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Flame On

  • Last updated May 15, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 14 Minions
  • 16 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 3960
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/13/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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This is the current evolution to our attempt at making a mage midrange deck using Flamewaker. The idea of the deck is to apply the concepts of tempo and midrange board state management with combo synergies to create a fluid and adaptable deck that can handle most of the meta.  I have seen many other Flamewaker synergy decks out in the meta and on sites. Most worked here or there but lacked a sense of consistency. Consistency and fun were the main factors that influenced this build.


The core designs philosophy of this deck was consistency of combo management, adaptability in play-style to the main decks in the meta, having fun while grinding the ladder.  The deck uses Flamewaker as part of its early phase board management/damage dealing as well as a late game board state manipulator. By using Mirror Image, Arcane Missiles, and spare parts  the Flamewaker is able to create utter havoc on your opponents board and face. This can be even more impactful thanks to the spell synergy with Mana Wyrm, and even be augmented by Azure Drakes to give even more reach.

Now it should go with out saying that people are using more healing thanks to the addition of Antique Healbot to the arsenal of cards. It is for this reason the deck also runs Archmage Antonidas, for a late game win condition as well as Dr. Boom. Its Dr. Boom, its damn near obligatory these days in any design.


Warrior: Due to the rather fast burst damage potential of this design both control and Grim Patron decks , can easily be overwhelmed and shut down.  Mirror Image in the late game can stop a Grim Patron party rather nicely as they will not be able to grow more patrons off 0/2 taunts. And of course Loatheb and Flamestrike can also make this a cake walk match up. 80% win rate

Hunters: Both Face aggro and midrange hunters have the same problem with this deck. They just cant get past the burst damage. In some cases you do not even have to attack with your minions once you have Flamewakers and Mirror Images up. Once you have that set up you can easily just cast spells never having to activate a secret and thus deny their bow any charges and sweeping away any board they try to build. 65% win rate

Warlocks: This has to be one of the worse class match ups for the deck. Most of the variants can easily force you to over extend in order to maintain board control. It is because of this we added in Flamestrike. Zoo can rather cheaply refill their board and cause a lot of problems. It is best to go for the most aggressive opening and plays. If its a handlock you will want to tempo it so you can burst them in one fell swoop. Not always and easy thing. 33% win rate.

Paladins: Thanks to the concept of dragon paladin, Paladins have been taking less early and mid game tools. This allows for a more aggressive play style with this deck. It is important to try and get Loatheb in your  hand and in play as they go into turn 8 as this is generally the turn most paladins go for the big heal with lay on hands. Your secrets can also bring some great value so try and get one in play any time after turn 5. However be warned you may get a Zombie Chow. 66% win rate.

Shaman: This is the second worst match up for the deck. Mech shaman is probably the easiest to defeat but can overwhelm and destroy this deck if not careful. The more conventional shaman is getting some really insane value off of Fireguard Destroyer. Try to control the early board so you can do simple trades plus flame cannon to remove this monstrosity and save your fireballs. The best way to beat shaman is to be the most aggressive and greedy as possible and not to give them any room to breath. 40% win rate

Druid: This can be one of the toughest fights you will have or can be one of the easiest fights you will have. Much of this is determined by when they play Wild Growth and what they have as a follow up. It is important to play to curve for the most part and to get Mad scientist out as soon as possible. If he gets silenced, as most druids tend to do, it will remove an option for dealing with Flamewaker. This does not make them safe however as Wrath plus hero power and Swipe exist. If they are unable to get a Wild Growth early then play the deck on curve and look for the value synergies. When they begin to get growths and begin to ramp slow down your playing and prepare to switch gears a bit and go for the long game using Archmage Antonidas. Archmage however, may not be required to beat the druid, but he can seal the deal nicely. If the Druid has been getting a nice steady flow of card draw through out the fight then Loatheb on his turn 8 going into 9 may be needed. count for lethal at their 6-9 mana marks and play as needed. 66% win rate

Priest: One of the more annoying match ups. Priest for some damn reason is either an auto win or and auto loss. I have not faced off against enough of them to really break down where the problem is. Couple of words of wisdom. If you get the whirling blades spare part or the reversing switch use it on your Flamewaker to prevent the steal byCabal Shadow Priest. 50% winrate

Rogue. Tempo rogue is one of the hardest match ups for this deck. It is not an overly popular design as most play an oil rogue variant. Oil rogue is a very simple and easy deck to defeat.  They only real issue you may face vs a Oil rogue will be if they have included a Dark Iron Skulker. These guys can really destroy your defense.Flamewaker will force rogue players to use Eviscerate on it or suffer even more punishment. Loatheb will be crucial in shutting down any spell synergy for that last burst finish. NEVER ALLOW A Violet Teacher TO LIVE BEYOND THE TURN IT DROPS. 55% win rate.



The core mulligan is as follows. Mana Wyrm, Clockwork Gnome, Unstable PortalMad Scientist

If you have the coin. Holding on to a Flamewaker and a 1 drop spell such as Mirror Image is a massive value play. Your turn 3 can become just a devastating hit. Arcane Missiles  will also work really nice as this is a 7 damage combo.

Druid: same as core but Flamecannon is an auto keep.

Warlock: Same as core but having Flamecannons and Frostbolts are always good

Warrior: Same as core Flamecannon is a keep to remove turn 1 or 2 armor smith.

Hunter: core keep a Frostbolt to destroyKnife Jugglers and keep an Arcane Missiles to reduce the value of double Leper Gnome.


Dr. Boom Originally the deck did not useDr boom and instead we went with Emperor Thaurissan for some really low cost late game options. Sylvanas Windrunner can work as can a second Mechanical Yeti.

Archmage Antonidas This one will be really hard to work around however you can try  cards like Pyroblast, Ragnaros the Firelord. Nefarian was tested with this deck with the idea of catching the the Big game hunter with the Dr. Boom and then he would be able to have a little bit of safety, however this didnt work nearly as well. Though some of the spells we got made for some interesting match ups.

I hope you all enjoy this deck as it has brought me so much fun.

Video Guide and Grim Patron Match up