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Angry's Face Priest

  • Last updated May 6, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 5160
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/27/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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Who said Priest was a wimp? A thief? A slow Motherfucker?


Having just won my Golden priest, i wanted a change of pace. Faster, Stupider, FACER! Also, one of my friend dared me to play Shadowbomber in Ranked... So i built a stupid deck around this useless piece of crap and for some unknown reason i've been winning a lot with it.  

Everyone is surprised. You know why? Because no one expect the MOTHERFUCKING FACE PRIEST! Normal people mulligan to play against control priest. But when they get downed from 16 to 0hp turn 6 with the dreaded Double Mind Blast and Double Shadowbomber "combo", they crumble and hide in denial.

This deck is pretty simple :

  • Mulligan for Leper Gnome, Worgen Infiltrator and Shadowbomber since they're really good source of early damage for 1 mana. Abusive sergeant is good to play turn 1 only if you're the first to play or if your opponent isn't Mage, Druid or Rogue.
  • Forget all you know. Don't use Power Word: Shield to trade, but only to draw or to get your minion to survive your opponent turn. Don't be afraid of using it on enemy's minion if you don't have any.
  • The only kind of trading the Face Priest does, is when he use his Shadow Word: Pain or Holy Smite on ''big threats'' such as Knife Juggler
  • If you're healing things (including yourself) then you probably doing something wrong or have already lost. You should always prioritize playing a minion or using face spell instead of healing.
  • If you have a lot of cards in your hand, always play charging minions first and keep spell for the next turn in case he use a taunt. If he does, you'll be happy to see your lethal face damage floating over his taunt wall, hitting face for a deadly finish.

Then you go face with all your might.

Manage your mana to deal the most damage within your turn and the next one in mind.

Example : You got 5 mana, you've allready Shadowformed and you've only got a Wolfrider and a Bluegill Warrior in your hand. Use the Wolfrider with  your Hero Power Mind Spike since you have no more card to play next turn anyway. Unless your opponent have no board which is unlikely.



Q: WHY DO YOU PLAY WITH A Shadow Madness ?

A: What's the best answer to a Sludge Belcher that is stopping your charging minions from hitting face? EASY! Subdue the puke machine and hit the face of his own master with it! Great Sucess!

EDIT: I removed Shadow Madness from the deck, i had great win with it but it seems kinda situational and all. Try it yourself ! It's a fun card and nothing beats winning with someone else minions!


A: I use everything on face unless a obvious trade is better (Knife Juggler, Whirling Zap-o-matic or Cult Master)


A: This is not a 100% win rate deck and a simple Healbot or taunt can ruin your game. A very bad draw early can be devastating (if you get Leeroy JenkinsShadow Madness and Shadowform in your starting end it's pretty much GG)


A: I tried half of those recommendations and the other half is simply too slow. A lot of people ended up adding me after a game to know my decklist and they almost always ended up changing a few cards. One dude went from rank 12 to 5 in a day with a variant of this deck. Try it for yourself and comment below with your feedback! 


Don't bother commenting without testing, cause for fuck sake, even i would've died laughing if someone showed me that stupid deck a week ago. Try it for yourself! And have fun!

 2015-05-06 CHANGES TO THE DECK :

I removed 1 resurect cause it was too random but 1 is still crazy good sometimes. Added a second Worgen Infiltrator for a good Velen's Chosen target. Could be Gilblin Stalker if you like tankyness and suvivability to dudes and traps.

I am also testing Blingtron but he look slow as fuck and TOO RANDOM!

Ok after some test BLINGTRON SUCKS! Yeah it can be fun but RNG is unreliable. I replaced him with HOLY FIRE!

Credit to Dasso for adding Coldlight Oracle in the deck instead of Jeeves.

Credit to Theomancer for the latest change (as of 2015-04-28)

Credits to Seijou for nothing, He just added me to watch me play it and i find that funny. HAI SEIJOU!!