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Basic only shaman: overwhelm - for beginners :)

  • Last updated Feb 14, 2016 (Explorers)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 0
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/13/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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You just need to unlock the basic cards. no naxramas, no mountain, no explorers, no gvg, no tgt, no rare or epics or legends. not even commons... just the basic cards

it's a really strong deck. got me to rank 12.. but that was it. hard to win more after that against legendary and paying/veteran players. but still i think its not bad given much more expensive decks struggle to reach that.

the trick is to overwhelm the opponent with cheap cards and buff them up. buffed minions can clear the board early on.  the opponent will run out of removal spell eventually leaving you 1-2 turn KO using bloodlust and windfury and even rockbiter if it was not used earlier to maintain board control

For when you start opening packs,

The deck lack AoE damage (no thunder!) because shamand dont have that in their basic repertoire. it is not necessary since u overwhelm.. but it helps sometimes in case of turn 1 zombie and no rockbiter since totems will die before they can populate. So if u have them you might want to put just one for early clearing.  Here are other cards to consider: nerubian egg, feral spirit, clockwork gnome, crackle, and of course, defender or argus

Replace the weaker cards which would be stonetusk boar, and gnomish inventor, and either windspeaker or windfury


Should be targeted to maintain control. keep rockbiter weapon, flametongue totem or basically any card that can buff your totems. when going second, use the coin to summon totum since the point is to overwhelm. notice there arent much turn 2 cards so you can use ability more

How to play it:

summon totums as often as you can

idea behind gameplay: shaman is the only hero to summon minions that stand a chance of surviving and at the same time buffing spells that can finish off oponent in one turn. use that with cards that increase minions, and biff them to maintain board, and you will force the opponent to use his ally removal cards early. Eventually they will get depleted and ur horde will keep coming till they stick and deliver the final blow.


these are all basic cards, and the reason i even tried this deck was because i created a new account and didnt want to buy anything yet.. so just reach level 20 (few games) and you will have them all

Rockbiter Weapon: important in helping clear the board early game, leathal in combo with windfurin for 1 turn KO

Windfury: mulligan such that you dont get it early, it is for end game or emergency

Flametongue Totem:  early to clear board with a surprize +2 attack for otherwise benign looking totems, late is brutal with windfury

Hex : helps clear fatties - in terms of basic cards this card is great, and the taunt is usually not a problem to deal with since u have a lot of small minions

Windspeaker: not that great since harder to combo due to cost, but its better than other basic cards

Bloodlust : beast. this is the core of the deck after you acheive dominance with the numbers. combo with windfury+flametogue + rockbiter = 2*(3+2+3)= 16 damage if only one ZERO attack totum survives.. the more the better. this card has won me many games when opponent was at 25 health

Fire Elemental: this card is just a solid basic card that clears the board in battlecry which increases its survival chance.. it it lives and gets buffed and windfuried.. then GG

Stonetusk Boar. with bloodlust, this guy can be an unpleasant surprise for the opponent. also i often laughed when i use flametongue's buff on some minion , then sneak this guy in to use the buff again

Murloc Tidehunter, Razorfen Hunter, Dragonling Mechanic: overwhelm overwhelm overwhelm.. After being hit by AoE damage also these guys are great at replenishing your overwhelming powers. also feed frostwolf warlord big time

Raid Leader, Shattered Sun Cleric, Stormwind Champion: Buff buff buff.. free totems seemingly benign become brutal.

Gnomish Inventor: draw is not bad, and this guy is viable so for this deck there are not many other great basic cards i can think of that allow draw and stick around to be buffed

Frostwolf Warlord: superstar of the deck, a cost 5 threat the opponent must deal with. Poses great threat since unreachable by AoE. So if opponent uses AoE, this guy lives; if they focus on this guy, the horde lives.. either way: GG.. I commonly get him out turn 7 with shaman ability. From experience with this deck, i would say i most commonly get him to be 7,7, often 8,8, up to 10,10 (not rarely). Sometimes i get him out even at 6,6 for example if facing aggro and i cant afford to hold him.

so worst case, he is a 6,6 cost 5 ally! not bad at his worst!