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BRM Taunt - Rank 5 to Legend

  • Last updated May 2, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 22 Minions
  • 8 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 7260
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/27/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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This deck is getting some votes, so I am working on a guide.  This is a work in progress, and I shall be updating this throughout the day today. 

FYI - Apparently I have 2 accounts, I am both "Nexusrage" and "ScorchPC" on these forums, so if you see comments from "ScorchPC" that is also me. Sorry for the confusion!

I went from Rank 5 to legend with this deck, with a high win rate (16-2 89% just for the day that I went from Rank 3-Legend).

Legend Proof:




General Strategy:

Mulligan for Zombie Chow, Innervate and Wild Growth. Most classes you can also keep 1 Wrath, except for Druid and usually not against a Warrior either. 

Try to get a good curve, where you can play something each turn.

For example, plan your play 2-3 turns in advance, so that, you can do something like Turn 3 Innervate  + Druid of the Claw, then turn 4 Sen'jin Shieldmasta into a turn 5 Sludge Belcher

Or another example, turn 2 Wild Growth, turn 3 Sen'jin Shieldmasta, turn 4 Sludge Belcher or Druid of the Claw.

Once you get past the early game, this is the way to play:

1.) Do you have lethal? This turn or next. If so, do that.

2.) Does your opponent have lethal next turn. If so, do what you have to do to avoid that (e.g. Heal with Ancient of Lore, drop a taunt, etc.) 

3.) Have a plan to win. Plan out the exact cards you need, and how you will react to their threats. 


Aggro - You really want to get Zombie Chow in this match up. Druid of the Flame is also good in this match up, especially if you can Innervate into it on turn one, or Coin + Wild Growth on turn one, followed by Druid of the Flame turn 2 and Sen'jin Shieldmasta or Keeper of the Grove turn 3. 

Wrath - This card can be good, if you have a solid follow up. Having a board presence early against aggro is a must, but you also need to do things like; kill Knife Juggler, Mech Warper, Huffer, etc. So, if you have something to follow up with this card, then keep it, else you need to mulligan it. 

Other solid plays are turn 1/2  Sen'jin Shieldmasta  or Druid of the Claw

If you find yourself having to choose between Druid of the Claw and Sludge Belcher and you know your opponent uses a silence (e.g. Owl), then use the Druid of the Claw. On the other hand, if you know your opponent can easily kill your taunt (e.g. Hunter's Mark, with the board, etc) then play the Sludge Belcher  as the 1/2 taunt it leaves behind will help to stabilize. 

Lastly, in aggro match ups you also highly value Swipe, particularly against Face Hunter and Zoo/Demon locks. If you are going 2nd or have a good curve, consider keeping Swipe in your opening hand. But if you are going 1st, and do not have a good curve, the mulligan it. 


 Mid-Range / Tempo / Control

Out value them. Your minions are bigger, and over time they will not have answers. Just keep making good trades until you can overwhelm them. Don't over commit your board (e.g. versus a Paladin watch out for Equality, versus a Warrior watch out for Brawl, etc)


Good match ups: Most decks

Match up notes:

Hand lock - Notes: You have some chance. You have some plays with this deck. You can BGH one giant, TBK another (if/when taunted), Ancient of War + Wrath or Swipe 2 others. So, it is possible to overwhelm them, but you have to really plan your game out. 



Face Hunter - Only keep wild growth if you have a follow up play (Sen'jin or Druid of the Flame). Innervate is preferred along with a taunt. Keep Kezan if you get it in your opening hand. Keep a wrath or swipe, only if you also have an early minion play (Zombie Chow, Innvervate/WG + minion). You will most likely need Ancient of Lore to heal. 



Priest Match Up Notes: 

General - Always keep Wrath,  for Northshire Cleric.

Lightbomb Priest - Outvalue them. They will run out of removal, be patient. You can TBK a Deathlord, that is fine. Light bomb is not that good versus this deck, because all of the minions have less attack than health. 

Control Priest - This is a tougher match up, but not impossible. They get to Thought Steal some pretty good stuff, but hopefully that doesn't happen. A play you can try to setup is a turn 9/10+ Ancient of Lore, let the Priest Mind Control it (after he has used 2 Shadow Word Death's on other minions). Then you TBK it to regain the board. You must get value out of KT and he must not Mind Control KT. 



Rogue Match Up Notes:

Taunts, taunts and more taunts, ramping out taunts is best, but do not over ramp (eg 2 Innvervates + Coin turn one, because then the rogue will Sap turn 2). Wild Growth is better than Innervate (due to Sap).  If you are having trouble with Rogue consider subbing out TBK or Kezan for Harrison or Ooze. Keep Wrath in this match up, because Rogues have 3 health minions (SI: Agent, Farseer, etc). Do not over commit the board, unless the Rogue has already used 2 Blade Flurrys. Try to save Ancient of War until after Sap has been used. Always get immediate KT value (killing a taunt being the best, but even killing just an Ancient of Lore is fine). Always keep the Rogue's board cleared (to avoid Oil combos). 



More details to come.





