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Dragons & Demons (Full Guide + Mulligans)

  • Last updated May 3, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 25 Minions
  • 5 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 4220
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 5/3/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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My name is Timmus, but most of you know my as Emogirly. I hit legend multiple times on the EU server and I'm the most recent playtesting partner of xBlaine who plays Hearthstone Vengeance E-Sports. I'm currently at rank 9 with this deck losing only 2 games starting from rank 15 and I will eventually hit legend again using this deck sometimes next week (I will update this).

Good against: Midrange Paladin, Midrange Druid, Shaman, Midrange Hunter, Rogue
Weak against: Handlock, Mage, Grim Patron Warrior


The deck generally functions as a zoo-ish warlock aggro deck with improved lategame due to Mal'Ganis, Dr. Boom and sticky minions like Voidcaller. I included one Hellfire mainly to counter the popular Grim Patron warrior deck, but it also works as a comeback option against other zoo decks or a semi viable boardclear against a mech/tempo mage.

The latest addition to this deck came with the last wing of Blackrock Mountain: Volcanic Drake. It obviously synergizes very well with all the 1/1 tokens a zoo deck can put on the board, but also can be played after a well timed Hellfire which is a huge tempo swing. It's avarage value is a 3-4 mana 6/4 creature which can be played very early in the game. 

The latest change I made to this deck before uploading it was taking out a Void Terror in favour of Dr. Boom, but I'm not 100% sure if I want to play completely without Void Terror.


The mulligan doesn't differ from matchups most of the time, but rather if you have the coin or not. Since the deck runs so many 1 and 2 drops your early game is very dynamic in terms of options if you have the coin. 

Without the coin:
Since you only have 4 draws and you are going first you want to hard mulligan for your 1 drops Flame Imp and Voidwalker. Throw away everything else disregarding the matchup. Also keep Abusive Sergeant against Hunters. If you have a 1 drop in your starting hand you need to look for a turn 2 play. Haunted Creeper and Knife Juggler are your best options there, but you can also keep a Nerubian Egg. Against Warlocks keep Abusive Sergeant or Dire Wolf Alpha if you have a Voidwalker in case it is Zoo and he plays a Flame Imp to contest your Voidwalker as tempo and board control is the most important thing in this matchup. If you happen to get Flame Imp, Nerubian Egg and Abusive Sergeant in your opening hand you can keep all three. If you have a good 1 and 2 drop you can also keep Imp Gang Boss as your third card since it has a lot of value if played on curve.

With the coin:
If you have the coin the 1 drop is much less important since you can also play double 2 drops on turn 1 and 2. Still if you draw either a Flame Imp or a Voidwalker you are going to keep it. Differently from the mulligan without the coin you are also going to keep double Flame Imp/Voidwalker since you can coin out both of them on turn 1. If you have double 1 drops you are also going to keep Dire Wolf Alpha as a follow up on turn 2. Imp Gang Boss is a keep in combination with a 1 drop no matter what. Also if you happen to get 2 Imp Gang Bosses you can keep both of them and aim to play them on turn 2 and 3. Against Warlock and Hunter you also keep Ironbeak Owl no matter what.

Additional info:
Never keep Volcanic Drake in your opening hand, even if you think you can get it out early due to Haunted Creeper or whatever, it is going to backfire really hard.


The gameplay with this deck is very straightforward. As I mentioned in the mulligans already you really want to play everything on curve starting from turn 1. If you need to life tap on turn 2 it is generally a very bad sign. Always keep minions on the board since you can trade up very well with cards like Power Overwhelming and Abusive Sergeant.

Minion positioning is the most important thing with this deck. Imps from Imp-losion and demons from Voidcaller will always spawn on the right-most side of the field so be aware of that. Nerubian Egg and Haunted Creeper will spawn its brute in the spot where they left the battlefield. Imp Gang Boss will spawn imps on its right side. This is important looking towards your Defender of Argus and Dire Wolf Alpha plays.

You want your 1/1 tokens to be connected to get maximum value out of Dire Wolf Alpha. You also need to take into account which minions you want to buff with Defender of Argus. Most of the time you want that effect on your Nerubian Eggs, so be sure to place them next to something which would also benefit a lot from its battlecry. For example if you have a Voidwalker in play you want to place your next minions on its right side since it already has taunt and only gets limited value from Defender of Argus.

Don't trigger your Nerubian Egg and Haunted Creeper deathrattles on your own turn unless it is for a very favourbale trade or impactful Knife Juggler juggles as it is much more of a pain for your opponent to deal with them during their turn, especially if they are taunted up.

If you are ahead on board you can start life tapping on turn 3-5 to be better prepared for the early game. Also you don't want to extend the board too much against classes that have efficient board clears.


Mal'Ganis - Dark Iron Dwarf or Loatheb, you can also consider taking out a Voidcaller as well to add both of them.

Dr. Boom - Either Dark Iron Dwarf or Loatheb. If you already followed the instructions above and added both of them you can go for a second Defender of Argus or an additional 1 drop.


If you find this helpful please leave a +1 rating so others can see it (hopefully on the front page) as well!

Best regards