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Revised Dragondin [BRM Week 4]

  • Last updated Dec 19, 2015 (Explorers)
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  • 21 Minions
  • 6 Spells
  • 3 Weapons
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Unknown
  • Crafting Cost: 5960
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/17/2015 (Blackrock Launch)
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My first take on a Dragon Paladin deck. I'll make some improvements here and there as time progresses.
So far I did quite well with this deck, but it still has some weaknesses that I intend to erase as time progresses.

As this deck had far too many high cost minions, I gave it kind of an overhaul, got rid of a lot of the legendaries and added some other cards. This should allow this deck to build up more early game pressure while Tirion Fordring pushes for tons of Damage in the late game. This deck does not run a 6-drop anymore, which might be a problem, so you can add a Sylvanas Windrunner or an Emperor Thaurissan to it if you want to. I prefer not to, because the other cards seem more important to me in the current meta. 

Cards & Strategy:

Zombie Chow: Replaces Abusive Sergeant and Dragon Egg. Early in the game, you don't really care if your opponent gets 5 health back, and the stats are downright fantastic. Since this deck focuses a bit more on mid- to lategame now, I found that Zombie Chow was the perfect replacement for the former 1-drops.

Equality: Belongs in every paladin deck to enable trades and it works wonders combined with Consecration

Faerie Dragon: A great 2 drop. It's a solid 3-2, enables the holding Dragon mechanic and cannot be targeted by spells. Belongs in every dragon deck imo. 

Knife Juggler: Allows you to build up more early game pressure and is a great counter to aggressive decks when combined with Muster for Battle or basically your hero power. A lot of aggressive decks run 1-health minions, allowing a good juggle to kill them off. 3-2 is also pretty solid.

Shielded Minibot: Good for a lot of trading and essential for a lot of paladin control decks. Works great when combined with Abusive Sergeant or Defender of Argus

Coghammer: A solid weapon that provides a really important buff for one of your minions. The buff is most effective when used on Faerie Dragon or Dragon Egg, but since the Divine Shield itself can be really important sometimes, it really works with any minion you have on board and want to protect.

Muster for Battle: A trading machine. The tokens allow you to trade with minions very easily and you may be able to keep your more important minions, insane when combined with Knife Juggler. It may also provoke AoE as your opponent might be afraid of a Quartermaster. The 1-4 weapon is a nice touch, but make sure you don't destroy your Ashbringer or Truesilver Champion with it when you can avoid it.

Aldor Peacekeeper: An essential 3 drop for every Paladin deck in my opinion. It can completely neutralize many legendaries by simply changing their attack to one. It is also great to stop agressive decks from dealing too much damage by using the effect on their 3 to 5 attack minions. If you have the option of using Rend Blackhand or Big Game Hunter to remove a 6+ or 7+ attack creature, you should use it to keep Aldor Peacekeeper for the smaller minions. 

Big Game Hunter: Belongs in every deck right now. Removes a Dr. Boom, a Ragnaros the Firelord or an Alexstrasza. With 4-2, it's also a solid 3 drop (though not the best) when you need to push for more board. 

Blackwing Technician: Probably the most reliable 3 drop in this deck. This deck has 8 dragons, so you will almost always have at least one in your hand. A 3-5 is great as it enables a lot of trading and pushes for more board control. Even when you have to play this as a 2-4 it is not too bad and can often trade with 2 agressive 2 drops.

Truesilver Champion: An essential weapon for every paladin deck. 4 attack is a lot and can remove almost every 3 drop. The additional heal is a nice touch as well.

Consecration: Every deck needs AoE. Consecration works great combined with Equality and 4 mana is cheap enough to be used against agressive decks early in the game. 

Defender of Argus: Provides an important buff for your minions. When you play this with 2 adjacent minions, it can push for a lot of damage when going for the face as well as giving you board presence by giving them taunt. Insane when you use it with Shielded Minibot and a Dragon Egg in early game, as it forces your opponent to trade unfavorably.  

