Decent match up. Don’t take too much damage in the beginning and get the board as fast as possible. Mech Shaman can easily burst you down if you take too much damage in the beginning.

Midrange: A little bit favoured for you. Deadly Poison and Violet Teacher is one of the most important cards in this match up. There are so many things to kill with the Deadly Poison like feral spirits, shredder or zombie chow. And Violet Teacher is really hard to remove for shamans especially if you already got the token value out of it


Mulligan: Backstab, Preparation, Farseer, Si7 Agent and Edwin if you have the coin.

Face: This is one of the worst match ups for this deck. You need to get your tempo cards and try to race the hunter. The tempo cards help you to prevent damage.

Midrange: You are slightly favoured in this match up. Since you can take more damage to your face this match up is a bit better than face hunter. Also you can get tempo with sapping a Highmane.


Mulligan: Violet Teacher, Shredder, Deadly Poison, Preparation or Backstab, Si:7 Agent, sometimes sap if you already have your 4 drop, sometimes also prep/sprint if you have both in your starting hand

You are favoured in this match up. Priest has a hard time to deal with 4 attack minions. It is the same like in the paladin match up. You have alot of time to get the board since priests and paladains can not burst you down. Also take care when you play your Thalnos. You don’t want to get cabaled. Only play him if you are sure that your opponent has to remove the whole board and is not able to steal it.


Mulligan with the coin: Violet Teacher,Shredder, Deadly Poison, Preparation, Backstab, Loatheb

Mulligan without the coin: Violet Teacher, Shredder, Deadly Poison, Preparation or Backstab, Loatheb, Azure Drake, Si7 Agent or Farseer

This is just a 50/50 match up. Try to get minions on the board and at the same time remove your opponents minions. Almost always count how much damage your opponent still has in his deck and wether he can burst you down. Don’t forget that most of the people still run 2 Tinker’s Oils. Sometimes you can play around the burst with Sludge Belcher or Loatheb.


Mulligan with the coin: Violet Teacher, Si7 Agent, Edwin VanVanCleef, Backstab, Preparation, Deadly Posion

Mulligan without the coin: Violet Teacher, Si7 Agent, Backstab or Preparation, Deadly Poison, Farseer

Zoo: You are favoured in this match up. Just try to clear the board till the late game. In the late game you have more useful cards than your opponent.

Handlock: Slightly favoured for you. Try to get a 3-mana-minion on ‘turn 3′, so you are able to clear a giant or a twillight drake on ‘turn 4′. Tinker’s Oil into Blade Flurry is mostly how you burst the handlock down. Also take care of moltens and don’t get the handlock too low on hp. Another tip is to sapping minions that are taunted up. But if you lost to much tempo, you need to use the sap to gain some tempo back.



Mulligan: Violet Teacher, Shredder, Deadly Poison, Sprint, Preparation

Control: To be honest this is also one of the worst match ups. Mostly the warrior just has too much armor/health. You need to win on board control or by getting prep/sprint into a lot of tempo.

Patron: Take care about getting tokens with the violet teacher in this match up. Warsong and Grim Patron are what you need to take care of. The warrior will try to burst you down with the Frothing Beserkers. Blade Flurry with Deadly Poison or Tinker’s Oil is important to clear the Grim Patrons.


Mulligan with the coin: Deadly Posion, Preparation, Backstab, Si:7 Agent, VanCleef, Violet Teacher, Shredder

Mulligan without the coin: Deadly Poison, Preparation or Backstab, Si:7 Agent, Farseer, Shredder

Freeze: This is also a bad match up for you. You need Loatheb and minion damage in the beginning because your oppenent will freeze the board permanantly.

Mech: This match up is mostly about who gets the coin. In most cases you have to keep your thalnos in hand to have a way to deal with mirror entity or you just give your opponent a 3-mana-minion and kill it with deadly poison afterwards. Going for a big Edwin in the early game can also easily win you the game since mage doesn’t run big game hunter or silence. Its also a match up that is almost only about getting board control.


Here is my twitter: https://twitter.com/Mryagut

Here is my twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/mryagut

If there are any questions or comments feel free to ask ^^.If u want to get a fast answer to your question just ask me on my twitter. I will answer back as quick as i can.

Thank you very much for reading!