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Gwens Dragonlock [S14 Legend]

  • Last updated Jun 4, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 23 Minions
  • 7 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7140
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/9/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Hey everyone!

I am Gwenneth, a Hearthstone player for the team DoubleDutchDragons, from the Netherlands, and I got legend for the 5th time with my new Dragonlock deck in the start of season 14, so I thought I'd share it with you

I'll probably be streaming this deck and some other decks the next few days on my twitch account, so make sure to follow the stream if you are interested!


Below this is a guide of the deck with a mulligan and an explanation why I play and why I don't play with certain cards

Legend Proof with this deck:

Legend Proof


Cards you want to have in your starting hand in every matchup are:

Blackwing Technician

Twilight Drake

Against most aggro decks you mulligan for these cards as well:

Darkbomb:Against most aggro classes a really good card to keep in your hand.

Hellfire: You always keep this card if you think you are up against a zoo deck, most of the time you can see if a warlock is zoo, if you use the golden rule that only works right now: If my opponent doesn't have legend rank and doesn't have a golden portrait it must be a zoo. Only if you are 90% sure that you are up against a handlock you mulligan away the hellfire. Also you keep hellfire against Palladin and Shaman. And right now there is a lot of spell mages where you might keep hellfire against as well. Against Hunter you are not looking to mulligan for this card, because on ladder it's mostly a face hunter who doesn't summon that much minion treats, in comparison to zoo,  even if it's a midrange hunter.

Zombie Chow: You keep this card in your opening hand against Palladin, Shaman, Hunter, and if you think it's a zoo against Warlock and if you think it's a spell mage or mech mage against mage as well.

Mortal Coil: You keep this card only when you are 90% sure you are up against a face hunter.

Ironbeak Owl: You keep this card always against every type of warlock, whether it's handlock or zoo or something in between, this card always has use.

Molten Giant: I usually like to keep the molten giant in my opening hand when I'm facing a rush deck, because it can suddenly swing the board in your direction. Against zoo it can be dangerous sometimes, with the burst of Power Overwhelming and Doomguard Against hunter I always keep the molten giant, because especially when you are up against a face hunter the games won't take that long anyways, and most of the time I win against hunters when I have a good turn of a taunted up Molten Giant into a Antique Healbot

And against most control matchups you can mulligan as well for:

Ironbeak Owl: Only like I said earlier against Warlock

Azure Drake: If you see you have a Blackwing Technician in your hand already, you are most of the time keeping Azure Drake as well or when you have Twilight Drake in your hand already.

Blackwing Corruptor: You can keep this card in control matchups always when you already have an Azure Drake and a Twilight Drake/Blackwing Technician

Explanation why I play with certain cards:

Alexstrasza Because this card can be used both offensively and defensively unlike Jaraxxus which mostly can only be used defensively. I've had a few games where I had two molten giants on board and was able to use Alexstrasza on my opponent to finish him off all out of a sudden. Also Alexstrasza has dragon synergy unlike Jaraxxus and it's a big body which mostly stays on the board because big game hunter has been used already on Dr. Boom or a Molten Giant

2 times Antique Healbot: You win a lot of matchups because you have two of them, like the matchup against face hunter and against freeze mage the second Antique Healbot almost every time seals the deal.

2 times Shadowflame: This card just has so much synergy in the deck, with Sylvanas,Power Overwhelming and Azure Drakes that can give your Shadowflame one more damage as well!

Power Overwhelming This card is great in most matchups because you can use it on a smaller minion like an Antique Healbot to use Shadowflame on that instead of on a Molten Giant In the matchup against Handlock it's really powerfull as well. Also you can use it as a surprise burst, or to steal something with the Sylvanas Windrunner combo.

2 times Blackwing Corruptor: This card is just way too good, it can be used as a surprise burst and as an amazing way to do effective trades! So basically you can't only have 1 of them!

Chromaggus: This card just has incredible synergy in this deck! Sometimes you can play Chromaggus into coil in one turn, or Chromaggus tap, and if it survives one turn, it also synergizes with the card draw from Azure Drake

Explanation why I don't play with certain cards:

Sludge Belcher:  I've tried to play this deck with them but then in my opinion there's no space left for this card and it's not really needed. Either way have to substitute Azure Drake which gives you not enough dragon Synergy, or you have to substitute something like a Blackwing Corruptor but as I explained above that card is just way too powerfull.

only 1 Hellfire:  This card is only usefull sometimes, to whipe the board against aggro,  but the deck doesn't have any synergy to play a second in it! For example when you play Azure Drake and you Hellfire after, it kills your own Drake as well!

Lord Jaraxxus: Because it doesn't have synergy with Dragons, because it can't have a direct aggressive impact like I said earlier, and also because of another important reason: Imagine you play Chromaggus and then you draw into Lord Jaraxxus he gets copied into your hand, and then you have two of them, which you don't need, because you will keep the same hero power. You only refresh your weapon which mostly isn't needed and you gain health. But with Alexstrasza you gain health again the second time, you get another 8-8 body and you get another card that synergizes with your dragon cards!

Mountain Giant: If you play with Mountain Giants in your deck, you are relying on having a lot of cards in your hand, so most of the time, in aggro matchups you are not able to play the Mountain Giant a single time, because either way, you don't have the mana for it, or it's too slow to only play the Mountain Giant on it's own. In my deck you can benefit from having a lot of cards as well, but first of all, only because of the Twilight Drake, and second of all you don't necessarily need all the cards, because you can always play the Twilight Drake for 4, which means, you can play this deck with a lot of tempo when it's needed, with cards like Zombie ChowBlackwing Technician and even Azure Drake, and you can play the deck slow, and get bigger Drakes, when it's not needed. Which is in my opinion the strength of this deck! =)