Hungry Dragon: Great stats for a 4-drop. It enables the holding Dragon mechanic as well. The one drop your opponent gets is easily removed by Coghammer, Truesilver Champion or a Shielded Minibot. Hungry Dragon will help you shift from your early game into your late game a lot, providing a beefy body and the ability to push for actually a lot of damage.

Azure Drake: A badass Dragon and one of the best midgame minions in this deck. It provides a sturdy body, enables the holding Dragon mechanic and let's you draw a card. Plus, it enables your Consecration to deal three damage one round later, which is helpful at almost any point of the game. Since we now have Chromaggus as well, one Azure Drake is enough, because you don't want to overdraw at some point.

Dragon Consort: Turn 7 Ysera? Turn 6 Ysera (with coin)? Yes, I'd like that. Can be a game changer by enabling mighty dragons being played early or together with other cards - the value gained from this card can be game changing. Definitely one of this deck's most essential cards.

Chromaggus: A card drawing engine. Even if it effect activates just once, he might provide a huge value, giving you a second Truesilver Champion, Hungry Dragon or even a Tirion Fordring. Even when he just provides you with a second Shielded Minibot, that's still far above decent. The stats are great as well, 8 health will save him from almost any AoE and spell, and 6 attack is just out of BGH range.

Lay on Hands: Card Draw and Healing. Not the only card draw in this deck since you have Azure Drake, but three cards is a lot and especially in late game (when you should have board control), it might be game-changing.

Tirion Fordring: Probably the best class legendary. Is now included, but can be replaced with Ragnaros the Firelord or any other big legendary if you do not have him. The Divine Shield is great for a 6-6, and if it dies to an Assassinate or an Execute, you will get the insane Ashbringer which can push for as much as 15 face damage. The only weakness of this card is a Silence or Sylvanas Windrunner. A silence actually means your Chromaggus or Ysera might be safe, Sylvanas Windrunner is more of a problem. You might consider adding an Ironbeak Owl to this deck, I prefer to simply play around Sylvanas Windrunner.

Ysera: The best 9 drop in the game. Provides a constant stream of insane cards, one of which happens to be a dragon as well (enabling the Holding Dragon mechanic). Ysera Awakens is an insane AoE and an important finisher in late game. Can be played on turn 7 with Dragon Consort or for 6 when you use the coin.

Former Cards:

Abusive Sergeant, Dragon Egg: This combo was a lot of fun, though it did not always really have some kind of payoff. Zombie Chow replaces these two cards.

Rend Blackhand: Not sure about this card. Dr. Boom is probably better, but I play this for now because I like the artwork and because it's fun. Killing off an Emperor Thaurissan or an Ysera with it feels awesome. It's not as bad as a lot of people think, actually, 8 Damage is a lot and 4 Health survives a lot of AoE's (Chain Lightning, Consecration, Holy Nova). The best situation to play this is when you can hide it behind a taunt minion (a taunted Dragon Egg or Shielded Minibot, for example). Still, it'd be wiser to swap this with Dr. Boom. But let's be honest: Dr. Boom is boring. 

Deathwing: Clears the whole board and is essentially your backup plan when everything goes wrong. When your opponent has used all his removals on your Rend Blackhand, Dragon Consorts, Ysera and Sylvanas Windrunner, and has Board Control and little hand, you Play Deathwing. The best situation is to Play Deathwing when the opponent has 12 or 13 health and you can finish him off in one turn or in two when combined with a Silver Hand Recruit. With Dragon Consort, you can actually play him for 8 mana, resulting in you being able to add a Silver Hand Recruit and pushing for 13 Damage in the following round. 

Ragnaros the Firelord: Damage Dealer. This minion will push for a lot of Damage, especially when you used your other minions for trading. It will also most likely cause the other player to use an removal on it; which makes it safer for you if you eventually have to use Deathwing.

Sylvanas Windrunner: Will most likely be replaced once more dragons have been released. As of now, it is a very solid 6 drop (the only one in this deck), and it almost always forces your opponent to make suboptimal plays. 5-5 is also a decent body, enables trading and can push for face damage when you have board control.