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Aggro Spell Mage

  • Last updated May 23, 2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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  • 17 Minions
  • 13 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 2320
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/23/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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This is an aggro spell mage deck which effectively gives you tempo while taking chunks out of your opponents health.  Flamewaker gives you extreme tempo and damage.  Couple it with cheap spells such as arcane missiles or mirror image to give you extra value.   Please post comments below and try out this deck. 



Arcane Missiles Sometimes this card makes me the happiest person and sometimes it makes me want to delete hearthstone. However, this card is great for board clearing and doing some damage.  You can use with flamewaker to do 5 spread damage. A two health minion has a 50% chance of getting killed by it.  


Ice Lance A finisher card.  Combine with a frostbolt or freeze from a chugga to do some damage.  It should be noted that this card can and should be used to control the board from time to time to set up lethal. 


Mirror Image Taunts may seem a bit weird in aggro decks, but this sometimes makes a perfect combo turn three with coin + flamewaker or even T1 mana wyrm+ coin.  It forces your opponent to deal with the taunts while you can ignore the board and do some damage.  It should be noted that this card has great synergy with knife juggler. 


Mana Wyrm Strong one drop that gets insane value from any spell.  High value target for your opponent which should force some removal making it safe to drop a flamewaer. 


Frostbolt Ice lance activator and minion removal.  Usually I like to save this card for the face (or lethal) because without it, it makes your icelances useless most of the time. 


Snowchugger Anti weapon and another ice lance activator.  Really useful early game.  If you want a beefier minion consider a water elemental. 


Sorcerer's Apprentice One of the main foundations for this deck. Basically, a mini Emperor Thaurissan with immediate value.  It allows you to do a 0 mana arcane missiles, mirror image, ice lance, spare part.  Best case scenario is to have this on board with a flamewaker for some awesome combos. 


Arcane Intellect Main source of card draw which can be used to activate a mana wyrm or flamewaker.  Remember you can use it for two mana with an apprentice. 


Flamewaker MVP of this deck and the source of many rage quits.  This card is really core to this deck and can not be replaced in my opinion.  #1 priority for removal from your opponent,  so use it wisely.  Best case scenario would be to use this card and a mirror image.  Flamewaker+ arcane missiles give you 5 damage across the board for 4 mana and gives you board presence. However, do not just hold on to this card and clog up your hand hoping for a super combo with 5 spells.  The more you play this deck the more you get the feel on how to play with this card.  


Fireball Finisher card or a removal for taunts and such.


Clockwork Gnome Great one drop which has awesome synergy with mana wrym,

flame waker, and apprentice.


Leper Gnome Pesky little minion that does its share of chipping the health

away.  You can ping him with a hero power for that lethal (saved me a couple times).



Bloodmage Thalnos Card draw and spell power?  Yes please.  Great card to give an extra damage to your spells and cycle through cards.  Good replacement for this card would be a loot hoarder (value draw more).


Coldlight Oracle Most of the time you will use this as an emergency draw to find a card to get lethal.


Wolfrider Another damage dealer.  It should be noted that this card synergizes with time rewinder from the spare part. Card does not usually last a turn, but it does some good damage.  If you like, you can use an arcane golem instead, but I don't like ramping up the opponent.


Jeeves I used to run two of these, but it got a little clunky when I got two of them in hand, so I now run one.  Awesome card to dump your entire hand and draw some cards. 


Notable Cards

Azure Drake Great card for some card draw and spell power. 


Loot Hoarder  This is actually my favorite card in hearthstone.  I think this has a place in this deck.  Some people complained about running out of steam.  This is a good way to keep your hand full while doing some damage. 


Unstable Portal Some people swear by this card.  I don’t like it for obvious reasons.  However this card has synergy with other cards in this deck.


Knife Juggler Good card.  I got criticized for using this, but I stand by this card as being good for this deck.  Mirror image + juggler is a great combo.  Plus, there are a lot of low cost minions that can take advantage of this card.  This card can also help clear a board. 


*Have any other card ideas? Post them in the comments below. 


let me know what types of decks you want mulligans for by posting in the comments below.


4/24/2015- Changed the deck a bit, so It would not burn out as fast.  You might recognize the resemblance between this deck and the old aggro mage played back in the day. 

4/25/2015-  Added Antonidas to provide a little more reach against pesky control decks.  Nyderrath inspired me to add in a pyroblast and flamestrike.  The pyroblast gives you another win condition and the flamestrike is a great board clear card when it gets rough.  Thank you for the likes and the comments.  Please keep those comments going as you guys have really good ideas and together we can improve this deck.  

4/25/2015-  Took our flamestrike and antonidas as they were getting a little clunky in aggro matches.  It should be noted that the flamestrike and antonidas do help in a stall situation with control decks, but if it gets to that point you most likely lost. 

4/25/2015-  Thanks to Smashplayer for recommending that I add Jeeves to this deck.  He also suggested adding in a flame canon as well.  Jeeves is a great way to dump your hand and draw cards.  In order to accommodate Jeeves, I took out the higher cost cards such as pyroblast and drake, so it is easier to dump your hand to draw cards.  I really like the direction that this deck is going.  As usual please post any recommendations in the comments below.

4/26/2015-  Right now I am playing without the water elementals and added in another juggler and wolf rider.  I felt that the elementals were a bit slow.  This is what I am playing with atm.  I feel that the new additions make the deck a lot faster.   As always, post comments below.

4/28/2015- Added more card draw such as loot hoarder and drake. 

 Test Deck

This is where I'll post the deck list of what I am currently testing.  Feel free to contribute opinions on this as well. It also shows many variations of decks you could have and how a simple change could change the deck completely. 






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