Card Explanations:

Innervate - 2X - This card is one of the major reasons druid is OP. Getting to bring out a bigger minion 2 turns early can be game breaking.

Wild Growth - 2X - This card is the other major reason druid is OP. If you are facing a control or slower class, then you can almost mulligan your entire hand for this card, unless there is something else that is REALLY needed for your match up. 

Wrath - 2X - This is a great card. Keep it in match ups that have problematic early minions with 3 or less health (e.g. Priest North shire Cleric, Aggro)

Druid of the Flame - 2X - Great anti-aggro card.  Here's some feedback from the comments section: Last season of course I only used 2 shades in place of DotF. 

This season with BRM, I started out with 1 shade and 1 flame. Eventually, I decided 2 flames is best. In general, shade is better in control match ups and flame is better in aggro match ups. But, that is not always the case, I was surprised at the number of times that the 5/2 Flame option was correct, for example, behind a taunt wall or if I know the opponent can't do 2 damage (e.g. no consecrates left). 

Also, it feels terrible to top deck a Shade in the late game. But the flame isn't as bad. And think of all the times you have played a Shade only to have it sit there and die (Flame Cannon, Consecrate, etc) and never do anything. 

Lastly, I kind of feel like shade is too slow at times, because you just leave it sitting there to grow, and do not use it. That's fine in control match ups, but in aggro/mid/tempo match ups, the Flame is most of the time better. 

Swipe - 2X - Must have in all Druid decks. Good for helping to clear the board or a big minion. Also good for pushing for Lethal. 

Keeper of the Grove - 2X - A must have in all Druid decks. The 2 damage can be great for aggro decks or clearly early minions (e.g. Knife Juggler). The silence effect is good for big threats (e.g. Sylvanas, Tyrion, etc) or it can also be used to get through a taunt for Lethal. 

Druid of the Claw - 2X - A must have in all Druid decks, in my opinion. Usually with this deck you want to be a 4/6 taunt, but sometimes a 4/4 charge is the correct play (e.g. you already have taunts, or you know the minion will die next turn with 4 or 6 health (like a fireball), or you need lethal). 

Ancient of Lore - 2X - A must have in all Druid decks. You prefer to use this to draw 2 cards, and you want to do that as soon as you can, as more cards give you more options. However, in aggro match ups, or if you are just losing, then using this minion to heal can be the correct play. It is also good to save this minion if you are playing against a deck that uses Alexstrazza (like Warrior or Freeze Mage), just wait for Alex, then use the heal after. Also, if you are in that match up (with Alex), you also usually want to use your hero power each turn for the +1 armor, anything you can do to keep your life above their combo total (e.g. Above 12 for Grom + Task Master, above 21 for Thalanos, Frost Bolt, Ice Lance X2, Fireball, above 14 for Savage Roar/Force of Nature, above 22 for double Roar + Force of Nature, etc). 

Ancient of War - 2X - Also play this as a 5/10, you do not want to make a BGH target. 

Cenarius - 1X - This can be a win condition, by giving your board +2/+2 or another set of taunts to protect your life total. 

Zombie Chow - 1X - THE anti-aggro card. I believe 1X is correct and 2X is too much. If you do not draw this early, and are playing against mage, you can save this card for the Mirror Entity secret. Or, you can save it for if your opponent plays Sylvanas and you do not have a silence (hopefully Sylv will get the Chow). 

Big Game Hunter - 1X - Pretty much a must have in today's meta. Nearly everyone runs Dr. Boom (aka Dr. GG) or some other 7 or more attack minion (e.g. Giants, Ragnaros, etc). 

Kezan Mystic - 1X - A tech slot. If you are not facing secret takes, then you can take this out. However, I must say this card really improves the Face Hunter match up (stealing Explosive Traps screws them over). And this card is great against pretty much all mages. It is HILARIOUS when you are playing a Freeze Mage and you save this card to steal their Ice Block at the right time (either for lethal, or to prevent yourself from dying). 

Sen'jin Shieldmasta - 2X - This is a taunt deck. Many people use shredder here, but that is not correct for this deck. Sen'jin can kill a shredder and live, also more taunts are invalueable for getting through the early stages of the game against aggro. 

Sludge Belcher - 2X - Again, this is a taunt deck. 

Emperor Thaurissan - 1X - With so many high cost cards, you can get some serious value out of the Emperor. 

Sylvanas Windrunner - 1X - Sylvanas just breaks people's brains. It makes them play weird or sub-optimally. If they trade 2-3 minions into your Sylvanas just so you do not steal something, that is completely fine. 

The Black Knight - 1X - Another tech card. Pretty much all decks run a taunt, except face hunter, but even then they might get a Misha. You will almost always be able to get value out of this card, but even playing it just as a 4/5 body can be correct at times (e.g. empty board). 

Kel'Thuzad - 1X - The play maker. Your goal is to save this card until you can FOR SURE get value out of it, e.g. you kill 1-3 of your own minions and play it, or your know your opponent cannot easily kill KT. An awesome play you can make is Turn 10 (or maybe 8) doing  KT + Innvervate + Sen'jin.